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Lenslist x Snapchat AR Fashion Month Challenge: WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT

Do you know the feeling of looking at an outfit, a fashion piece or the latest collection from your favorite designer and thinking ‘WOW’… ? ✨ Already contemplating how to put together the most stylish set, planning when to wear it and matching the right accessories… 👜 This is exactly what was turning over in […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | September 2022

As you all know, we’re trying to spread some digital awAReness and share outstanding Effects almost every day. ✨ We hope that, in this way, we could be an inspiration to someone, provide a dose of daily entertainment, or simply cheer you up after a long day. 🥰 However, none of this would be possible […]

Weekly Selection #112

Today we are officially saying goodbye to summer! ☀️ The 23rd of September marks the autumnal equinox – a moment in which night and day are of equal length, simultaneously symbolizing the beginning of autumn. 🍁 So no more sunny trips to the beach – it’s Pumpkin Spice Latte season! ☕ On this special day, […]

AR Talk | Bianca Garutti

Today we have a very special interview to share with you! 🎙️Get ready for an inspirational chat with an iconic AR Creator, whose digital make-up looks and face-mask Effects became viral on Instagram! 💄💃 In this edition of AR Talks we have an honor to introduce you to Bianca Garutti! 💫 We wanted to get […]

Lenslist on AiR | Mitsuko Ono

Do you know the saying: third time’s a charm? 👀 In our case it worked – as we completely fell under the charm of today’s Lenslist on AiR guest! ⭐️ Let’s take a behind-the-scenes look at the Augmented Reality world and talk to yet another one of the creatives in our Community. 💜🎙️ Today we […]

Shutterstock x Lenslist Case Study: Success as Fast as a Snap of a Shutter!

Everyone appreciates a good refined digital space that intriguingly captivates its users, transports them into another world where everything is possible, and, at the same time, acts as a clever complement to the real-life phenomenon. This creative task of “Defying Dimensions” changes the perception of all, so far existing, limitations and modifies well-known perspectives. With […]

Weekly Selection #111

Today we would like to present to you a very special edition of our Weekly Selection! 🥳 This is the 111th time that we have put together a compilation of outstanding and creative filters! 🎉 As you probably know, 111 is a pretty special number… It is believed to be an “angel number” that has […]

Weekly Selection #110

It’s Friday and it can only mean one thing… our Weekly Selection is here! 💜 And since the weather will not spoil us this weekend, we want to cheer you up with a fresh hot portion of stunning AR filters! Make yourself comfortable, put your favorite fuzzy socks on, and enjoy. ✨ As always, our […]

Snapchat Lens Selection | August

As the summer holidays have come to an end, and September is already here, we have wrapped up a selection of August’s best Snapchat Lenses! 💛💫 This month Lens Studio Creators surprised us with a variety of full body filters! 🕺 There were lots of trendy outfits, head-to-toe illuminations and form-shifting Effects! We can only […]

Weekly Selection #109

The beginning of September means only two things: summer holidays are officially over and school has already started. And even though most of us are already past this educational stage, this time we did our homework… and prepared for you a brand new Weekly Selection of amazing AR filters!✨ We were very impressed by the […]

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