Weekly Selection #137

We can’t wait to bring you our collection of the carefully selected best of the best AR effects every week. 🎭 And just like that, we can present to you an incredibly bright 137th Weekly Selection! 😍 From slightly spooky but definitely on-trend effects (fans of The Last of Us series will be amazed) to […]

Weekly Selection #130

Whoa, is it the 130th Weekly Selection already? Time flies! 🚀 Let’s celebrate this round number and try out the special mind-boggling Lenslist effect created by Miguel Rentería! 💎🔗 130by filtroshmo by lens.list In addition, you will be captivated by many fashion discoveries – from romantic, feminine, and delicate looks to fantastic robotic face masks, […]

Weekly Selection #113

Whether you’re ready or not to say goodbye to September, you’ll definitely be ready for a weekend filled with testing out stunning Effects! ✨The last Weekly Selection in September is finally here! And the contents of today’s 113rd edition are dangerously fun so better get ready…😏 You’ll find here everything you need for this autumn: […]

Weekly Selection #105

Did you think we had forgotten you? We never forget about our Weekly Selection! 😉 In our #105th edition – as the heatwave seems to be more persitant then ever 🔥 – we’ve prepared for you plenty of new and exciting AR filters from our wonderful Creators! And to make it even better, all this […]

Weekly Selection #104

Friday is a fun day 🔥 especially as we’re right in the middle of the summer holidays! 🥳 We hope you are having a great time at all the pool parties, sunbathing by the seaside and making toasts for another weekend! 🥂 On the other hand, we aren’t slowing down and presenting to you another, […]

Weekly Selection #103

Fridays feel like heaven! 🤩 We have a fresh Weekly Selection, stunning Effects to play with, new worlds to discover – what more could we wish for? 💜 We guarantee that today’s edition #103 will make your summer days longer and more vibrant! Hop inside to see our picks, play with light, trippy deformations, sparkly […]

Weekly Selection #102

Do you know what’s the best remedy after an intense week? 😌 AR treatment! 🔥 To enlighten your Friday and give you a moment to relax, we give you the best companion ever – new Effects! ✨ With the Weekly Selection #102, you’ll get to become cute (or creepy 👹) creatures, play with floating objects, […]

Weekly Selection #101

We still can’t get over our Virtual Space Gallery celebrating the 100th Weekly Selection ! 🪐🧡 100 weeks of your creativity, talent, ideas and support. This shows how AR and the Community grows every day and never slows down. 🔥 Let’s open the 101st edition with this week’s fresh ARtworks! Have fun with body distortions, […]

Weekly Selection #100

This Friday is far from ordinary… It’s a day we were waiting for with excitement and thrill! 🔥 Today we reach the 100th Weekly Selection – a pretty big, round, celebratory number, right? 💯 Today we celebrate with you 100 weeks of AR, amazing pieces of art, talent, effort, passion and creativity. 🧡 Thanks to […]

Weekly Selection #99

Let us tell you…This Weekly Selection #99 really got us up and running outside exploring the world with a lot of awesome World AR Effects! 🌍⭐️ Sun is out, comfortable shoes are on, phones ready to transform your surroundings into magical AR-filled worlds and games. Discover the hidden digital layer of your space and dive […]