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Best Branded Instagram Filters – June

We hope you’re ready for a June mARketing wrap-up! 🧡 Better fasten your seatbelts, because we have a lot of new Effects to cover. 🚀 In this month’s Branded Selection, you’ll see all the trends, celebrations and feelings that brands worldwide spotlighted in their AR campaigns. See how your surroundings become filled with 3D objects, […]

Vogue x Snapchat: Redefining the Body

On Monday, June 20, Snapchat and Vogue partnered to launch the most fashionable AR exhibition ever. Even though it was physically located in the Centre d’art La Malmaison, the place became an augmented fashion paradise – featuring 7 fashion houses and designers, along with 6 AR rooms and experiences for Snapchatters worldwide. Adding a digital […]

Weekly Selection #99

Let us tell you…This Weekly Selection #99 really got us up and running outside exploring the world with a lot of awesome World AR Effects! 🌍⭐️ Sun is out, comfortable shoes are on, phones ready to transform your surroundings into magical AR-filled worlds and games. Discover the hidden digital layer of your space and dive […]

AR Talk | Bruno Wendricky

Passion for technology, knowledge and growth is what drove Bruno Wendricky, our today’s AR Talks guest, to become an experienced AR Creator from Brazil and a role model for people just starting their augmented journey. 🚀He’s grown so much personally, started working with big brands and now he wants to help the Brazilian AR Community […]

TikTok Randomizer Effects: Carrying the trends

If you thought that randomizers couldn’t get any more popular – surprise! (or not) – they can. And the best proof is… TikTok. 🤪 Even though TikTok’s algorithm works in mysterious ways and what goes viral and what doesn’t is one of the biggest puzzles there, randomizers seem to be the key – to gaining […]

Lenslist Pride Selection 2022

We’re already almost 4 weeks into Pride Month and so far, it has been full of colors, love, beauty, equality and celebration! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 In honor of commemorating and supporting the LGBTQI+ Community, we’ve gathered the best Pride AR filters for you to celebrate the remaining days of June! Let’s spread love, awareness and get immersed […]

Weekly Selection #98

On Friday we can’t wait for two things – the weekend, and a fresh Weekly Selection! ⭐️ Can you believe that it’s already the 98th edition? Which means… The 100th is right around the corner! 🤩 With such good mood, we can dive into this week’s Effects on full power. 🚀 Take a minute to […]

AR Talk | Laura Gouillon

You may have seen today’s AR Talk guest on TikTok, accepting weird and funny requests from users and making the coolest randomizers ever… rings a bell? 😏🔥 Let’s welcome Laura Gouillon – the mastermind behind the craziest TikTok roulettes – and more. Her humor, diverse skills and artistic background together lead to outstanding AR works, […]

Lenslist x Lightship Templates Challenge – Community Inspiration

Make space for another huge dose of inspiration! ⚡️ We’ve been filling your minds with ideas for our Lenslist x Lightship Templates Challenge for quite some time now… but we’re not stopping. So far we’ve released two essential guides helping you kick-off Lightship projects and dive into Templates. Then, to jumpstart your ideas for the […]

Weekly Selection #97

Guess what came in today! Something hot, fresh, innovative, surprising, playful… Rings a bell? 😏Let our Friday AR routine begin – it’s time to make some space on your Instagram for brand new Effects – all inside our 97th Weekly Selection. 💥Spend this day daydreaming, wearing futuristic face masks, traveling to magical places, playing with […]

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