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AR Talk | Kushtrim Juniku

Some time has gone by since our last AR talks but don’t worry – we are coming back with a bang! Today let’s welcome another awesome artist – Kushtrim Juniku. Based in Albania, Kushtrim works among others as a Visual Stage Designer, AR Creator, and has his own studio – everything was born out of […]

Weekly Selection #68

Let’s make this Friday an amazing and creative day! 🥳 We always wait all week to show you our new $pecial Edition of Weekly Selection 🙈 Big thanks to SparkAR for the opportunity to grant $1000 to each of the top 10 filters! 💰🤩 We are super grateful for all the Creators and their works […]

Weekly Selection #67: Novelties Edition

Hey Creators! 😊 Today we’re coming to you with an extra edition of our Weekly $election and this time we’re presenting dozens of ⚙️ AR NOVELTIES ⚙️ Meaning innovative, smart and sophisticated AR Effects and of course 10 of them awarded with $1,000 💰 A nice surprise that our Awardees can use to get even […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | November 2021

Hi creators! Let’s start this week with full power and a new dose of creativity 💪🏼 Looking for more awesome Creators to inspire you? Say no more! 😎 Let us present the November selection of 10 AR Creators you should absolutely follow ✨🤩 Find out what stories they have to share and let’s dive straight […]

Weekly Selection #66: Hidden Gems Edition 💎💖

🚨 May we have your attention, please! 🚨 Today is not a usual Friday 👀 This time instead of our regular $pecial Edition of Weekly Selection we have something really unique to present to you! For this $pecial Edition we’ve chosen our top filters only from Creators under 5k followers 😇! As always cheers to […]

Weekly Selection #65

Attention creators!😎✨We love Fridays because we can present to you our new $pecial Edition of Weekly Selection! As usual huge thanks to SparkAR for the monetization opportunities – that’s how we can reward top 10 filters with $1000 each 💸✌🏻🧡 Check out the coolest picks from this week! 🥳 💡 Our Lenslist database includes thousands […]

Snapchat Lens Selection | October

We are saying goodbye to October with our new monthly Snapchat Lens Selection. Wrap up in a cozy blanket and get in the mood of the 40 coolest Lenses made by Creators all over the world. Choose your favorites and use the Snapcodes below to show us! 🍂✨🧡 💡 Our Lenslist database includes thousands of […]

Weekly Selection #64

Awesome news alert! 🤩 Your Friday just got a lot better! Because it’s time for our $pecial Edition of Weekly Selection 🥳✌🏻Shoutout goes to SparkAR for the opportunity to award each of the TOP 10 filters with $1,000! 👀🏆💵 Creators work really hard so let’s show them some love 🧡 No more talking, start scrolling! […]

Best Branded Instagram Filters – October

Our October selection of Instagram Branded Filters is here! Check out these 26 awesome filters and get ready to be blown away! See what’s now on top in the Augmented Reality world! 🎃🍂🍁 *Branded filters are AR effects that have been ordered by a brand, an artist or a non-profit organization, for promotional or other […]

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