The Spring Into Action Lensathon: Inspiration & Tips #1

Browse through the examples of some of the most engaging AR Lenses and inspire yourself to create the perfect Spring Into Action Lensathon submission. 👻 🌼

As the Sun shines stronger, filling us with a new surge of energy and motivation, let’s all use this time to challenge ourselves, create the most incredible projects and…win prizes!💸 The Snap AR x Lenslist Spring Into Action Lensathon invites all AR Creators to take part. 🌸👏 The goal? Create the most engaging, relevant Snapchat Lenses, fitting one of four different categories:

⭐Pop Culture,
⭐Self Expression,
⭐The World Around You.

Today’s focus for our inspo? Interactive and the World Around You.

Interactive 🤖

While this category may sound pretty obvious at first, there’s a lot hiding behind the term Interactive – hundreds of options to choose from! 🤯Luckily, there’s an easy way to help you make the right choice: just ask yourself – what is it that engages users the most? What Lenses would YOU use as a regular Snapchatter?

Whether it will allow users to play an AR version of the iconic retro games, predict the future from fortune-telling randomizers, or take a Quiz about a famous TV show, or maybe something highly interactive that even we have not yet experienced – it’s totally up to you. The goal is to engage the users and encourage them to share the Lens, providing the best form of entertainment. The more relatable, the better!

See the examples👇

DIY Jalebi
by Superfan

The Power of Joke
by Tactical.

Guess The Word
by Luka Lan Gabriel

Same Color
by Mike

by pr4tyu5h

Quick Drop
by Superfan

Love Kiss
by weirdeyestudios

Ironed curtain
by hirnrosa

More Examples

The World Around You 🌏

All it takes to unlock the magic of the offline and online connection is a Lens-enabled rear view camera. 📸 Allow Snapchat users to enhance their reality and play with digital content wherever they are, whether it’s the inside of their homes or the middle of the city.

Create AR Lenses that invite Snapchatters to interact with the space around them through portals, scavenger hunts, animated sculptures and many more to ensure increased engagement.📈 Possibilities are endless, but keep in mind the goal of the challenge: AR Lenses that are interactive, culturally relevant, and globally relatable.

See the examples👇

by Mohammed | محمد

world switcher
by whoisreezzy

Black Honda
by 🌈lostboijourney⚡

Scaredy Gopher
by Alex Bradt

Glass Robot Dog
by Paige Piskin

Bouncy Chicks
by Love Kravt

Monsters pizza
by Sasha RGB

Crystal Jellyfish
by oliviacolin28

Dear Karl
by 1452 Studio

More Examples

Submitting your work

After completing the project, only a few more steps separate you from the possibility of winning a share of the $30,000 Prize Pool. 💰What should you do? 👀 See our Instagram Post for all the important details! ⤵️

What should you do? 👀 See our Instagram Post for all the important details! ⤵️

🚨 Remember! You have until May 12 to enter the challenge, but the earlier you submit, the bigger the chance to win the Top Video Post Prizes. Each week, starting April 15th, all participants will have the potential to win up to $500 for Lenses that encourage the most Daily Unique Posters on Snapchat.🤩 Need more details?

More About The Challenge here 👻 🌼

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