AR Case Study | How Locus Solus Studio created ‘Kintsugi’

All behind-the-scenes secrets of working on the complex Kintsugi AR effect are revealed in today’s AR Case Study! 🏺 Here, you’ll not only explore the technical aspects of the project but also delve into the sapient story from the Locus Solus Studio that crafted a conceptual and emotionally charged design! ✨ Check out the details […]

Branded AR Showcase: Tiësto Instagram Filter Music Case Study

Introducing our new Branded AR Showcase, unveiling the creation process of the Tiësto Racing Instagram AR Filter! 💥 Join us in an exhilarating case study with today’s guests – Morphy Vision, as they pull back the curtain on the entire process from concept to the rollout of the AR effect! 🤓💎 Crafting this engaging AR […]

AR Case Study | How Lucie Bouchet created the ‘Nicky Doll – Edea’

The charm of Augmented Reality lies in its ability to craft new visuals with filters, enabling you to step into a completely fantastical world and assume any persona you desire! 💅🏻 Through inspiration and painstaking work to create a super brilliant look that dazzles with its uniqueness and Drag Queen’s character 👑 – Lucie Bouchet […]

Branded AR Showcase: Nissan Instagram Filter Automotive Case Study

With Nissan involved, it’s easy to expect a project that’s all but ordinary. ✨ And this time is no different! In today’s Branded Showcase, we’re focusing on their enchanting collaboration with Wilkins Avenue AR, a well-known metaverse experience company, which designed the AR Formula E Team’s helmet with great care about the blooming details. 🌺 […]

AR Case Study — How Xenia Created “Lenslist Make-up”

Inspiration doesn’t always arrive spontaneously. Sometimes, it needs to be cultivated, and this doesn’t require much – just a keen intellect and the ability to observe details closely. 👁️ These particulars, in turn, will undoubtedly contribute to assembling the creative puzzle in its own distinctive way, allowing us to label art as truly incomparable! 🪁 […]

Creator’s Case Study | Justin Woehrle “Psychose”

Have you ever wondered what can lie behind a work of ARt? 🖼️ It’s not merely about creativity – it involves a series of accompanying events, inspirations, and preparations… And here is an example of such an exceptional case, where Justin Woehrle, who is already well-known to some of you, crafted something extraordinary and thought-provoking […]

Branded Showcase | Coachella Edition

If there’s one thing we like to do, it’s showing you the latest trends and designs that shook the AR World. 🤖 This time, however, we prepared something special… 😇 With each Coachella we can expect not only one of the biggest music experiences in the world, but also additional features, including AR Effects made […]

Creator’s Case Study | Lastxlr “Witchcraft”

Ready to practice a bit of AR witchcraft? ✨💜 Let’s get to work! Today, inside our next Creators’ Case Study, we’re pleased to host a small creative studio – @lastxlr – to bring us through the amazing creative process of an even more magical concept. The “Witchcraft” effect combines contemporary style with medieval aesthetics, letting […]