AR NOW #13 – Latest Augmented Reality News

Each month, the AR industry thrives with the most creative campaigns, unexpected collaborations and technical updates aiming to revolutionize our daily lives with each innovative immersive experience, which on their own are still easily overlooked. In the AR NOW series, we update you on everything you could have missed.

From fashion brands taking over the ‘metaverse’ with their digital fashion pieces to the incredible connection between AR and tradition, Augmented Reality redefines how we perceive and interact with the world around us.

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YouTube’s First Interactive Short Film

Doddz, an AR Artist already known for his incredible interactive art, created the first-ever Augmented Reality film on YouTube. This captivating experience is a true entertainment revolution, bringing animations outside the screen to our physical space.

Lighthouse follows the introspective journey of a woman who confronts the monotony of her adult life, yearning for the joy and curiosity of her younger years. This narrative is not merely watched but experienced, as DODDZ’S most ambitious artwork yet, the short film reimagines how we consume content to transform viewers’ living spaces into immersive stages where the film unfolds in augmented reality.

The Lighthouse highlights the grief and loss of growing up, forgetting the wisdom, open-mindedness and willingness to explore the world around them that was within themselves as a child.

– Doddz

Château de Chantilly AR Experience

The luxurious Château de Chantilly joined forces with Paris-based Snapchat AR Studio, inviting the visitors to participate in a true royal AR dining experience. Sit at the table of Duc d’Aumale, France’s last great prince, and embark on a culinary journey that artists, crown heads and politicians once took.

After entering the Galerie des Cerfs, where a banquet table is set up and waiting for guests, Château’s visitors can scan the QR code and experience the 19th-century rockery and dishes carefully prepared by the culinary master Clement Vergeat. Meals like red mullet à la Russe or wood pigeon à la Lucullus come to life on our screens, like taken straight out of the prince’s menu.

The Song-Sharing Lens on Snapchat

As a result of the collaboration between Snapchat and Spotify, users of both platforms can now enjoy a brand-new AR Lens. The feature enables sharing music directly through Spotify, adding sound effects to the picture or video on Snapchat with the song’s title and artist over the recorded content. To access the Share Track Lens, users must open the Spotify app, click on the share button of their favourite song, and choose the Snapchat Lens icon. Although the users could share their music before, it’s the first time they can do it as an additional feature to their snaps.

ALTALTSource: Spotify

Whether it’s your signature song or a new single you can’t stop playing on repeat, the music you love to listen to is a part of who you are. And we know Spotify users regularly share the music they’re loving with friends, as the number of songs shared to social media platforms grow each year. When sharing tracks from Spotify to Snapchat, you can now put you and your friends in the spotlight.

– Spotify

Burberry Goddess AR Experience

The luxury designer decided to promote its latest fragrance, Burberry Goddess, through the WebAR experience powered by 8thWall. The brand invites its customers to interact with the AR filter through a poster simply by pointing their smartphone camera at the image to activate the experience with a QR code or weblink. Through the experience, customers can see the world around them transform into an ethereal universe of Burberry Goddess and stand face to face with a majestic Lioness.

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The campaign will be available worldwide for 12 months on the airport billboards and other international-focused places.

Valentino’s Fashion for Snapchat Bitmoji

Thanks to the partnership between Valentino and Snapchat, users can now dress up their Bitmoji avatars in the most stylish couture pieces. All pieces from Valentino’s Spring Collection 2024 are available on the app. The Luxury fashion house claims it’s further cementing their ongoing investment in digital fashion with its second campaign including digital avatars.

ALTALTSource: Valentino

The digital fashion pieces can be purchased directly through the Snapchat App. Prices range between 80 and 1,100 Snap Tokens, which can be purchased in packages of 80 ($0.99), 250 ($2.99), 500 ($4.99), and 1,100 ($9.99).

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