Creator’s Case Study – Aung Nyein Chan “Tree of Life”

Is it possible to grow without gaining the knowledge of more experienced masters who want to pass on their valuable tricks? 🙌👀 Of course, talent, inspiration, and the desire to excel can sometimes be enough… 🌟 But how much more can be achieved by learning from others and their unimaginable skills and ideas! 🌳

Today’s guest of the Creators’ Case Study is the very master of his craft – Aung Nyein Chan. 💎 This conceptual project is a result of a need to develop and self-reflection. 🧩💫 Plunge into his complex digital art.


The idea behind the effect

”Tree of Life” is a conceptual piece of art meant to visualize people dealing with problems. The effect helps to develop and control emotions and actions, lessening stress, and raising their consciousness and self-worth. By depicting the leaves falling to the ground and reborning again, this AR artwork illustrates the process of recovering from trauma. Humans play a part in how well the forest survives because trees are rooted in kinship relationships with other trees. This serves as a reminder for people to try to get help from others when dealing with traumatic experiences with the visual representation of fireflies around the tree.

Tree of Life
by re_imagine_city

Preparing the concept

In my recent artwork, I was inspired by the film “Everything in Everywhere All at Once”, which explores the concept of interconnectedness and the interconnectedness of all things. I wanted to take this idea and apply it to the design aspect of my effects. I also set my mind on the importance of incorporating a deeper concept that addresses mental health issues.

The central subject of the AR filter is a living, breathing tree, which serves as a metaphor for the circle of life. The tree represents the interconnectedness of all living things, and how everything depends on one another to survive. The branches of the tree reach out in all directions, symbolizing the idea that everything is connected to everything else.

In addition to the design aspect, I also wanted to address the issue of mental health, especially in my country Myanmar. The tree, with its branches reaching out in all directions, serves as a reminder that we are not alone in our struggles and that we are all connected to one another. I wanted to convey the message that by reaching out and connecting with others, we can find support and understanding.

To create this effect, I used a variety of techniques, including pencil sketches, digital painting, and 3D modeling. I began by sketching out my ideas and then moved on to digital painting to create a more detailed and polished final product. The 3D modeling allowed me to give the tree a sense of depth and movement, making it feel like a living, breathing organism. Meta Spark is the magic brush for me that makes everything alive. I tried to connect with the real world to show my artwork in public. I received help from a professional curator from my country who trusted my idea. That’s how cARe exhibition came to life with the help of other artists including ARVR Video Mapping, Sculpture and Storytelling, and even a Tarot session.

Preview of AR effect

“Tree of life” is a reflection of the interconnectedness of all things, and how everything is dependent on one another in order to survive. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing mental health issues and the importance of connecting with others.

Creative process

My workflow for creating the AR experience using Meta Spark tools involves a combination of inspiration from other creators in the Meta Spark Community Group and my own unique perspectives and ideas.

First, I started by researching and studying the work of other artists in the Meta Spark Community Group. I look for inspiration in their use of color, composition, and techniques. I take note of any specific techniques or tools that they use and consider how I can incorporate these into my own work.

Next, I sketched out my own ideas for the effect, incorporating the inspiration I have gathered from the community group. I use Meta Spark’s patches to bring these sketches to life, experimenting with different color palettes and composition techniques.

Creators' Case Study Process of creating an AR effect in Meta Spark Studio

However, living in a country with limited internet access and electricity made this process extremely challenging. Furthermore, dealing with my own mental health issues while creating this project was a real difficulty. I tried to take breaks and practice self-care, such as going for a walk or spending time with friends and family.

I believe that the process of creating art and sharing it with others can be a powerful tool for healing and self-expression.


The Augmented Reality effect “Tree of Life” is an immersive and interactive experience that explores the themes of life, death, and rebirth. The central subject is a tree, whose branches are falling and going up in a continuous cycle, mimicking the flow of a heartbeat. The design of the tree is reflective, evoking a sense of self-reflection and introspection.

The color palette used in this artwork is inspired by the color of water, which is a necessity for both the human body and mind. The reflective nature of the design, combined with the fluidity of the color, creates a sense of serenity and tranquility.


I am touched by the fact that the audience was able to understand and appreciate the meaning behind the artwork, despite the limitations of technology in our country. Their positive reactions and engagement with the piece have reinforced my belief in the power of art as a medium for self-expression and communication.

The success of “Tree of Life” encouraged me to continue exploring the potential of technology and new mediums in my art and to push past the boundaries of what is considered possible. I’m grateful to the audience for their support, and I believe that the possibilities are endless.


So… we are like a large organism made up of big and small but equally important details, without which the life of the organism would not be possible. 🌿💚 And this is true, we are convinced of this by watching such incredible Creators who are able to convey their world views and complex visions on the AR canvas. 🎨

Thank you, Aung, for being a pARt of our community, and we will only be happy to follow your progress and find even deeper meanings in all your designs! 🪐