Distribution of AR Effects on Instagram & Facebook

Creating an AR effect for your brand is only the first step in launching a digital campaign with an Instagram or Facebook Camera Effect included. The second one is to properly present your AR effect to the world and engage the audience with it. In this article, we’ll show you how it can be done […]

Photographers Don’t Need VSCO Anymore Thanks to Instagram AR | Photo Presets AR Effects

The title is probably a stretch, but being able to add many different filters to your Instagram is certainly extremely useful. To this point, the only way to use VSCO filters inside Instagram was to manually adjust filter, contrast, saturation and highlights following guidelines from websites like this one: vscofilterhacks.com. Just to be clear: using […]

Augmented Reality in 2019: Was the Past Year A Breakthrough?

To answer this question, we run through last year’s press and through our own blog posts, dug into our own experiences from managing Lenslist database, and took an overall look at what happened during 2019 when it comes to social media AR. 2019: The Year of the New Functionalities Both Snapchat’s Lens Studio and Facebook’s […]

Have Fun with AR During Christmas | +80 Effects Collected

Merry Christmas to you all! 🎄 We want this post to be your guide to AR effects for this year’s Christmas. If you don’t have Santa’s suit or you won’t be together with your close ones, then use Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat to connect with them and feel the magic of this holidays! Instagram | […]

Target Tracking on Instagram: Blending AR with Reality

10 days ago Spark AR Team made Target Tracking (aka Image Tracking) available to Instagram. This feature allows AR effects to be triggered by pointing the camera at a certain image, eg. a logo, product packaging or a movie poster. In this article, you’ll find some of the first Instagram AR effects using this functionality […]

Five Magical AR Christmas Campaigns

It is well known that Christmas takes a special place in the world of advertising. To be honest, if one year advertisers would for some reason not announce it’s approaching, we would probably forget about Christmas completely. During this holiday time, friends and families are looking for a deeper connection – and Augmented Reality has […]

AR Marketer’s Guide 3: Intro to Snapchat Lenses

Despite Instagram’s pressure, Snapchat remains an important social media platform, especially in the US. Snapchat AR effects, called Lenses, are an important part of the platform and its identity. In fact, it is Snapchat that in 2015 introduced social media – and many people – to Augmented Reality. Now, their AR services are still being […]

Scary Reality: Your Guide to Augmented Halloween 2019

Tonight is the night! 🎃 We want this post to be your guide to AR effects for this year’s Halloween. If you can’t dress up or won’t be together with your close ones, then use Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat to connect with them and feel the magic of the holidays! Scare, trick and amuse others […]

Spark AR & Watchmen HBO Mask Off Challenge

Two days ago the results of the third Spark AR Community challenge has been announced. This time it was special, though. For starters, unlike last year’s Spark AR Community Challenge which was organized in connection with the start of Instagram AR beta and Spark AR Segmentation Challenge, submitted effects’ theme was strictly given. HBO, who […]

Instagram Celebrities Using AR Effects

One of the most exciting things that can happen to AR Creator is when someone significant uses their effect. Of course, the satisfaction from the fact that a famous artist or entrepreneur fancy their artistic vision is not the only benefit here. It’s been established long ago that nothing boosts the number of impressions of […]