Snapchat Lens Selection | July

Find the odd one out: robots, Ninja Turtles, games, transformation, Picasso, Barbie. Think carefully… It’s a tricky puzzle! Well, there’s no odd one out! In the realm of Augmented Reality, and especially within the expansive Snap universe, all the expressions find their place! 💎🪐 And today, on this extraordinary occasion where we gather all aspects […]

5 XR Creators You Should Follow | August 2023

Welcome to a realm where the boundary between reality and fantasy blurs, and the stage is set for a dazzling display of creativity! 🦄 A world where arts come alive, masks carry hidden identities, and colors and forms dance with vibrant energy! 🪅 Yes, we are talking about the extraordinary XR realm, where 5 exceptional […]

Creator’s Case Study | Justin Woehrle “Psychose”

Have you ever wondered what can lie behind a work of ARt? 🖼️ It’s not merely about creativity – it involves a series of accompanying events, inspirations, and preparations… And here is an example of such an exceptional case, where Justin Woehrle, who is already well-known to some of you, crafted something extraordinary and thought-provoking […]

ARound the World – How XR is Redefining the Travel Industry

Travel is essential for our growth. We can, of course, learn about unfamiliar places from books or the Internet, but it won’t replace the amazing thrill of exploring and experiencing in real life everything our planet has to offer. The digital sphere can, however, coexist with real-life traveling, making it an even more interesting experience. […]

Meta Selection | July

Our usual Weekly Selection is now making a grand transformation into the (drumroll) Meta Selection which you are about to dive into for the first time! 🥹 And it’s totally worth it! 🚀 If a parallel universe exists, this is definitely where we are heading today! Feminine styles, floral or underwater ARts, thrilling games, and […]

TikTok Selection | July

Any crazy plans for this Friday? 😏 Before you clock out and enjoy the weekend, we have something special for you – a brand-new TikTok Selection! Immerse yourself into the fun universe of interactive games, stunning digital fashion pieces, and as you may have suspected: Barbie experiences. 💅 While all of us were eagerly awaiting […]

AR Talk | Josephine Miller

Getting to know each ARtist is always a great adventure for us. 🥰 Considering how creative the AR creators are, learning about their stories, experiences, and thoughts on the digital world is not only inspiring but also practical. We’ve learned so much already – and we know it’s just the beginning! 🔥 Now, we have […]