AR Talk | Panta X Rhei

Creativity today is so multifaceted, it seems to fill all the free space, forcing us to discover new unimaginable worlds. 🪐 The guest of today’s AR Talk is Panta X Rhei (@pantaxray) – this girl is the real Frida Kahlo of our time! 🖤 Unusual projects, full of oddities and a vARiety of ideas that expand our digital consciousness. We assure you that today’s star is a must for inspiration! Thanks to her ARtsy approach everything she touches becomes a masterpiece in the truest sense of the word.

In an extraordinary way, she manages to remain creative in everything without losing the fire of her nature. With great pleasure we invite you to explore her perspective of seeing life through the prism of Augmented Reality. 🔥 Enjoy!


Both your digital and physical works are impressive. What influences the choice of the tool you use in the creative process? When is it digital and when is it physical?

Thank you so much, love being a part of these AR talks.
There are so many things that influence the choices I do. How do I feel about the overall idea of creating something at the moment?
Do I have enough tools and skills to accomplish the task? In other words, is it ok to sacrifice my physical health and resources to gain the digital goods since, creating digitally means the age of pains for our bodies, that we know real well.
I don’t do complex Effects on purpose for the same reason why I don’t love the idea of planning and following the process.
I love being involved in a complex task only if this complexity comes with the process and has enough power to keep me involved. This way I could be more interested in the process for as long as it might take.

by pantaxray

You post a lot of memes on your social media so you’re probably well versed in internet culture. Do you think that moving memes to AR is their next level? Do you see opportunities for popularity in this? And… what are the good memes even about?

I think that memes are already there. Meme culture and AR also share some similarities, like, they both are helpful to express/showing something visually, and you feel like you just had fun after experiencing them.
Meme culture already has enough popularity, and the market speaks this language and uses memes to communicate with its audience.
I’m rarely sure enough cus I use this formula:
Sure enough? Doubt!
But the only thing I let myself be sure about is that the best memes are about nothing, and also, the flow this process of getting used to the future has by now is not the same flow it might have without being pushed by the market.

Brat TM
by pantaxray

You do yoga, so you may already know that there are many applications or projects using AR technologies to practice yoga. What is your opinion about apps that are made to prove your physic and mental. Do you think it can be helpful or the opposite?

I’ve never used any of those apps for physical practice, but I’ve experienced apps created to train and improve cognitive skills. That was fun until I had to pay monthly after the free trial. While I consider them super helpful, there is an accessibility problem, price, and the fact that AR is still not something everyone can use.
While many people have this opportunity to benefit from technology, there are many more left behind.
And the gap between them continues to grow.
That’s cool when people can pay for everything they need but if we are talking about improving our everyday life with the help of AR, I think it might also be available. Otherwise, it’s pointless for me to think about it.

We love your dog, she’s cute. As you know, pet tracking is still a new thing. There are still many limits to creation. Let’s say that everything is possible – what does your dream effect look like, which you would use on your dog?

Nesvi loves anyone who loves her back <3. Even though pet tracking is boringly limited, I still have some personal faves. Once I also tried to experiment with that feature which felt like it was not as funny for my dog as it was for me. So I decided to wait for better features and better tracking for pets. It's hard to imagine a dream effect for my dog, but if everything is possible and she can also feel what she wears in AR, I'd create a space in AR called 'heaven of dogs' so she could play with birds and butterflies there and everyone is alive after.

What game – both board and PC, console or phone – would you like to transfer to AR? Maybe there is a forgotten one that would then receive a second life.

I have no idea. If AR glasses were already a thing, that would be fun to imagine, but it’s like I’m not excited by the mobile gaming itself, or tapping on the screen seems inconvenient.
All I say is that I do not have any answer to this question. Even though I love the idea of being a gamer, gaming has never been my thing.
Some people from the community know how to turn anything into a playful AR game. Unfortunately, I’m not that person!

Your effects, or let’s say all of your artwork, is very, very trippy. We think your imagination knows no bounds. Where do you get inspiration to create such visually abstract and woozy effects? Are your dreams like this?

Thank you so much!
Love the way you see me. That is so cute. I love creating visuals in all possible ways which means that my imagination also knows where to pause. The case is that it comes like a spark to me, should appear from any direction and feels like a second of being fully conscious about the other moment, where it already has been done.
Being imaginative for me it’s like being during the process of neverending fun in which you’re testing the ways out to escape these boundaries. To maybe prove that we are not the same machines as the ones we just created? Definitely no, but that’s what I love to do:
Thinking the first thing in mind;
Then I ask:
Do I feel ok about creating this or ‘relax is priority’?
And act correspondingly.
My dreams are keeping being as ordinary as they might be.

by pantaxray

calm yourself
by pantaxray

The end of the world is tomorrow and everything moves to the metaverse. You have 24 hours to make your last effect – what would it be?

So if the situation is like I’m making an effect that helps me survive cus that is my entry ticket or something, then I probably make one, the effect that chooses my fate: should I enter The Metaverse or should I die? And I’d act accordingly. But if that’s not essential, I probably wouldn’t do anything.


Incredibly simple in communication, and at the same time eccentric in her ideas, our guest Panta X Rhei gave us a lot of topics for reflection… 🤔

Many thanks for your time and sharing your experience. We are eagerly awaiting your state-of-the-ARt extraordinARy works! 💖