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AR Talk | Rory Scott

12 years spent on a project, the concept of time and reality…Intrigued? We definitely are! 🤩 In today’s AR Talk Rory Scott, a multidisciplinary artist from the US, will tell you about her journey and unveil the mysteries behind her art 🌌⏳ Let’s embark on our magical trip inside Rory’s vision of the Universe! 3…2…1… […]

Weekly Selection #69

Nothing is better than a Friday with a fresh set of fabulous filters, right? 😁😁You will find all the top-notch Effects from this week in our usual $pecial Edition of Weekly Selection! 👾💜Thanks to Spark AR $1000 is waiting for each of the 10 best Effects 💸💸As always every work is incredible and the Creators’ […]

Best Branded Instagram Filters – November

The beginning of a new month means two things: fresh inspirations and drawing conclusions from the previous month 💭💡November was another busy time for the Community filled with lots of creativity and hard work 💪🚀 In our new monthly selection of Best Branded Instagram Filters we cherry-picked 20 Effects from November to give you extra […]

AR Talk | Kushtrim Juniku

Some time has gone by since our last AR talks but don’t worry – we are coming back with a bang! Today let’s welcome another awesome artist – Kushtrim Juniku. Based in Albania, Kushtrim works among others as a Visual Stage Designer, AR Creator, and has his own studio – everything was born out of […]

Weekly Selection #68

Let’s make this Friday an amazing and creative day! 🥳 We always wait all week to show you our new $pecial Edition of Weekly Selection 🙈 Big thanks to SparkAR for the opportunity to grant $1000 to each of the top 10 filters! 💰🤩 We are super grateful for all the Creators and their works […]

Weekly Selection #67: Novelties Edition

Hey Creators! 😊 Today we’re coming to you with an extra edition of our Weekly $election and this time we’re presenting dozens of ⚙️ AR NOVELTIES ⚙️ Meaning innovative, smart and sophisticated AR Effects and of course 10 of them awarded with $1,000 💰 A nice surprise that our Awardees can use to get even […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | November 2021

Hi creators! Let’s start this week with full power and a new dose of creativity 💪🏼 Looking for more awesome Creators to inspire you? Say no more! 😎 Let us present the November selection of 10 AR Creators you should absolutely follow ✨🤩 Find out what stories they have to share and let’s dive straight […]

Weekly Selection #66: Hidden Gems Edition 💎💖

🚨 May we have your attention, please! 🚨 Today is not a usual Friday 👀 This time instead of our regular $pecial Edition of Weekly Selection we have something really unique to present to you! For this $pecial Edition we’ve chosen our top filters only from Creators under 5k followers 😇! As always cheers to […]

Weekly Selection #65

Attention creators!😎✨We love Fridays because we can present to you our new $pecial Edition of Weekly Selection! As usual huge thanks to SparkAR for the monetization opportunities – that’s how we can reward top 10 filters with $1000 each 💸✌🏻🧡 Check out the coolest picks from this week! 🥳 💡 Our Lenslist database includes thousands […]

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