Branded AR Showcase: Nissan Instagram Filter Automotive Case Study

With Nissan involved, it’s easy to expect a project that’s all but ordinary. ✨ And this time is no different! In today’s Branded Showcase, we’re focusing on their enchanting collaboration with Wilkins Avenue AR, a well-known metaverse experience company, which designed the AR Formula E Team’s helmet with great care about the blooming details. 🌺

The Feel Electric festival took place on 19th July 2023 in London’s Covent Garden and celebrated the brand’s participation in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, by transforming the venue into a magical Cherry Blossom garden. 🌸 The dazzling AR Effect created for the event turned out to be not only a great marketing for the automotive brand but also an exceptional manifestation of Nissan’s Japanese heritage. 🇯🇵

Feel Electric
by nissanuk

What’s the story of the Formula E AR filter? Find out below. 👇

Purpose of Creating the AR Effect

The concept behind the AR experience aimed to elevate Nissan’s Formula E Team’s new helmet. This initiative was a pivotal element of an expansive marketing campaign held at Covent Garden, where the car was showcased alongside an interactive simulator.

Idea Behind the AR Effect

Nissan aimed to reconnect people with their Japanese heritage, which inspired the filter’s emergence from a swirl of cherry blossoms. The concept of interactivity revolved around customers selecting from three helmet colors, virtually trying it on, and subsequently sharing their experience on Instagram. This strategic move not only engaged customers but also magnified Nissan’s activation which lasted only one week.

Creation Process

After creating a storyboard, we developed a functional prototype using Meta Spark’s world-tracking technology. We modeled various 3D elements (helmet & cherry blossom) using high-resolution reference images. We used Meta Spark’s particle system to create the swirling petals effect. After completing the prototype, we realized the need to incorporate interactivity.

We utilized Instagram’s native UI picker to enable color changes for the helmet. The try-on experience was designed to be as immersive as possible, featuring particles and an animated Feel Electric brand message using a sprite sheet.


In Covent Garden, to be part of the experience, you received a Formula E car badge for free, in the back there was detailed all different activities of the activation including the QR code to discover the magic AR Helmet.


Currently we know that the AR filter was scanned by more than 2K people in the week of the activation but we haven’t got any feedback yet because the experience was managed by Nissan’s agency and the filter was released under Nissan’s account so we don’t have any analytics. I’ve already asked the agency, if I hear back from them I’ll share the info.


We usually have a first “discovery call” with the client to understand their needs, the project they have in mind, and after that we ask them to fill a brief for us. After that, we customize the experience and give them a concept, visual, and timeline for their experience. All of our experiences are tailor-made.


Nissan team and their marketing agency were very pleased with the result, we went to live the full experience in Covent Garden and indeed the AR experience complemented the full marketing activation in a seamless way. The AR experience next to the simulator positioned Nissan as a very technological and innovative brand. Finally, the aesthetics of the filter were in perfect sync with the whole branding of the campaign.


The Nissan x Wilkins Avenue AR collaboration will definitely stay in our minds for a long time. 🤩 Mixing the automotive industry with a delicate, flowery aesthetic is not something that comes to mind at first thought, but the Feel Electric experience proved that they work perfectly well together. 🔥 We can’t wait to show you more secrets from astonishing partnerships.