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Weekly Selection #106

Hi guys! Can you believe it’s already Friday? We can 😎 This week flew by, but don’t worry, we made sure that our fresh #106th Weekly Selection will be waiting for you to start the weekend in a mARvelous way! 😉 Aliens and floating spaceships? Time-bending dripping filters? Effects interacting with real-life objects? 🔮 These […]

Effect House x Lenslist Partnership Announcement

GREAT NEWS ALERT! 🥳 Lenslist Partners with TikTok’s Effect House to Spotlight and Support AR Creators Our whole Lenslist Team is so pleased to announce a partnership with TikTok’s Effect House – a powerful AR platform designed to let anyone create Community Effects! 🤩 We’re thrilled to work with the Effect House Team, especially because […]

Lenslist x Lightship Templates Challenge – Winners Announcement

What does exploring mean to you? 🚀🌍 Is it traveling to new places, searching for new ideas and concepts in your mind or building a whole new AR-filled world? ✨ For our first-ever joined Lenslist x Lightship Templates Challenge, we invited AR Creators and Niantic Lightship Developers to show us their vision of what it […]

Weekly Selection #105

Did you think we had forgotten you? We never forget about our Weekly Selection! 😉 In our #105th edition – as the heatwave seems to be more persitant then ever 🔥 – we’ve prepared for you plenty of new and exciting AR filters from our wonderful Creators! And to make it even better, all this […]

Best Branded Instagram Filters – July

We are excited to announce that our Best Branded Instagram Filters of the month of July are already here! 🥳 The most popular brands from all around the world prepared some remARkable Effects to let you discover their products and campaigns. This month you can experience a bit of sci-fi themed filters, explore three-dimensional virtual […]

AR Talk | Ines Alpha

Her style is impossible to forget and her face masks send users to magical, dreamy, fantasy places… Do you already have in mind who’s our AR Talk guest? 🌙👽 Today, we have the greatest pleasure to chat with Ines Alpha, a 3D artist based in Paris, whose beauty filters take makeup and self expression to […]

Snapchat Lens Selection | July

This month Lens Studio Creators have prepared a true AR treat for us! 💫😎 Thanks to their fresh artworks, we’ve filled our Snapchat Lens Selection with summer vibes, stunning digital fashion, games, flowers and animals. 🔥 Let’s say goodbye to July in the best style, trying on cool outfits and golden accessories 💫🧝‍♀️ Those who […]

Weekly Selection #104

Friday is a fun day 🔥 especially as we’re right in the middle of the summer holidays! 🥳 We hope you are having a great time at all the pool parties, sunbathing by the seaside and making toasts for another weekend! 🥂 On the other hand, we aren’t slowing down and presenting to you another, […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | July 2022

Do you remember your beginnings in AR? 🌱 Everyone started somewhere… and look at how you’ve all grown! 🧡 Today we share with you 10 unique artists with 10 different stories and one thing that binds them together – passion for Augmented Reality. From the very beginnings to becoming experienced artists, from simple curiosity to […]

How Augmented Reality Revolutionizes Music Festivals

What do people love about festivals? Energizing live music, favorite artists going wild on stage, steamy atmosphere, thematic tents… and unforgettable memories made with friends or people that you’ve just met. Undoubtedly, music festivals are one of the most anticipated events not only for music lovers but also performers and brands all around the world. […]

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