Missed Our Showcase Your Culture Workshops? Not Anymore!

Hello our dearest Creators! After the first good news about our Showcase Your Culture Hackathon – extending the deadline until December 5 – we’ve got another dose of positive and definitely useful info for you. The tutorials from our live workshops with Beth Wickerson and Mitsuko Ono are here to help you come up with […]

Effect House Now Supports Windows

We have some great news straight from our beloved TikTok, and we are sure that it will please all our wonderful Creators! 😏 We are excited to share that AR Effect House software is now supported on Windows! 💛 The aim is to invite more of the world’s creative Community to imagine and create effects […]

Niantic Lightship Templates: Learn with Future House Studios

Our Lenslist x Lightship Templates Challenge may be over, but the creation and learning process is definitely not! 😎 Niantic Lightship platform holds many tools for building the real-world metaverse and immersive AR experiences, including world-mapping, semantic segmentation, and shared AR feature sets. For guidance and making the creative process as easy and smooth as […]

Lenslist x Lightship Templates Challenge: Tips & Tricks from Trigger

We have another addition to our Niantic content for you – who’s excited? 🖐 For today’s Inspiration Article we invited Trigger – a mixed reality agency, believing in the power of technology to tell stories and bring immersive worlds, characters, and brands to life in the metaverse. Their team is a distinct group of developers, […]

Lenslist x Lightship Templates Challenge by MPAR

Time for yet another Niantic Inspiration Article (never too many of these!) – whether you’ve already started working on your project or not – we come to you with some help straight from the Lightship masters themselves. 😎 Our Lenslist x Lightship Templates Challenge is open, and more than ready to welcome your AR Experiences! […]

Niantic Lightship Guide: Getting Started with Templates

The journey with Niantic continues! After the first stop – Getting Started with Niantic Lightship – it’s time to take your Lightship AR experiences further. To make it easier and quicker for you, as well as help you use your creative potential to the max, today we’re introducing Lightship ARDK Templates. Templates are pre-developed projects […]

Facebook Connect Recap: New Spark AR Features Are Here & The Role of an AR Creator in the Future of Meta

With the recent heated debates circulating around the topic of metaverse – a new way of interacting in digital spaces, which includes decentralized networks, digital currencies, personal avatars, collecting 3D assets or even real-estate, basically a more visual code-word for Web3.0 – Facebook Connect was definitely one of the most anticipated events for everyone who […]

Newest Snap AR Update: Say Hello to Lens Studio 4.1 👋

Once again folks at Snap did not disappoint our Creators Community with a brand new Lens Studio 4.1 update! Check out the hottest, newest features with doubling of the size limit as the sweetest cherry on top! 🍒🤩 1. From 4 to 8MB – Double the size, double the possibilities! 👯‍♀️ Size limit is one […]