Weekly Selection #131

Inside the 131st Weekly Selection, you’ll find effects with an ultra-modern approach, eager to freshen up your imagination and make you explore new AR senses! 🎭💫 Computer simulation will let you try on modish extravagant futuristic looks and blurry elements, and plunge into all-consuming digital worlds. This time you can not only observe but also […]

Best Branded Instagram Filters – January

Marketing campaigns infused with Augmented Reality definitely know how to steal the show, whether it’s about digital fashion, worldwide celebrations, or new collections. ✨ Giving the audience an experience that goes beyond what’s touchable and possible in the real world, brands find various ways to power up through AR. The bar has been set up […]

Snapchat Lens Selection | January

The January Snap Lens Selection is ready and waiting for you, opening up new ways to expand our consciousness. 🤩 New adventures are ahead, and this fantastic new-year-opening collection is the proof! ☄️💥 Make yourself a pARt of this spatial exploration with absolutely wonderful designs and fun activities – mesmerizing patterns, sparkling overlays, and, of […]

TikTok Selection | January

Everybody knew that it was just a matter of time before we invited you to a whole new world meant for TikTok only and its both viral and hidden effects! 👀💥 We’re opening a new chapter of TikTok Selections, that from now on will be filled with the coolest effects made in Effect House. 🦋 […]

Lenslist 2022 Rewind

2022 was a really busy year here at Lenslist, but we can’t complain! It was a time well spent, and working with so many talented people was and always will be the best motivation for our team. 💞 AR technology is relatively new on the market, so we could say that we are constantly growing […]

Weekly Selection #130

Whoa, is it the 130th Weekly Selection already? Time flies! 🚀 Let’s celebrate this round number and try out the special mind-boggling Lenslist effect created by Miguel Rentería! 💎🔗 130by filtroshmo by lens.list In addition, you will be captivated by many fashion discoveries – from romantic, feminine, and delicate looks to fantastic robotic face masks, […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | January 2023

One of the headings closest to our hearts, which allows you to find out about the formation and growth of various ARtists in this awe-inspiring and, admittedly, vast AR field, is our selection of 10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow. 💎🌸 Explore today’s compilation of the brightest minds, with a lot of interests, hobbies, […]

Creators’ Case Study – Locus Solus Studio “Mercurial Water”

Here we come with another dose of knowledge and inspiration for those fascinated with the endless possibilities of the AR World! 🤩Fashion has always been something more than just clothes to put on in the morning. 👗It’s a tool you can use to express your identity, or experiment with as you see fit. Especially now, […]

AR Talk | Doddz

With every AR Talk, we get to find out something new about Creators, and each of the interviews is a great source of knowledge and motivation. Join us in the inspiring conversation with Doddz, and hear the amazing story about the experiment that led to his success. 🌟 Thanks to his creativity and determination in […]

Weekly Selection #129

As per our usual habit, we again introduce you to incredible Effects shaking our reality these days in our fresh and stunning Weekly Selection! 🧸 The vast world of Augmented Reality invites you to use its abilities to the maximum! 🤪🙌 Everything will seem possible thanks to 3D interaction, turning our surroundings all around! ⚡️ […]