Augmented Reality forecast – AR predictions for 2024

While Augmented Reality is already a big part of marketing strategies across various industries, its importance is only expected to grow in the coming months. See our 2024 AR predictions.👇

Augmented reality is a fast-paced industry, constantly evolving and looking for new, exciting ways to lure in new audiences. Brands take it upon themselves to surprise us with innovative collaborations, resulting in the most creative projects that connect the virtual environment with the real world – which require a consistent development process of AR systems. The rapid growth of AR and its possibilities bears the question: what’s more to expect from Augmented Reality? We have some ideas.

But first, let’s do a quick Augmented Reality recap of everything that happened in 2023.

AR in 2023

If we had to use one word to describe 2023 in terms of technology, the answer would be simple. Artificial intelligence made an impact like we’ve never seen before and even the constant discussions about the safety and copyright issues didn’t stop developers or users from widespread adoption of the technology. The AI revolution touched various industries, including the augmented reality market.

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TikTok users are still obsessed with the AI effects, transforming them into realistic characters, like Disney princesses, elves, manga heroes, and much more. Among some of the most popular filters is Aged, based on machine learning, which went viral with over 26 million videos using the effect. New possibilities of AI can also improve the filter creation process: Artificial intelligence can be used for example in generating 2D assets with Midjourney or coding with ChatGPT.

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What else happened in the AR industry?

Image recognition features became very popular among brands as a way to promote their products. Whether it was Dior’s Christmas AR campaign on instagram or Daft Punk on Snapchat, marketers appreciated Target Tracking as a marketing tool more than ever.

Innovation is the keyword describing 2023, with brands from all over the world looking for ways to engage Gen Z, the newest generation of consumers and in that process starting to experiment with new features such as AR Mirrors and Immersive packaging – especially in retail. But what only started in 2023, will gain even more popularity in 2024.

Augmented Reality Trends in 2024

The first thing that comes to mind, when thinking about the AR trends, is retail seizing the full potential of Augmented Reality. After carefully looking at all of the possibilities for the last few years, brands will now recognise how much is there to gain. The question is: what tool will they choose?

AR Mirrors

After the great success of marketing campaigns utilizing AR mirrors, like Ugg or Coach, we can only expect to see more of them in 2024. And no wonder: AR mirrors use advanced technology to overlay virtual elements onto the reflection of the user, allowing them to virtually try on clothing, experiment with various cosmetics, or even take AR gaming to the next level (Just like Lego or McDonald’s did!)

And for many of us, the uncomfortable changing room experience is the worst thing about shopping. Why not improve the customer’s journey with interactive virtual try-on? Especially if it can help customers make more informed decisions, resulting in a lower return rate for the products.

That’s a real win-win situation – good for the environment, the brand, and the customer!

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro was one of the biggest tech news in 2023. The Mixed Reality headset – relying heavily on AR – will most likely transform the way we look at our mobile devices. Apple’s multi sensory technology, just like Virtual Reality, can enable users to interact with the virtual environments, without the disconnection from the real world. The smart glasses utilize AR only to overlay virtual objects on the physical surroundings, making sure that reality comes first.

AR predictions for 2024 Apple Vision Pro

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Apple’s Vision Pro is going even further. The immersive technology can be controlled not only through the user’s hands (without the controller!) but also by eye tracking and voice commands. This will greatly impact the AR market, making augmented reality technology even more popular among brands. This can result in brands focusing on creating individual products rather than AR being only a part of the campaign.

AR Packaging

The trend took off last year and will gain even more popularity in 2024, with brands realizing their story doesn’t end with just the product. Retailers will focus on the customer’s whole journey, trying to engage them with additional features, like AR games and visual effects, during the unboxing experience.

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Immersive packaging is a great way to increase the engagement time of customer-product interaction and strengthen the relationship with the brand by providing additional entertainment. Customers can use their mobile devices to connect with the product and post the experience on social media, allowing other users to comment and share the content, organically increasing the brand’s visibility.

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Brands x Artists collaborations

In 2024 brands are going to recognize the potential of involving artists in digital advertising – not only in the technical process, but also in the promotion of the product. This can create a new era of influencers, and as a result, enhance AR experiences by having a recognizable face connected to the product.

The collaboration between AR Creators and brands can be scalable as well. In the last few years we’ve run multiple AR Challenges – contests for AR Creators, which resulted in thousands of AR effects and experiences created – and in 2024 we foresee many brands utilizing this format to their advantage. Imagine hundreds of AR filters created with your brand or product in mind, generating thousands or even millions of organic impressions and in the process building a community of innovative and creative digital natives – this is the next step for brands to embrace AR and the AR community to the max.

More interactive AR Filters

Gen Z, as the main target of today’s marketing, requires more advertising effort than any other generation. As digital natives, the young audience is looking for interactive entertainment, something that engages them and shows the thought behind the product. It’s a relationship almost based on symbiosis: the brand provides entertainment, something customers can use and enjoy, gaining the engagement and loyalty of its customers.

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And the growing possibilities of Augmented Reality give us more and more opportunities to create the most engaging content. Eye tracking, features powered by voice commands, hand tracking, AR games: all of that and more will appear in 2024.

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