5 XR Creators You Should Follow | April 2023

The examples of development and passion of others will always be the most exhilarating means for your personal creative growth! 🪐 Today’s issue of 5 XR Creators You Should Follow will immerse you in a supernatural world filled with digital magic ⚡️ Each designer will bring you closer to ‘XRt’ and captivate you in their […]

AR Talk | Katrina Iosia

Just like any other form of art, AR is a form of self expression. 🪞 Visual image can become a bridge between the audience and creator’s mind and that’s exactly what we love about the AR Community. 💜 With that many talented people, we get to (literally) look at life through lenses of different mind […]

AR Talk | Jeetesh Singh

The fact that teamwork is the key to success is nothing new. 🤝 The idea of connecting our individual strengths to achieve the best possible results was present in our lives since our earliest moments, and for a good reason! 💜 Being a part of a community, especially in the creative field, you can see […]

5 XR Creators You Should Follow | March 2023

Welcome to the next edition of our 5 XR Creators You Should Follow, where we are pleased to introduce you to some of the most gifted and inspiring XR designers! ✨ Today’s guests have dedicated much of their lives to mastering digital creation, and they’re here to shARe their knowledge, insights, and experiences with you! […]

Augmenting the mARket with Lenslist | Atomic Digital Design

Imagine that every commercial and campaign you see is enriched with an educational and entertaining layer! 🤩 Check out what AR brings to the marketing table according to Gabriel Picard – the co-founder of Atomic Digital Design and our especially inspiring guest at “Augmenting the mARket”. ⭐️🪐 Learn fundamental professional tips on how to build […]

5 XR Creators You Should Follow | February 2023

Welcome to our new format, featuring extraordinary and talented people straight from digital space! 5 XR Creators You Should Follow openly shARed with us their history of the journey that moved them beyond everyday reality. 🚀💫 Each of them has their own style and way of looking at the creation process. All of them are […]

AR Talk | Florencia Raffa

Behind every effect, there’s a person with great talent and passion for Augmented Reality, and we love giving Creators the platform to share their stories! 💜 Each of them is unique, and thanks to this diversity, we get to look at the Community and the AR itself through different lenses (literally). For this edition of […]

Lenslist on AiR | Okuhle Fallet

While exploring the world of Augmented Reality, we can see that there are still many talented minds to be discovered! 😍 One of these fundamentally ingenious designers is Okuhle Fallet – our today’s guest in the new episode of Lenslist on AiR – and the girl who incredibly quickly went from a lawyer, to a […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | January 2023

One of the headings closest to our hearts, which allows you to find out about the formation and growth of various ARtists in this awe-inspiring and, admittedly, vast AR field, is our selection of 10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow. 💎🌸 Explore today’s compilation of the brightest minds, with a lot of interests, hobbies, […]

AR Talk | Doddz

With every AR Talk, we get to find out something new about Creators, and each of the interviews is a great source of knowledge and motivation. Join us in the inspiring conversation with Doddz, and hear the amazing story about the experiment that led to his success. 🌟 Thanks to his creativity and determination in […]