Christmas AR Magic: 7 Luxury Brands Redefining Marketing

See how some of the biggest luxury brands are turning the holiday magic into immersive experiences with Christmas AR Filters. While we decorate the Christmas tree with friends and family, many brands spend this time looking for a way to bring the North Pole magic to our homes. The importance of the right campaign was […]

Black Friday AR Filters – 5 Ways to Use AR During Sales

Are you interested in boosting your sales and creating a long-lasting relationship with your customers? See how marketers are using AR during sales with Black Friday AR Filters. ⤵️ Before we step into the magical Winter Holiday season, there’s one more special day for marketers all over the world. Highly anticipated Black Friday is almost […]

The Future of Medicine | Tech Trends in Healthcare

As the future of medicine is tied to the growth of technology, it’s no surprise that AR and VR have become a big part of tech trends in healthcare. See the best cases of XR in medicine 👇 Although AR and VR are most commonly associated with entertainment, their potential reaches far more. Technology can […]

AR Games – 5 Examples of Gamified AR Filters

Thinking about an engaging marketing strategy to connect with your customers? Gamified AR filters are the way to go. See the best examples of successful campaigns using AR games. The main goal of a good marketing strategy is not about a quick increase in sales, but about building long-lasting relationships with customers and digital visibility. […]

Top AR Halloween Campaigns 👻 | Your Digital Costume

It’s time! 🦇 Let’s end the month of October with a recap of the Top AR Halloween campaigns. What are the scARy trends in Augmented Reality? 👻 There’s so much to love about fall: crunchy, yellow leaves on the ground, cold, foggy evenings and soft candle lights… 🍂🕯️ but nothing compares to our favourite holiday […]

The Future of Ecology

Now, probably more than ever, ecology is on everyone’s tongue. Zero-waste products are all over the market, and while it might seem like just another trend, it’s so much more than that. This time the concern is real. We are all worried about the state of our planet, and with so many resources to learn […]

ARound the World – How XR is Redefining the Travel Industry

Travel is essential for our growth. We can, of course, learn about unfamiliar places from books or the Internet, but it won’t replace the amazing thrill of exploring and experiencing in real life everything our planet has to offer. The digital sphere can, however, coexist with real-life traveling, making it an even more interesting experience. […]

The Future of Architecture

While on your travels, you’re likely to find yourself frequently strolling through hidden alleyways in undiscovered places, taking in their extraordinary architecture. 🏛️ With the advent of new technologies, like Augmented Reality, it was inevitable to become interactive with the environment! 🎨 By making the surroundings more intricate and captivating, we immerse ourselves in an […]

The Future of Digital Fashion

Digital fashion… It’s definitely something enchanting that requires a lot of work, art as in physical fashion, and in addition to all – technology. 🦾 But what is its potential? Can it partly become an ecological solution in the world of fast fashion, trends, and massive physical production of clothing? 👾🌱 What is the relationship […]

The growing potential of AR in branded campaigns

While the potential of Augmented Reality is still being explored, its impact on marketing and communication is already visible among brands. The growing trust in AR can eventually contribute to a complete change in the way both consumers and producers view the market. We are always keeping an eye on the latest trends in AR, […]