Introducing AR Brainstormer – New AI-Powered Tool for AR Ideation

Today we’re introducing a new AI-powered tool, aiming to bridge the gap between AR and marketing. We called it AR Brainstormer, and it allows you to generate ideas for AR filters matching marketing campaign goals and needs.

AR Brainstormer, an AI-enabled assistant focused solely on AR ideation is still in development, but everyone can already access the beta version and try it free of charge. Everybody who creates an account on Lenslist gets 10 free credits to see how the tool works, while all users with active subscriptions or access plans can use it with no limits.

It’s another step forward to allow marketers and creators to speak the same language, to make it easier for brands to come up with creative briefs and for creators to draft pitch decks and proposals. With this tool, our overall goal is to drive the creation of more and more AR projects one successful prompt and result match at a time.

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So how does the tool work exactly?

First, you pick the industry your brand or client relates to. Then, you give the Brainstormer some basic information about your campaign, for example: Our client launches new sneakers next month, it’s a part of their Valentine’s Day campaign. Within a few seconds, AR Brainstormer will get back to you with 3 ideas for AR filters AND match those ideas with references to already published AR experiences from our AR Search Engine.

In just a few steps you should be able to have a draft of a creative brief or proposal deck ready, together with a moodboard of examples.

If you’d like to expand your ideation process, use our AR Search Engine to find more AR examples or pick Consulting and dive even deeper into amplifying your marketing using AR filters with experts from our team helping you along the way. And if you’re done with the ideation phase and are ready to move onto Development – we got you covered as well, with more than 1,200 AR Creators, agencies and studios in our Creators Marketplace.

To sum up, we’re here to make sure your AR project starts and then succeeds. And once you try the new AR Brainstormer, please get back to us with your feedback – we want to improve this new tool with your needs in mind!

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More on Why Lenslist Created the AR Brainstormer

We’ve been working in the AR/XR space since 2017 and created our platform with one mission in mind – to popularize augmented reality. But popularizing technology is not as easy as setting a trend in fashion or beauty, there are a multitude of factors that have to be integrated like software, hardware, user behavior, expectations or purchasing power. And since tech giants like Apple, Google or Meta and many other capable platforms have taken care of the software and hardware, we decided to tackle community building, content creation and education, sharing information on what we deemed most important to inspire others to get on board: what’s possible with AR?

Throughout the years the most common use case for AR became digital marketing, and more specifically using AR filters for advertising on all leading social media and content platforms, like Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. A whole niche economy came into existence, where AR Creators, agencies and studios started to work with brands to develop AR experiences for their marketing campaigns.

And yet with all these changes and growth, one issue exists and persists until now – a huge knowledge gap on both ends of the above-mentioned economy. Marketers and brand owners don’t know enough about AR to realize how it can amplify their marketing strategy, while most AR Creators, who are usually artists and developers, are not experienced in advertising enough to successfully pitch AR as a marketing solution.

Our platform aims to bridge this gap with tools, solutions and education we spread through our consulting services and content. So if you are interested in AR, but not sure what’s the benefit or best use case for you and your company – we’re here to help.