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Weekly Selection #113

Whether you’re ready or not to say goodbye to September, you’ll definitely be ready for a weekend filled with testing out stunning Effects! ✨The last Weekly Selection in September is finally here! And the contents of today’s 113rd edition are dangerously fun so better get ready…😏 You’ll find here everything you need for this autumn: […]

Lenslist x Snapchat AR Fashion Month Challenge: WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT

Do you know the feeling of looking at an outfit, a fashion piece or the latest collection from your favorite designer and thinking ‘WOW’… ? ✨ Already contemplating how to put together the most stylish set, planning when to wear it and matching the right accessories… 👜 This is exactly what was turning over in […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | September 2022

As you all know, we’re trying to spread some digital awAReness and share outstanding Effects almost every day. ✨ We hope that, in this way, we could be an inspiration to someone, provide a dose of daily entertainment, or simply cheer you up after a long day. 🥰 However, none of this would be possible […]

Weekly Selection #112

Today we are officially saying goodbye to summer! ☀️ The 23rd of September marks the autumnal equinox – a moment in which night and day are of equal length, simultaneously symbolizing the beginning of autumn. 🍁 So no more sunny trips to the beach – it’s Pumpkin Spice Latte season! ☕ On this special day, […]

AR Talk | Bianca Garutti

Today we have a very special interview to share with you! 🎙️Get ready for an inspirational chat with an iconic AR Creator, whose digital make-up looks and face-mask Effects became viral on Instagram! 💄💃 In this edition of AR Talks we have an honor to introduce you to Bianca Garutti! 💫 We wanted to get […]

Lenslist on AiR | Mitsuko Ono

Do you know the saying: third time’s a charm? 👀 In our case it worked – as we completely fell under the charm of today’s Lenslist on AiR guest! ⭐️ Let’s take a behind-the-scenes look at the Augmented Reality world and talk to yet another one of the creatives in our Community. 💜🎙️ Today we […]

Shutterstock x Lenslist Case Study: Success as Fast as a Snap of a Shutter!

Everyone appreciates a good refined digital space that intriguingly captivates its users, transports them into another world where everything is possible, and, at the same time, acts as a clever complement to the real-life phenomenon. This creative task of “Defying Dimensions” changes the perception of all, so far existing, limitations and modifies well-known perspectives. With […]

Weekly Selection #111

Today we would like to present to you a very special edition of our Weekly Selection! 🥳 This is the 111th time that we have put together a compilation of outstanding and creative filters! 🎉 As you probably know, 111 is a pretty special number… It is believed to be an “angel number” that has […]

Weekly Selection #110

It’s Friday and it can only mean one thing… our Weekly Selection is here! 💜 And since the weather will not spoil us this weekend, we want to cheer you up with a fresh hot portion of stunning AR filters! Make yourself comfortable, put your favorite fuzzy socks on, and enjoy. ✨ As always, our […]

Snapchat Lens Selection | August

As the summer holidays have come to an end, and September is already here, we have wrapped up a selection of August’s best Snapchat Lenses! 💛💫 This month Lens Studio Creators surprised us with a variety of full body filters! 🕺 There were lots of trendy outfits, head-to-toe illuminations and form-shifting Effects! We can only […]

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