TikTok Selection | January

Everybody knew that it was just a matter of time before we invited you to a whole new world meant for TikTok only and its both viral and hidden effects! 👀💥 We’re opening a new chapter of TikTok Selections, that from now on will be filled with the coolest effects made in Effect House. 🦋 […]

Lenslist 2022 Rewind

2022 was a really busy year here at Lenslist, but we can’t complain! It was a time well spent, and working with so many talented people was and always will be the best motivation for our team. 💞 AR technology is relatively new on the market, so we could say that we are constantly growing […]

Weekly Selection #130

Whoa, is it the 130th Weekly Selection already? Time flies! 🚀 Let’s celebrate this round number and try out the special mind-boggling Lenslist effect created by Miguel Rentería! 💎🔗 130by filtroshmo by lens.list In addition, you will be captivated by many fashion discoveries – from romantic, feminine, and delicate looks to fantastic robotic face masks, […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | January 2023

One of the headings closest to our hearts, which allows you to find out about the formation and growth of various ARtists in this awe-inspiring and, admittedly, vast AR field, is our selection of 10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow. 💎🌸 Explore today’s compilation of the brightest minds, with a lot of interests, hobbies, […]

Creators’ Case Study – Locus Solus Studio “Mercurial Water”

Here we come with another dose of knowledge and inspiration for those fascinated with the endless possibilities of the AR World! 🤩Fashion has always been something more than just clothes to put on in the morning. 👗It’s a tool you can use to express your identity, or experiment with as you see fit. Especially now, […]

AR Talk | Doddz

With every AR Talk, we get to find out something new about Creators, and each of the interviews is a great source of knowledge and motivation. Join us in the inspiring conversation with Doddz, and hear the amazing story about the experiment that led to his success. 🌟 Thanks to his creativity and determination in […]

Weekly Selection #129

As per our usual habit, we again introduce you to incredible Effects shaking our reality these days in our fresh and stunning Weekly Selection! 🧸 The vast world of Augmented Reality invites you to use its abilities to the maximum! 🤪🙌 Everything will seem possible thanks to 3D interaction, turning our surroundings all around! ⚡️ […]

Lenslist x Effect House Holidays Challenge | WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT

As 2022 came to a close, leaving behind tons of amazing memories, it’s time to dig them up for a moment, being surrounded by nothing but the best holiday atmosphere 🥰 Last year was far from ordinary and you proved it during our Lenslist x Effect House Holidays Challenge! ✨ From cozy moments, preparations, decorations […]

Weekly selection #128

Hello to all our reality-expanding fans, here’s our next 128th Weekly Selection full of state-of-the-ARt effects!☄️ As you browse through this collection, you will come across many extraordinARy oddities. 🌟🧡 Glitter and sparkling objects are sure to grab your attention, as well as staggering imagery, and art that goes beyond what’s traditional. 😄 And of […]

Snapchat Lens Selection | December

Even though December is no longer with us, Lenses created last month simply can’t leave our heads! 💫 If you have been looking for a truly stylish way to enter 2023… you’re in the right place. 🙌🏻 With this Snapchat Lens Selection, you’ll be able to once again dive into the Winter Wonderland and admire […]