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In the world of technology, new innovations are introduced every day, and virtual spaces are becoming increasingly intertwined with our daily lives. Developers, artists, engineers, and AR Creators all contribute to dozens of inspiring projects, seizing the potential of modern technology. Keeping up with all of the updates might seem impossible – and that’s why we’re here!

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Snapchat’s First Lifelike Ring Try-On

As the platform is constantly evolving, developers from Lens Studio can now enjoy a brand new feature on Snapchat. The realistic ring try-on technology debuted with Cartier’s campaign on the platform.

Cartier Trinity
by cartierofficial

The luxury jewellery retailer enables their customers to try out the Trinity collection on different fingers, perfectly matching the size of the ring to the user’s hand. With the feature, Snapchatters can easily try on the jewellery from the comfort of their own home before the purchase!

Yamaha’s AR Helmet

While futuristic helmets with digital content overlaid over physical space are a concept associated mostly with Hollywood sci-fi movies, it seems that the future might be much closer than we’d think. Yamaha’s new patent revisits the idea previously developed by automotive brands like BMW of creating a user-friendly helmet, allowing drivers to see not-yet-specified information right before them.

Photo credit: Yamaha

The company abandoned the 2015 concept of covering drivers’ eyes with screens and decided on transparent lenses with a HUD effect. Yamaha also considered the head’s movement during the ride: the helmet needs both external cameras to monitor what’s going on in front of us, as well as internal cameras to track our eyes. Leaning forward means you’ll see through the top of the visor, and sitting on a cruiser allows you to look through a much lower section.

Apple Vision Pro Now Supported by Niantic 8th Wall

As expected, Apple Vision Pro is already revolutionising the Augmented Reality market. Niantic announced the extension of Niantic 8th Wall’s Metaversal Deployment, allowing developers to create spatial WebAR experiences and easily share them to mobile devices and mixed reality headsets, now including Apple Vision Pro.

Developers can also connect 8th Walls’ face effects with the Vision Pro’s Persona feature, providing even more personalised entertainment for headset users.

Metaversal Deployment changes the way developers build and distribute spatial computing experiences. By providing a way to bridge the gap between devices in different ecosystems, Metaversal Deployment ensures that as Mixed Reality and Spatial Computing advances, developers are not confined to create experiences for a single ecosystem but rather can grow on a multitude of platforms.


Sponsored AR Filters on Snapchat

Brands now go even further in their Snapchat marketing with sponsored AR Filters as a new ad format. Contrary to AR Lenses, Snapchat filters can be overlaid after taking a photo or video but before publishing. The digital overlays can be created through Snap’s Lens Web Builder from feature templates such as countdown timers, quiz generators and try-ons.

Photo credit: Snapchat

Although filters and Lenses differ from each other, the new format will be accessible through Snapchat’s Lens Carousel. This way, the new content will reach users before taking a snap, ensuring the best experience.

‘Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire’ AR Lens

Promoting the premiere of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, Sony Pictures created an animated AR Lens for all Snapchat users in the interactive campaign. Through the Lens, fans can feel like characters in the movie, answering a video call from Trevor, played by Finn Wolfhard, and watching the crazy transformation into Slimer, the franchise’s iconic green ghost.

Slimer Call
by ghostbustersmv

Slimer Time
by ghostbustersmv

To access the AR Slimer Lens, users must enter the Snapchat Lens Carousel, scan the Snapcode, or visit the Ghostbusters Public Profile.

The Coachella Canvas

As one of the most-awaited music events approaches, Coachella is already giving a sneak peek of what’s awaiting the participants. The festival is already known for implementing AR experiences that immerse users in the music world, and the 2024 edition is no different. The Welcome Bloom AR Experience is available for all attendees on Instagram, ready to transport users into the magical digital world.

Welcome Bloom
by coachella

Let’s welcome the Coachella Canvas: a new view of the festival seen through immersive experiences, games, art and creative technology. (Coachella). Starting April 12, the festival draws in thousands of music fans, eager to participate not only in their favourite artists’ performances but also in dedicated quests, collect XP, and get rewards such as Festival Guest Passes, VIP Oasis Lounge Keepsakes, and more.

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