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AR Talk | Piper ZY

The design of a virtual city… on a nail? 🤩💅🌆 Since the end of 2021, Piper ZY, an extraordinary AR artist, has been on everyone’s lips – with her micro art, she’s become a big game-changer in the AR world. Everything started from an experimental concept of placing a mini virtual city on a nail […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | January 2022

Young, talented, powerful and full of energy in 2022 – let’s give a warm welcome to our ten chosen Creators – leading the first ‘You Should Follow’ edition in the new year! ⭐️ Experimenting with AR and pushing the limits of creativity is what they do – and they are here to show you how […]

Weekly Selection #76

Time for yet another Weekly Selection ⭐️ Who knew that this Friday tradition would be so exciting! Every week is unique – thanks to all of you 💪 The hottest Effects are all ready to be tried out – they simply can’t wait to show up on your screens! Which ones are your favourites? 👀 […]

Lens Fest 2021 Recap: Business Track

  Snapchat 🤝 Businesses Lens Fest prepared something for both sides – not only for Creators but also for Businesses 💡 Let the best of the best from the Snap AR team take you on an enriching journey, where you’ll find out how Entrepreneurs, Developers, and Partners make use of Lenses to go beyond traditional […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | December 2021

Being able to chat with so many talented Creators is always a pleasure for us! ✨Monthly dose of inspiration from 10 awesome Creators is definitely one of our favorite routines. 💪🏼 Thanks to these fresh and exciting stories we can feel more connected and truly understand the Creators and their ARt ✨ Below you’ll find […]

Weekly Selection #75

Good to hear from you in 2022, we missed you all 💜 But what we really can’t wait for in the new year – are Weekly Selections and the hottest Effects from the best Community ever! ⭐️ The first Friday of 2022 – how about we make it a Friday to remember? From what we […]

AR Talk | Damon Cho

From an Alien to a Disney Villian to a Pin-Up Girl. Damon Cho, our today’s AR Talk star, can recreate them all in real life – and do even more in AR. He puts his stunning artistic skills into making aesthetic AR Effects, 3D Art and Illustrations, and also running a YouTube channel with makeup […]

Best Branded Instagram Filters – December

Our favorite Branded Instagram Filters from December have just arrived – to get you going in the new year! 💪💛🤩 It’s a fresh beginning, so let’s not waste any moment and start filling our heads with new awesome marketing ideas! We picked 30 Best Branded Filters that will definitely help and inspire you to create […]

Lens Fest Recap 2021: Creative Track

Unleash your inner ingenuity with Snap AR. The history, the power, and the magic of Snap AR and the Community all in one place – the best stories are told at Lens Fest and now it’s time to look back at how lots of amazing people shaped 2021 for the Snapchat Community. A year has […]

Weekly Selection #74

With our last $pecial Edition of Weekly Selection in 2021, we come to you with words of gratitude and reflection ⭐️ Nothing made us happier this year than seeing you grow and engage to make this world a more innovative and creative place for all of us. The determination and hard work you showed makes […]

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