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Weekly Selection #99

Let us tell you…This Weekly Selection #99 really got us up and running outside exploring the world with a lot of awesome World AR Effects! 🌍⭐️ Sun is out, comfortable shoes are on, phones ready to transform your surroundings into magical AR-filled worlds and games. Discover the hidden digital layer of your space and dive […]

AR Talk | Bruno Wendricky

Passion for technology, knowledge and growth is what drove Bruno Wendricky, our today’s AR Talks guest, to become an experienced AR Creator from Brazil and a role model for people just starting their augmented journey. 🚀He’s grown so much personally, started working with big brands and now he wants to help the Brazilian AR Community […]

TikTok Randomizer Effects: Carrying the trends

If you thought that randomizers couldn’t get any more popular – surprise! (or not) – they can. And the best proof is… TikTok. 🤪 Even though TikTok’s algorithm works in mysterious ways and what goes viral and what doesn’t is one of the biggest puzzles there, randomizers seem to be the key – to gaining […]

Lenslist Pride Selection 2022

We’re already almost 4 weeks into Pride Month and so far, it has been full of colors, love, beauty, equality and celebration! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 In honor of commemorating and supporting the LGBTQI+ Community, we’ve gathered the best Pride AR filters for you to celebrate the remaining days of June! Let’s spread love, awareness and get immersed […]

Weekly Selection #98

On Friday we can’t wait for two things – the weekend, and a fresh Weekly Selection! ⭐️ Can you believe that it’s already the 98th edition? Which means… The 100th is right around the corner! 🤩 With such good mood, we can dive into this week’s Effects on full power. 🚀 Take a minute to […]

AR Talk | Laura Gouillon

You may have seen today’s AR Talk guest on TikTok, accepting weird and funny requests from users and making the coolest randomizers ever… rings a bell? 😏🔥 Let’s welcome Laura Gouillon – the mastermind behind the craziest TikTok roulettes – and more. Her humor, diverse skills and artistic background together lead to outstanding AR works, […]

Lenslist x Lightship Templates Challenge – Community Inspiration

Make space for another huge dose of inspiration! ⚡️ We’ve been filling your minds with ideas for our Lenslist x Lightship Templates Challenge for quite some time now… but we’re not stopping. So far we’ve released two essential guides helping you kick-off Lightship projects and dive into Templates. Then, to jumpstart your ideas for the […]

Weekly Selection #97

Guess what came in today! Something hot, fresh, innovative, surprising, playful… Rings a bell? 😏Let our Friday AR routine begin – it’s time to make some space on your Instagram for brand new Effects – all inside our 97th Weekly Selection. 💥Spend this day daydreaming, wearing futuristic face masks, traveling to magical places, playing with […]

AR Talk | Karol Sudolski

An artist by “accident”, driven by chance and randomness straight into the world of art – let’s welcome Karol Sudolski, a Milan-based visual artist and our today’s honorable AR Talk guest. ✨🫧💿His thought-provoking works are centered around feelings, humans and what’s not necessarily perfect about them. Today Karol shares with us his story – how […]

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