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AR Talk | Helena Dong

Today’s AR Talk has landed straight from NYC – and awaits for you with exclusive content. ⭐️ Starring Helena Dong – an interdisciplinary designer and creative technologist blending AR with fashion and visions of the future. Her incredible talent and concepts have been recognized by Brands and Creators all over the world – from Nike […]

Best Branded Instagram Filters – January

The beginning of a new year is the time when brands get right on track and start thinking of new AR campaigns to capture their customers’ attention in the most memorable and engaging way. ⭐️ And last month, the level of creativity really skyrocketed! So let yourselves get swept away with our top picks in […]

Snapchat Lens Selection | January

A powerful start in 2022? Lens Creators definitely know how to do it! 💪 Seeing so many impressive works from January, we just can’t wait for next months, and the upcoming Snapchat Lens Selections crowded with fresh ideas. 🚀 See for yourselves how the quality and creativity of the Lenses improved and let Creators surprise […]

Weekly Selection #78

Fridays give us so much power! 💛 Thanks to Weekly Selections and the crazy amount of incredible Effects you deliver to us and the Community – this energy lasts a long time. 💪🔥 Our 78th Weekly Selection represented by 45 amazing Effects will teleport you to a world of colorful comics and joyful places, where […]

How to implement AR in Fashion – inspirational guide

Conquering the fashion industry nowadays must involve the WOW effect – with the amount and intensity of competition for your customers’ attention, it’s hard even for the best products to sell out without taking your marketing strategy to the next level – we’re sure many designers, and marketing strategists can agree. To stand out in […]

Winners Announcement #3 C4C: Those Long Nights

⭐️ After hours… the magic of sleepless nights, thrilling dreams, dimmed lights and all those conversations, memories and adventures we fly away to after dark a.k.a. Those Long Nights 🌙🌠💃 Lenslist x Spark AR Call For Content #3 ⭐ Today we’re coming to you with the long-awaited Winners Announcement and a truly SPECTACULAR showcase of […]

Weekly Selection #77

This week surprised us with another set of incredible Effects – we have a feeling that this year’s Weekly Selections will be remembered for a long time. Among today’s chosen, there are many AR Masks, mainly inspired by Euphoria aesthetic, which is conquering our hearts right now. ✨💜 But that’s not all – you’ll travel […]

AR Talk | Piper ZY

The design of a virtual city… on a nail? 🤩💅🌆 Since the end of 2021, Piper ZY, an extraordinary AR artist, has been on everyone’s lips – with her micro art, she’s become a big game-changer in the AR world. Everything started from an experimental concept of placing a mini virtual city on a nail […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | January 2022

Young, talented, powerful and full of energy in 2022 – let’s give a warm welcome to our ten chosen Creators – leading the first ‘You Should Follow’ edition in the new year! ⭐️ Experimenting with AR and pushing the limits of creativity is what they do – and they are here to show you how […]

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