Weekly Selection #147

Behind us is another vibrant week with an equally vibrant AR package inside! 👾 And, as is our custom, in this 147th Weekly Selection, we have gathered simply the best effects! 👁️ Prepare yourself for intriguing visual illusions, each carefully designed to transport you to alternative realms and capture your imagination. 🫨 From subtle blurring […]

TikTok Selection | May

Are you ready to see new, exciting TikTok effects from this month? 🔥We never have to worry about lack of content for our selections, but this month was definitely intense. ⚡ What’s inside of the May edition? Let’s just say you will never have to think about the crown slipping from your head… 👑 You […]

Branded Showcase | Coachella Edition

If there’s one thing we like to do, it’s showing you the latest trends and designs that shook the AR World. 🤖 This time, however, we prepared something special… 😇 With each Coachella we can expect not only one of the biggest music experiences in the world, but also additional features, including AR Effects made […]

5 XR Creators You Should Follow | April 2023

The examples of development and passion of others will always be the most exhilarating means for your personal creative growth! 🪐 Today’s issue of 5 XR Creators You Should Follow will immerse you in a supernatural world filled with digital magic ⚡️ Each designer will bring you closer to ‘XRt’ and captivate you in their […]

Weekly Selection #146

Here is our 146th Weekly Selection and another opportunity for you to see reality through the prism of a colorful AR lens, transforming your environment in completely different ways. And… if you wish, even building an entirely new one by simply flipping your phone! 📱🌳 A spooky Halloween-inspired look (yet not devoid of beauty) or […]

AR Talk | Katrina Iosia

Just like any other form of art, AR is a form of self expression. 🪞 Visual image can become a bridge between the audience and creator’s mind and that’s exactly what we love about the AR Community. 💜 With that many talented people, we get to (literally) look at life through lenses of different mind […]

Creators’ Case Study | Lastxlr “Witchcraft”

Ready to practice a bit of AR witchcraft? ✨💜 Let’s get to work! Today, inside our next Creators’ Case Study, we’re pleased to host a small creative studio – @lastxlr – to bring us through the amazing creative process of an even more magical concept. The “Witchcraft” effect combines contemporary style with medieval aesthetics, letting […]

Weekly Selection #145

It’s our favorite part of the week again! 🥳 Not only is it an eagerly awaited Friday, but also the time to check out the best AR Effects in the 145th Weekly Selection. 🍀 So, before we start our weekend celebrations, let’s look at this week’s fresh designs… 😏 The Creators once again proved that […]

Best Branded XR Experiences | April

Spring is keeping our calendars full, and there’s a bunch of exciting events happening in the realms of fashion, makeup, art and more! Brands are kicking their marketing strategies up a notch, inviting us all to be a part of the fun… Don’t miss out. 🤩 We’re thrilled to unveil our picks of the best […]

Weekly Selection #144

If you don’t believe in miracles, you should look into the virtual world more often! 😍 Here’s our 144th Weekly Selection to bring you closer to celestial inspiration, and to make you believe in the incredible! 🪄🌊 You’ll get to transform yourself into the popular movie characters – from Avatar to Darth Vader, and fans […]