How Movies and TV Series can benefit from Augmented Reality – Part 2

Couple weeks ago we covered some great examples of how movies and TV Series can benefit from AR. If you did’t have a chance to read it we strongly encourage you to do so, as beside many examples we also pointed out reasons that made this cooperation successful (Part I). Today we want to show […]

AR talks | Piotar Boa

We are very excited to present to you the first of our AR talks – a series of interviews with the best and most noticable AR Studio and Lens Studio Creators! Even more thrilling is the fact that the first of our Guests is Piotar Boa – one of the most dedicated AR protagonists, inventive […]

How Movies and TV Series can benefit from Augmented Reality – Part 1

Two weeks ago we published an article explaining the synergy between AR and beauty industry (if you haven’t read it, make sure to check it out here). Today we would like to take you on the journey through another industry that benefited greatly thanks to the AR Studio and Lens Studio opening 8 months ago […]

The Best AR Portals for Facebook and Snapchat

Portals are the closest thing to VR that augmented reality has to offer. It doesn’t mean, though, that either of them is better or worse – they’re just different. In case of swaping the world around you completely, AR has one obvious advantage: you can do it using only your smartphone. And so, with the […]

Why Beauty Industry and AR Were Made for Each Other

There are two sides to Augmented Reality. Snapchat Lenses and Pokemon Go are the examples of the more obvious one: entertainment. And while this fun side is not limited to any mobile platform, the other one – the practical one – usually is. Facebook Camera Effects and Snapchat Lenses were created merely to bring joy […]

3000 Lenses Are Here

It’s been six months since we’ve reached the number of 300 lenses collected on Lenslist, and now we would like to proudly announce that from this moment we’ve managed to multiply it by 10! Our database consists now of over 3000 Facebook Camera Effects and Snapchat Lenses. What is more, almost 600 of them which […]

Best AR Games for Facebook and Snapchat created so far

Games are one of the most engaging ways of interacting with fans. That also applies to Facebook Camera Effects and Snapchat Lenses. AR Games allows you to use touch, facial expressions and motion to compete for high scores with others. Thanks to AR Studio and Lens Studio many games have emerged in recent months and […]

Best lenses of World Cup 2018

As the World Cup 2018 has just come to an end and with the 2018 being a year of dynamic development of AR marketing we’ve decided to take a closer look at how it has been used to engage football fans on Facebook and Snapchat during the tournament. Taking place once per 4 years, the […]

All you need to know after the F8 2018 conference

During Facebook’s annual conference for developers and businesses we got a glimpse of what’s next for Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger in terms of AR, bots and few other game-changing solutions. We gathered all the new stuff in a brief summary, so that you can have a full understanding of what the future holds for Facebook […]

Lenslist.co – the biggest base for Facebook Camera Effects and Snapchat Lenses gets updated with over 1,5k Snapcodes

The augmented reality is on the rise, no doubts about it. Since day one, the Lenslist.co aims at staying on top of the AR world trends and resources, thus we are making updates on a daily basis featuring the most interesting, catchy and attention-worth Camera Effects and Lenses. This time we have made a really […]