Missed Our Showcase Your Culture Workshops? Not Anymore!

Hello our dearest Creators! After the first good news about our Showcase Your Culture Hackathon – extending the deadline until December 5 – we’ve got another dose of positive and definitely useful info for you. The tutorials from our live workshops with Beth Wickerson and Mitsuko Ono are here to help you come up with the best hackathon submission! 🤓

Ready to learn? 📚 Here’s everything you need:

Showcase Your Culture Workshop #1: Scripting with Beth Wickerson

In this tutorial, Beth will explain how she used script to come up with one of her recent AR games – Gem Smash World. And just to help you with creating an interactive World AR effect, she turned her effect from selfie to the rear view camera!

What You’ll Learn:

⭐️ Creating an infinite loop on a 3D landscape with patches,
⭐️ Using 3D Collision detection in the patch editor,
⭐️ Adding the Persistence module with scripting for saving the high score,
⭐️ Manipulating the HUD block to display the high score,
⭐️ Adding sound effects and haptic feedback for user experience.

Download the project file HERE before starting the tutorial!

And finally… open your Meta Spark Studio, watch the tutorial and create!

Showcase Your Culture Workshop #2: Interactive World AR Effects with Mitsuko Ono

In this workshop Mitsuko explains how she made her Nun the Wiser effect, which actually won one of our challenges we organized with Meta last year! She takes you through the process step-by-step and gives many tips on how to come up with an interactive World AR effect.

What You’ll Learn:

⭐️ Making a World AR effect,
⭐️ Adding interactions to objects in your effect,
⭐️ Adding BGM and triggering sound effects,
⭐️ Using particles to light your scene,
⭐️ Using render pass to add effects to your objects,
⭐️ Tips and tricks regarding animating assets.

Download the project file HERE and a step-by-step instructions deck HERE before starting the tutorial!

Now you’re ready to learn! Open up your Meta Spark Studio and watch the tutorial below.


Hope these two amazing tutorials will help you come up with your submission for the Lenslist x Meta Spark Showcase Your Culture Hackathonyou still have time to submit with your effect until December 5 – and expand your skillset for your future projects. Huge thanks to both Beth and Mitsuko for sharing their knowledge and joining us in this journey 💖