AR NOW #8 – Latest Metaverse News

The digital industry is full of innovative, creative people and we see it every day with all of the daily Metaverse news. Through mind-blowing campaigns or futuristic inventions they are constantly blurring the line between physical and digital world, completely transforming the way we see reality. And with so many different developments it’s easy to […]

Best Snapchat Lenses | Snap AR Selection September

Looking for the best Snapchat Lenses? ⚡️ We’ve got you covered! 😏 Check out our fantastic Snap AR Selection for September! What sets our Snapchat collections apart is the diverse range of hand-tracking AR experiences! 💅🏻 From extraordinary nail designs to luxury brand watches and elegant lace gloves – turn on your rear camera and […]

AR Talk | Kuba Jekiel

There’s a lot to discover in the world of Extended Reality, and exploring it to find your place might be the best part of being a Creator. Tools like AR, VR, or now even AI bring many different ways to express your creativity and transport the viewer to another dimension. Kuba Jekiel, known also as […]

Best Instagram AR Filters | Meta Spark Selection September

Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting AR universe in our latest Meta Spark Selection for September! 🤩 This collection of Best Instagram AR Filters boasts luscious makeup, one-of-a-kind floral designs, and an array of AR-t that spills beyond the confines of your screen! 🍃👽 Don’t miss the opportunity to step into the world of […]

AR Studio Feature with QReal | Alper Güler interview

With AR’s growing popularity among brands as a marketing tool, demand for specialists in the field is also on the rise. But what really makes a good AR Studio? We asked Alper Güler, the co-founder & general manager of Qreal agency to share his insight on the industry. Many of us are dreaming about starting […]

Top TikTok AR Filters | Effect House Selection September

September passed incredibly quickly, and we’re right in time to show you the best of TikTok AR Filters from this month. See our September Effect House Selection and immerse yourself in the most magical, digital world. 🌐✨ We’re slowly stepping into the most cozy season of the year, so let’s enjoy the first autumn-themed experiences […]

AR Case Study | How Lucie Bouchet created the ‘Nicky Doll – Edea’

The charm of Augmented Reality lies in its ability to craft new visuals with filters, enabling you to step into a completely fantastical world and assume any persona you desire! 💅🏻 Through inspiration and painstaking work to create a super brilliant look that dazzles with its uniqueness and Drag Queen’s character 👑 – Lucie Bouchet […]

Set Ups: Behind the scenes of creating AR filters

Have you ever wondered where your favorite AR filter are made? Take a look at some of the most creative spaces! Your environment is a reflection of your mind… 🧘 And as we know, the right state of mind is crucial when it comes to the creative process. So today, instead of the usual effect […]

AR NOW #7 – Latest Metaverse News

Augmented Reality is leaving an impact on the world: we know that for some time now. And whether it’s marketing, education, or pure entertainment – we want you to know everything about it. Here’s the latest Metaverse news. And today we prepared something really special, proving once again that the Metaverse can become a game-changer […]