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Weekly Selection #94

Hungry for new Effects? Thirsty for art and inspiration? 😜 We have something for you, then. 😏 Let us present the perfect AR combination – a.k.a. the 94th edition of Weekly Selection, YAY!✨ Filled with 45 fresh Effects from this week, what you’ll find below is pure magic. ⭐️ Decorate your surroundings with floral, trippy […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | May 2022

Hungry for knowledge, ambitious, creative, full of energy – there are many words to describe the Community’s finest – our dear AR Creators! 🙌🏻🥰 We’re excited (as always) to release this month’s edition of 10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow, which will top up your feed with brilliant AR minds and their favorite projects. […]

Immerse Into a Dream with Visualize.mee

Have you ever dreamt of being inside a botanical fairy tale? 🌸🧚Just imagine – you’re surrounded by different magical species, sculptures, the sea… And now, let’s add something more to this beautiful scenery – art pieces by the amazing and talented AR Creator – Olga Isupova (@visualize.mee). Together with her, we made this fairy tale […]

AR Talk | Kim Alban

She’s genuinely passionate about design and new technology. 🦾 From a great experienced UX designer to a digital creator! 💜 Meet Kim Alban, the AR Effects star ⭐️ that shares her knowledge and helps people improve their skills in creating filters. 🙏 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Your TikTok content is a paradise for tech enthusiasts and it makes […]

Weekly Selection #93

What a week! Two workshops, having fun with Lightship AR & Friday 13th? Give us more, we say 😈 That’s exactly what we’re bringing you with this Weekly Selection #93! Inside you’ll find 41 Effects that will allow you to transform to literally any character you want, cause there’s a whole bunch of them. 🤯 […]

Weekly Selection #92

May has its own kick to it, right? 😎 Sun is out, everything is blossoming and everyone is out there seARching for new adventures. 🚀 But what’s even more special is today’s Weekly Selection #92! 🥳 Let’s be real, all of you amaze us each single time. 🤯 So please, give it up to this […]

Back to Reality: Snap Partner Summit 2022 Wrap-up

One of the most news-packed and long-awaited AR events, this year’s Snap Partner Summit, once again showed just how big Snapchat’s role in the world of AR is. With constant support for the Community, growing partnerships and new capabilities, it’s no surprise that Snapchat is ranked the #1 happiest platform compared to other apps. Back […]

Weekly Selection #91

Let’s spend last Friday in April the right way – which for us, obviously involves AR, new Effects, Creators’ fresh ideas, and providing the Community with latest AR trends. 💜😎🤳🏻 Hop inside our Weekly Selection #91 to see 39 Effects that will take you to otherworldly holographic places and add a magical twist to your […]

Snapchat Lens Selection | April

If it wasn’t for Lens Creators and their stunning colorful works from April, we wouldn’t know what to do! 👀 But luckily, we were showered with lots of ideas and creativity. 😎💛 April is slowly coming to an end and we have just what you need – fresh Snapchat Lens Selection and 30 new Lenses […]

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