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January is officially behind us, so let’s take a minute to see the first AR campaigns of 2024 and sum up how brands took off in the New Year. Check out the best Branded AR Filters in January. 👇

In the constantly evolving world of marketing, brands need to find the best way to stand out. No wonder that with customers getting increasingly interested in the digital world, many marketers consider Augmented Reality as the best tool to engage their audience, immersing them in virtual try-ons, AR packaging, interactive games and more.

From Vogue to McDonald’s, let’s see what brands seized the power of AR in January. ⤵️

Manscaped’s animated campaign

The American grooming brand decided to start its year with a digital campaign showcasing the magic of its products with animated AR filters. Guaranteeing the safety and comfort of their trimmers through amusing experiences, Manscaped is creating an interactive shaving makeover based on the face mask feature, showcasing how easy their products are to use.

Weed Whacker
by Manscaped

Manscaped USA
by Manscaped

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Beauty undertone match with AR

Makeup can be a form of art, sometimes requiring knowledge and experience that not all possess. It’s not even the whole, multi-layered glam that can turn out to be problematic for the customers. With so many shades and colours of the product, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and choose the wrong one – for example, because of the wrong lighting.

That’s why we love beauty try-on features: users can see the exact shade of the product before the purchase and decide whether it’s the one for them without leaving the house. Thanks to brands like Huda Beauty or Kosas (with Grace Choi), customers can now choose the perfect blush colour and match the foundation’s undertone or lipstick shade through the interactive AR filters.

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Huda Pink Vs Peach
by hudabeauty

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Find the perfect watch with AR filters

The try-on feature is widely appreciated in many industries, including luxurious accessories. Thanks to the hand-tracking feature, retailers can present their products in the greatest detail, allowing users to explore the watches in the 3D view. Tag Heuer went even a step further, and aside from the virtual try-on and seeing the product up-close, the brand enables Snapchat users to see the prices and shop directly through the app.

by bossofficial123

Harry Potter x Fossil
by fossilsnaps

Tag Heuer
by Tag Heuer

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As we’re closing the first AR Marketing Selection of 2024, we can’t shake the feeling that this year will bring extraordinary campaigns full of magical, interactive features. From captivating virtual tours to immersive gaming experiences, AR has truly redefined what’s possible in marketing and beyond.

Keep an eye out for what’s next in the world of augmented reality as brands continue to push the envelope and redefine consumer engagement!

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invincible reds
by shuuemura

by fighterthemovie

Baile da Vogue 2024
by voguebrasil

World of Art
by waltdisneyworld

MNY Lifter Plump
by maybelline


by alain-afflelou

YSL BO Over Red
by yslbeauty

Sommer Destinasjoner
by wideroe.airline

Sprint Runner
by mcqueensnap

McD Drink Run
by mcdonald’s

Jewelled Hobo Bag
by mcqueensnap


The Sopranos
by streamonmax

My Life As A Movie
by sonypictures

Aquaman | Jason
by warnerbrosmovies

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