Best Branded XR Experiences | April

Spring is keeping our calendars full, and there’s a bunch of exciting events happening in the realms of fashion, makeup, art and more! Brands are kicking their marketing strategies up a notch, inviting us all to be a part of the fun… Don’t miss out. 🤩 We’re thrilled to unveil our picks of the best […]

Branded Showcase | Magical Collaboration Between BUCK x DIOR

Although we are stepping into spring, there’s something that we want to share with you. 🌸 Winter belonged to Dior and the most unforgettable campaign with AR in the second leading role next to Anya Taylor-Joy. In this edition of Branded Showcase, Jeni Wamberg – the creative director of BUCK, shares the details about working […]

Creator’s Case Study – Aung Nyein Chan “Tree of Life”

Is it possible to grow without gaining the knowledge of more experienced masters who want to pass on their valuable tricks? 🙌👀 Of course, talent, inspiration, and the desire to excel can sometimes be enough… 🌟 But how much more can be achieved by learning from others and their unimaginable skills and ideas! 🌳 Today’s […]

Creator’s Case Study – Gijs Wahl “Motherverse”

Beauty in simplicity? Not necessarily! 🎭 Sometimes, looking at the details behind hard and diligent work can help us understand complex art, its completeness, and the hidden history! 💫🌳🦋 In today’s Case Study, you will see an overall picture that combines everything essential and significant into one digital body… 💎 One idea that unites all […]

Creator’s Case Study – Locus Solus Studio “Mercurial Water”

Here we come with another dose of knowledge and inspiration for those fascinated with the endless possibilities of the AR World! 🤩Fashion has always been something more than just clothes to put on in the morning. 👗It’s a tool you can use to express your identity, or experiment with as you see fit. Especially now, […]

Branded Showcase | The Sun Project x Valentino

Technology is constantly growing and many brands see it as an opportunity to improve communication with their audience. 🌟 One of the innovations used more frequently in mARketing nowadays are our beloved Augmented Reality filters, that customers can use on different platforms to connect with the brand and feel like main stars. 🦋 With our […]

Creator’s Case Study – Scott Martins “Today’s Potion”

Have you ever thought about how reality differs from fantasy? 🤔 Actually the answer is trivial and obvious – fantasy has no boundaries, it is absolutely endless. Confirming the above logical conclusion, we invite you to get acquainted with our next digital artist. Scott Martins is a Spark AR Creator who made his fantasies come […]

Creator’s Case Study – Karim Bouziane “The Maze”

In need of inspiration? We got you covered! Take a look at another edition of our Creators’ Case Study series, where we ask the most skilled developers to share their workflow of creating a filter! ⭐ This time we asked the one and only Karim – an architect & AR filters Creator, to guide us […]

Branded Showcase | Atomic Digital Design x Steve Madden

It’s no surprise that through Augmented Reality, brands and agencies can transform campaigns and marketing into something unique – adding the immersive and interactive layer truly catches the customer’s eye. Today however, we’re setting our eyes on Atomic Digital Design, an agency powered by AR, innovation, creative thinking and long-time experience. 🚀 As an honorable […]

Creator’s Case Study – Eugene Soh “Kitten Rescue”

Let’s be honest, being an artist and growing in the AR world can be sometimes very challenging. 💪 We believe that sharing this process with others can be extremely helpful and inspiring. ✨ That’s why we have prepared another episode of our Creators’ Case Study series! 💜 Meet Eugene Soh – a talented AR Creator […]