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Snapchat Finally Adds Brand Profiles with AR Lenses

One of the biggest advantages of Instagram AR over Snapchat lens was the clarity that came with the creators’ and brands’ profiles. Now, with Snapchat adding its own brand profiles with lenses tab, Snapchat has a chance to get back on track when it comes to branded AR. Brand Profiles, which are now in a […]

100+ Instagram AR Filters to Try On Glasses Virtually

Many realize that Augmented Reality is a perfect tool for creating virtual fitting rooms. But did you know that all it takes to try on eyewear is AR on social media in the form of Instagram filters or Snapchat lens? In this article, we cover some of the best filters made by eyewear brands and […]

NBA Basketball AR Filters for Instagram & Snapchat

As NBA is about to come back in a couple of days in a Disney World “bubble” campus, we take a look at how franchises are using AR filters in social media marketing 🏀 Even though most of the teams don’t have any Instagram filters on their profiles, the trend is clearly visible: AR has […]

AR talks | Domenico Amalfitano

In today’s AR talks we guest Domenico Amalfitano aka malf.visuals, a freelancer designer and AR creator from Italy! Let’s read his insightful remarks on Augmented Reality and on cooperating with brands. Hi, Domenico! For starters, please tell us something about yourself. How did you become Instagram AR creator? I am Italian, graduated in painting disciplines, […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | July 2020

This month: 10 creators below 10k followers With this article, we start yet another series of articles, intended to promote Instagram AR creators that you should know (check out our monthly collections of Top 10 Branded and Inspirational Instagram AR Filters). Every month we will present to you artists that have something in common, eg. […]

AR talks | Eddy Adams

We’ve been very excited about our talk with such experienced 3D motion designer and AR creator, Eddy Adams (@eddyin3d). And now, we are equally eager to show you all that knowledge and experience that he shared with us. Fellow creators, enjoy! Hi, Eddy! How did it happen that a 3D motion designer and photographer with […]

TikTok AR Filters for Brands

This article is an extract of soon-to-come Lenslist ebook ‘AR in social media’. It contains basic information about AR filters on TikTok which can now be used by brands. Keep in touch to know when the ebook is ready or write to us if you’re interested in publishing AR filter as a brand on TikTok. […]

AR talks | Charly Bourgain

Let’s welcome Charly Bourgain, AR creator from France who is well known in the community from his characteristic, neon filters! We’ve had a chance to ask him some questions about his road to becoming filter developer and his unique style. Hi, Charly! As you’ve mentioned during our meeting, you don’t have designer background, and yet […]

Top 10 Branded and Inspirational Instagram AR Filters of June 2020

Welcome to the 2nd monthly selection of best Instagram AR effects! 👋 Summertime is here, so AR filters have become more sunny and positive. June is also a month of #Pride, so we prepared a selection of +100 #Pride Instagram AR filters. Check out which branded and inspirational (community) Instagram AR filters we liked best […]

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