Branded Showcase | The Sun Project x Valentino

Technology is constantly growing and many brands see it as an opportunity to improve communication with their audience. 🌟 One of the innovations used more frequently in mARketing nowadays are our beloved Augmented Reality filters, that customers can use on different platforms to connect with the brand and feel like main stars. 🦋 With our Branded Showcase format, today we talk about Valentino’s new campaign that promotes new Pink PP collection! 👠 👜 Marcus Benisty from @_thesunproject shared with us some details about the collaboration with Valentino and creating a special AR filter! ⬇️

Purpose of creating the AR Effect

In order to augment the brand-new Pink PP collection by Valentino, we had to think about a digital extension mixing products and Augmented Reality with a “spectacular effect”. The AR Effect was created to show shoes and bags to a larger public than just a basic audience related to fashion shows.

The Idea Behind Creating the Effect

How to stand out between all AR Effects showing clothes and this one?

The answer is: “Let the magic happen”.

We thought about an alternative apparition of products, but also about what they can do technically in the experience?
“Magical pieces” was the main word for this AR Effect, and it’s definitely what led us to this execution.

Then we had to think about 2 steps:

How could we make products appear in a unique way related to this Pink PP Collection?

For this execution, we thought about the true Pink PP color. This is the iconic Valentino color, but also a specific material that we had to play with because of the beautiful render and the nature of it.

Once products are in front of the users – what can they do?

This is where Motion Capture Soft and Hardwares helped us a lot.

Tools, Templates and Features Used For Creating the Effect

To reach this idea, we used different software programs and techniques.
Regarding 3D modeling and rigging, we did it on Blender. For all animations, we had to mix Blender software with Motion Capture made by Rokoko. This method allowed us to capture perfect movements as well for boots, as for the bags. Once we had these animations, we had to bind them with 3D mesh to “make the magic happen”.

For the liquid apparition, this was a huge challenge because Meta Spark does not allow vertex displacements. We simulated it in the software and reproduced it on Meta Spark studio by using a great combination of patches.

Promotion of the Effect

The Effect was promoted on AR Ads but also on @maisonvalentino account on Instagram.

Pink PP
by maisonvalentino

Collaboration With the Brand

Actually, this collaboration was between different parts. We team worked with The Source, Meta and Valentino directly. This was a good match because each factor was in the same final render expectation and the collaboration was very easy.

When we usually receive this kind of brief, the most important thing for us is to be at the top of the idea because we know exactly what we can produce and the exact render that we will get in the effect.


By being open to a new technology, brands face the opportunity to not only expand their business but also involve their audience in creating content! 🌸 In Valentino’s case, it turned out to be a great way to reach people outside the professional fashion world. 👠

Huge thank you to Marcus Benisty for sharing his experience in collaborating with Valentino and creating such a unique AR Effect! 🙌 We hope this campaign will inspire other people to use new technologies in marketing, and connect with the world. 🌍 Stay tuned for the next Branded Showcase, if you want to hear more inspiring experiences – we cleARly do! 👀