Lenslist x Effect House Holidays Challenge | WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT

As 2022 came to a close, leaving behind tons of amazing memories, it’s time to dig them up for a moment, being surrounded by nothing but the best holiday atmosphere 🥰 Last year was far from ordinary and you proved it during our Lenslist x Effect House Holidays Challenge! ✨ From cozy moments, preparations, decorations […]

Lenslist x Effect House Holidays Challenge: AI Inspiration

We’re just a few days apart from THE night… The most festive, dazzling, loud and sometimes life-changing hours… 🎉 After celebrating winter holidays with your close ones and recharging your energy, we’re sure you’re almost set for the upcoming weekend. ✨ But just before you dress up and switch to party mode, we have another […]

Lenslist | Effect House Holidays Challenge: Advice from Creators

Ho, ho, ho! Ready with all the preparations for celebrations in December? The list is full, all the way from Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa to the New Year’s Eve party! We just can’t wait to spend all these magical moments with you… while trying out your submissions for our Lenslist x Effect House Holidays Challenge. Not […]

Showcase Your Culture Hackathon – Winners Announcement

Are you ready for an eye-opening journey through different cultures and communities? 💛 The whole world holds so many yet unexplored places and people hold various passions, experiences, and memories… 🌍 All of them are worth sharing and today, we’re telling those stories – of our AR Community and their origins, family, friends, groups, hobbies, […]

Lenslist x Effect House Holidays Challenge Inspiration Part #1

Can you hear the fireworks already…? 💥👀 The one and only festive season is coming and we couldn’t be more thrilled, because this time, we’ll spend it together with you! December is filled with cozy moments with your closest ones, preparing decorations, reminiscing the best moments of 2022, and obviously – finishing off with the […]

Lenslist x Meta Spark: Showcase Your Culture Inspiration

Telling the story of your origins, family, friendship group, or passions and hobbies is something truly worth sharing with others. ✨🌍 What connects all the places, people and history is culture – each different and special in its own way. That’s why together with Meta Spark, for our current Hackathon, we’d like for you to […]

Take Part in a Research Study During our Hackathon!

Along with our hackathon, there is also an optional research study about your experience learning Spark! We are looking for participants to share their learning from the hackathon, feedback about the learning materials, and in general how you approach learning new Spark capabilities. What’s in this research study? The research study involves answering a few […]

Lenslist x Effect House Trick and Treat Challenge | Chilling Inspirations

Who doesn’t love the Halloween season, right? 🎃✨ Spine-chilling stories, scary decorations, crazy outfits, dreadful makeup looks, bloody costumes… Even though it happens each year, every Spooktober always manages to somehow bring something new to the table – whether it’s fresh ideas for Halloween costumes and effects or… a brand new partnership and the most […]