Make your AR Filter go viral: Dos and Don’ts of AR Effects Promotion

Want to make your AR Effect go viral? Follow these tips, and watch your exposure grow.

We talk a lot about AR Filters and how they are a powerful marketing tool. If the effect succeeds, it can significantly increase the campaign’s engagement, reaching many new potential customers.

But how exactly can Creators and Marketers ensure their success? In today’s article, we explore all the steps to take.

Social media are somewhat unpredictable. New trends emerge each week, coming from the most random part of pop culture, with a big part of it being our own personal content. Sometimes, all it takes to go viral is having a camera in the right place at the right time, and suddenly, millions of people engage, repost, and create their own content based on the same picture.

Aged - viral AR FIlter

But even then, whether it’s a sound, a video, a meme – or, in this case, an AR Filter – brands and creators can take steps to enhance engagement effectively.

AR Filters promotion tips & tricks

If you want to create viral AR filters, one thing is certain: the story doesn’t end with publishing the effect. Encourage your audience to create, publish, and repost videos using your filter, keeping the conversation going and making your project known all over the world.

Even if your AR experience doesn’t become the next big meme or inspo, you can still encourage hundreds or even thousands of people to interact with your work. And that’s an impressive crowd already.

Adjusting the content

First, even before the creative process starts, think about your audience: Who are the people using your AR Filters? What age group are they? What theme can make them excited about using the effect?

Imagine your campaign’s target audience is Gen Z, a generation known for not living a day without technology and having been present on social media since the day they were born. In this case, using pop culture references from the 90s can decrease your chance of high user engagement, with users simply not relating to the theme – unless the 90s are on trend of course.

Inspire them to participate and have their own personal input, making sure that the theme is relatable and culturally relevant.

Me in the Sims
by jonothanhunt

Bold Glamour
by tiktok

Choosing the right platform

Another thing you have to consider is what people seek on different platforms. For example, TikTok filters are usually based on interactive elements, allowing users to play games, take quizzes, use randomizers related to pop culture, or try out different makeup looks.

The TikTok app is also the place where trends pass the most quickly. So, if you’re all about being one of the first to create interactive and engaging AR Filters based on current trends, go for the Effect House.

But don’t overlook other platforms! Each one offers different opportunities to use Augmented Reality filters, depending on your own vision and users’ creativity.

For instance, Snapchat is great for creating extensive AR Lenses that focus on the world around the user, try-on shopping features, and crazy face masks that users can wear and share with their friends. Instagram, however, thrives with everything focused on aesthetically improving users’ content, such as makeup-enhancing face masks.

Whether you choose TikTok, Instagram, or any other AR platform, the key to growing your exposure is making sure your AR experiences reflect users’ needs and expectations.

High-Quality Showcase

You or your brand created an AR Filter – what now? If you want to ensure the project’s success, the work doesn’t end with publishing the effect. Here’s what you need to do.

First, make sure to record a high-quality showcase of your AR Filter. We know that using the software’s demo is easier and faster, but don’t limit yourself. It really looks better on you. Don’t be shy – present your hard work! And if you want to keep your socials faceless, ask a friend.

Force 9
by nike

Vincent Kompany
by mancity

Ghostbusters – Frozen Empire
by busterwood_studio

Make it look as natural as possible, encouraging regular users to participate and record their own videos. Take care of the nice background and good lighting, and show the full possibilities of your AR effect.

Cross-platform sharing

If you want millions of people to enjoy your AR filters, promote them on more than one platform. Post the same effect across various social media, or create a series of different AR filters dedicated to each platform’s strength.

It’s important to create a buzz around your filter, so put it everywhere. Post inspirational, knowledge-filled videos of the creative process on LinkedIn, show key features on Instagram, and play with your experience on TikTok. The floor is yours, so don’t be afraid to take it!

by supersappi

Cross-platform also means cross-format. Don’t post only to your Stories, but try posting a Reel with your effect – a shorter version for Instagram and longer for TikTok. Post both to Snapchat Spotlight and see what works best. Take pictures and post a carousel or a regular post. Keep in mind that everybody has a different favorite when it comes to content formats, so securing them all is in your best interest.

Respond to feedback

Engage with your audience and keep the conversation about your AR Filter alive. Each like, comment, and share influences the number of people who see your content, so make sure to be involved in spreading the word.

Comment on posts created by other users with your effect, engage in discussions in the comments or even share the videos made by other people to reach bigger crowds.

Jump on a trend

All social media platforms have one thing in common: they are all highly impacted by trends. The same meme that was started by TikTok users will later be seen on Instagram or Facebook, eventually becoming something relatable and recognizable in real life.

Cute Hamster
by eren892

My Red Flags
by lauragouillon

1989 cover by julia
by filtersbyjulia

And since no one wants to miss out and everyone wants to be a part of the trend, that’s the biggest opportunity to make your AR Filter go viral. Make sure your AR Effect inspires other users to create their own content, for example, by creating an experience based on a popular meme or posting your filter showcase using a viral sound. Keep track of what’s popular, and make it work for your experience.

But you have to act fast: trends are passing incredibly quickly, so catch them before they pass!

One thing you can do to be more of a trendsetter than follower is keeping tabs on the calendar – make sure you’re up to date with top album releases, movie premieres, holidays and special occasions.

Activate the community

We’ve already discussed the potential of AR Challenges as a powerful tool in marketing, but you can also use the idea of a contest to encourage users to create content based on your own AR Filter, especially as a brand.

Need a success story? Brands like Fanta previously appreciated the idea of such AR Challenges, which allowed their customers to unlock an interactive AR Game and win real-life prizes through the Web AR platform.

Going viral on social media can be tricky – but it’s possible! Other people have done it before, and millions of social media users are still waiting for fun, interactive and culturally relevant content. Who said that you can’t be the one to provide it? 😉

Looking for the best way to implement AR into your marketing strategy? 🔍 Try out theAR Brainstormer to create unique campaign ideas, use our AR Search engine to look for inspiration, or simply schedule a free consultation with us – we’ll be happy to help! ✨

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