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Weekly Selection #96

We like to keep things busy here in our Community. 😎When it comes to AR and the Creators – every day and every event is exciting! ⚡️And with two open challenges – the futuristic #TomorrowToday challenge with Spark AR and real-world metaverse building with the Templates Challenge – the AR Community is on fire! 🔥To […]

Weekly Selection #95

We love intense weeks – but this one really said “Let’s create and work to the MAX”! 🔥 So many events, news, announcements… A lot of work with our #TomorrowToday Challenge and Lightship Summit happening – but we’re not stopping! 😎 We would never miss an epic Effects showcase, that’s why it’s time for Weekly […]

Weekly Selection #94

Hungry for new Effects? Thirsty for art and inspiration? 😜 We have something for you, then. 😏 Let us present the perfect AR combination – a.k.a. the 94th edition of Weekly Selection, YAY!✨ Filled with 45 fresh Effects from this week, what you’ll find below is pure magic. ⭐️ Decorate your surroundings with floral, trippy […]

Weekly Selection #93

What a week! Two workshops, having fun with Lightship AR & Friday 13th? Give us more, we say 😈 That’s exactly what we’re bringing you with this Weekly Selection #93! Inside you’ll find 41 Effects that will allow you to transform to literally any character you want, cause there’s a whole bunch of them. 🤯 […]

Weekly Selection #92

May has its own kick to it, right? 😎 Sun is out, everything is blossoming and everyone is out there seARching for new adventures. 🚀 But what’s even more special is today’s Weekly Selection #92! 🥳 Let’s be real, all of you amaze us each single time. 🤯 So please, give it up to this […]

Weekly Selection #91

Let’s spend last Friday in April the right way – which for us, obviously involves AR, new Effects, Creators’ fresh ideas, and providing the Community with latest AR trends. 💜😎🤳🏻 Hop inside our Weekly Selection #91 to see 39 Effects that will take you to otherworldly holographic places and add a magical twist to your […]

Weekly Selection #90

We are buzzing with excitement to finally show you what we were working on! 🚀 Let us take you inside our new space – the second virtual Lenslist AR Gallery – showcasing the best Effects for the 90th Weekly Selection. 🤩 We keep up with the Creators’ innovative pace and this time we created an […]

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