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Lens Fest Day 1 Wrap-Up

Yesterday, Snap kicked off its first-ever public, global AR Festival, Lens Fest, in celebration of AR creator and developer community. We share with you a rundown of announcements from the first day. Day 1 announcements Lenses made by the Lens Creator community have been viewed by Snapchatters more than 1 trillion times. Snap will invest […]

AR talks | Joshua Keeney

Joshua Keeney is an artist and Official Lens Creator with lost of inspiring and spiritual artworks made. We’ve talked with him about art’s ability to help defining one’s identity and Lens Studio exciting new features. Hi Joshua! It’s a great pleasure to guest you in AR talks. First, please tell us something about yourself. How […]

Weekly Selection #16

Welcome to the 16th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters! It’s yet another week when we bring to you even 40 Instagram filters of our choosing! Watch them below and try out your favourite ones during the weekend! Don’t forget to tag @lens.list in your Insta Stories 😊 vogue by VOL XII by bittermesh […]

AR for HR: Using Snapchat and Instagram Filters in Recruitment Campaigns

Recruters need to keep up with the new challenges that hiring employees brings. More and more often brands invest their energy in organizing resourceful recruitment campaigns that use new technologies, including AR filters, to better relate to younger audiences. McDonald’s and other companies have used them already, getting suprisingly good results. Headhunters don’t limit themsleves […]

Weekly Selection #15

Welcome to the 15th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters! We’ve got a new record! This time, we bring you 40 Instagram AR filters from last week. Watch them below and try out your favourite ones during the weekend! Don’t forget to tag @lens.list in your Insta Stories 😊 Levitating by dualipa ambush glow by […]

8 Snapchat Lens Creators You Should Know | November 2020

8 exceptional Snapchat Lens Creators of our choosing. Get to know their work, try their Lenses and start following them! Oh, and we’ve asked them about their style and working with Lens Studio, so you can learn from them first-hand. Alex Bradt Alex is an Snap Lens creator from New York. He describes himself as […]

Weekly Selection #14

Welcome to the 14th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters! With this 14th Weekly Selection we bring you 32 Instagram AR filters discovered and chosen by our team during this passing week. Try them out to lighten the mood if this weekend turns out to be too autumny! 🍁🤳 jellyjam by alienpinecone sad day by […]

Lens Studio Now Lets Creators Build LiDAR-Powered Lenses

Last month, during the 2020 Apple Event, we found out that their brand new iPhone 12 Pro will be equipped with a LiDAR Scanner. At first, we were surprised, considering that LiDAR was usually associated in the media with self-driving cars and shade from Elon Musk himself, who famously said: “Anyone relying on lidar is […]

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