Best Branded AR Filters in March | AR Marketing Selection March

Engaging, interactive and shareable – See the best AR campaigns from March, that transform the way we think about marketing.

As always, the Marketing AR Selection is filled with some of the most creative solutions prepared by the brands to captivate their customers in a fun, immersive and interactive way. Each month, we highlight those with the best designs and results, with March turning out to be no exception. 🔥

Explore projects from all corners of the market, whether it’s Lay’s or Hermès, and see for yourself the potential of Augmented Reality in marketing. ⤵️

Dior’s Ramadan Campaign

With Ramadan as one of the most important holidays all over the world, it’s no surprise that during this time, many brands also create their campaigns based on celebration, spirituality and a sense of unity. And Dior, a luxury fashion house, is one of them.

With its glamorous AR Campaign, the French retailer spreads wishes of “Generous Ramadan” to all its customers through the dedicated Snapchat Lens and an AR filter on Instagram, allowing users to share the wishes with their friends and family.

Basic-Fit’s 7-Day Fitness Challenge

Stay active with Basic-Fit! 🤸 The Gym brand came up with the most unique idea to engage their customers in the campaign while at the same time taking care of their health. Collaborating with the PLAYAR Studio, Basic-Fit prepared a 7-Day Fitness Challenge available for all Snapchat users.

Each day for a week, a new activity appeared on the platform, allowing users to use body-tracking-based Lenses and do a professional workout without actually leaving the house.

Jumping Jack
by playarstudio

by playarstudio

Knee Crunches
by playarstudio

Bershka’s AR Fashion collection

Once again, Bershka took a step towards the expectations of their youngest customers, often described as Digital Nomads, and collaborated with the FFFACE.ME Agency on their latest collection. Born with technology, Gen Z is obsessed with mixing reality and the digital world, which makes great marketing opportunities for brands – and luckily, some of them are eager to jump on the trend.

Pointing your camera on one of the t-shirts activates futuristic animations and 3D projects, making prints come to life right before our eyes. A whole new level of digital fashion unlocked! 🔒

Bow Heart
by bershka

Chrome Bunny
by bershka

Tech Rose
by bershka

Airbrush Bear
by bershka

Hello Kitty
by bershka

Cute Animals
by bershka

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by armanibeauty

Let's ride!
by hermes

Scandal Absolu
by jeanpaulgaultier

by benetton_perfumes


Cadbury Miniatures
by cadburyarabia

by busterwood_studio

Slimer Call
by ghostbustersmv

CTB 2023 AR
by realcapncrunch

The Boys
by manscaped

Forever You
by vitaminwater

by yslbeauty

NBA Finals
by thisishouseofv


From virtual try-ons to interactive packaging, March showed us that AR is revolutionizing how companies engage with their audience, driving sales, fostering brand loyalty, and pushing the boundaries of creativity in marketing. 🧑‍💻

The brands presented diverse ways in which AR is reshaping their marketing strategies, offering innovative ways to connect with consumers and drive engagement in an increasingly digital world. 🌐 These campaigns demonstrated the power of AR and created memorable and immersive brand experiences that resonate with audiences – and we are sure that there will be more of them in the months to come. 🤯

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