Weekly Selection #123

1.. 2.. 3… Ready? Let’s sum up the results of the last week and meet the weekend with new Effects created with the support of the most outstanding artists and brands.😍

But this time we have something special for you! We are literally letting you inside our Lenslist head! 🧠👀 What’s more! Amazing Okuhle Fallet created just for us an intergalactic Effect that will take you straight into a digital interactive future. 🚀

Join us on an unforgettable journey through the unknown metaverse. 💫 Galactic interactions, cosmic colors, enchanting objects – and this is not all that awaits you in today’s Weekly Selection. ☄️ Get ready to disbelieve your eyes as you experience 3D Augmented Reality. ✨

123 by ohfallet
by lens.list

Do not miss the grand opening of our special Virtual Gallery, where you can discover a surreal space and fully immerse yourself in a human-like digital hotel with a custom filter from Okuhle Fallet! 💎🐙


by monogrid

AI art
by biancagarutti

by jrmorggam

AR Playbook
by metaindia

liquid fade
by vitoriadugo

Related tags:

face maskmultiplicationdigital

No Parking
by badxstudio

The Goo Goo Muck
by annehorel

Raining Tacos 🌮
by cybernerdbaby

Animus Egg
by rtfkt

CFT Mango Seed Oil
by thebodyshopsg

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by xopherwallace

Świąteczny LipSync🎄
by warnermusicpoland

1 Minute Vacation
by virginvoyages

Devfest Mumbai 😡
by krazyykrunal

The Raptor
by christiesinc

Futurist Borobudur
by madebyhumans_

Related tags:

musicforesttarget tracking

by water.journey

Blink of a Sty
by official_percypig

Power of the Punch
by kushypunchlife

by cyb_arbara

Christmas Carol
by infamousnaila

NYE – Project X
by projectx.bg

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Disco Party
by insidefiverr

by a24

Z Flip4 no bolsinho
by samsungbrasil

by electrifyamerica

Related tags:

head trackingButterfliesrainbow

Thing Addams
by danieleventuraa

Dança Canarinho
by atomcorestudio

Through the Lens
by yebisu_garden_place

Povoa CheckIn
by uxi_studio

Doguinho BR
by kewinlima

Related tags:

bubbleplane trackingabstract

Knife Angel MK
by thamesvalleypolice

In The Party v3
by makeup_for_tabriz_

Kitty OS
by blurbnation

💄✨ Sweet One
by lovemakeverso

Society puppet
by victoriaaaali

Torcida Kawaii
by visitjapanbr

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bubblewings firework

We hope that you enjoyed our new Virtual Space, and as you may see our brain is all the time full of creative and inspiring works straight from the best AR Creators. 🙏 Once more we want to thank Okuhle for her amazing Effect that took us out of this world. See you in our next usual Weekly Selection with not-so-usual Effects 🌟