Best Branded XR Experiences | April

Spring is keeping our calendars full, and there’s a bunch of exciting events happening in the realms of fashion, makeup, art and more! Brands are kicking their marketing strategies up a notch, inviting us all to be a part of the fun… Don’t miss out. 🤩

We’re thrilled to unveil our picks of the best XR branded campaigns from April. 🌸 These collaborations are so much more than just marketing initiatives. We can’t wait to share them with you! But before we reveal all the April gems, let’s discover the stories behind 3 branded experiences that caught our special attention… 👀

Bershka x FFFACE.ME

The world’s first semi-digital collection is here and already hitting first pages! No wonder why, what Bershka and the creative tech studio FFFACE.ME did truly changed the fashion game. ✨ On March 5th, FFFACE.ME unveiled its Wearable Art collection at Bershka’s new store in Lisbon. This cutting-edge clothing line boasts digital elements which customers can easily add to specific physical garments by using Instagram filters. This collaboration has opened the door to the mass market becoming more innovative and fun for the users, allowing them to create original content on social media. In celebration of its launch, Bershka created an immersive installation within the store. Go immersive fashion! ✌🏻👔

Anime Eyes
by bershka

by bershka

by bershka

by bershka

Teddy Bear
by bershka

Renault Korea

There are never too many car filters and Renault Korea Motors definitely agrees. 🚗 With their latest AR filters, the new SM6 and XM3 models gain another dimension to their already breathtaking designs. Every vehicle needs an accompanying AR experience, right?

by renaultkoream

by renaultkoream

Pose like an athlete!

Time to get movin’! 🏋️‍♀️ The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth in Singapore will take care of your athletic condition and knowledge with a small AR challenge: pose like an athlete! This filter, created in collaboration with yunixfx, is a celebration of this year’s Southeast Asian Games. 🏆 It lets you get into the sportive spirit and enjoy a unique AR experience that allows you to strike poses reminiscent of professional athletes and find out more about Singapore’s fit side! 🥊

Check out the rest of the best branded XR experiences from last month! 👇


Scan Smart
by boat.nirvana

Engage Mbappé Mode
by nikefootball

by les_waves

Sound Bath
by nikewomen

Pokaż Grogu obyczaj
by disneypluspl

by rammsteinofficial

Sprüngli Quiz
by confiseriespruengli



roof knuffeldieren
by hemanederland

Loreal Telescopic Lift
by lorealparisusa

Hella Thicc
by fentybeauty

Loreal Paris Brow Finder
by lorealparisusa


We thrive on exploring the narratives behind digital campaigns. Witnessing brands and Creators go above and beyond to capture the essence of ideas with an augmented layer, is what makes our day. We hope you enjoyed April’s XR branded selection and like us, we bet you’re eagerly awaiting May! 🌸