AR talks | Eddy Adams

We’ve been very excited about our talk with such experienced 3D motion designer and AR creator, Eddy Adams (@eddyin3d). And now, we are equally eager to show you all that knowledge and experience that he shared with us. Fellow creators, enjoy! Hi, Eddy! How did it happen that a 3D motion designer and photographer with […]

AR talks | Charly Bourgain

Let’s welcome Charly Bourgain, AR creator from France who is well known in the community from his characteristic, neon filters! We’ve had a chance to ask him some questions about his road to becoming filter developer and his unique style. Hi, Charly! As you’ve mentioned during our meeting, you don’t have designer background, and yet […]

AR talks | Isabelle Udo

In this entry of AR talks we are happy to present Isabelle Udo: AR creator and freshly graduated film director. We’ve had a chance to ask her some questions about her artistic background and the way she comes at creating AR filters. Hi Isabelle! During our call you told us how excited you were about […]

AR talks | Robbie Conceptuel

This time we had a pleasure to ask Robbie Conceptuel some questions. He is a Swiss creator that specializes in what we might call ‘AR transmutations’ 🧙‍♂️ Hello Robbie, could you please tell us something about yourself and how did you become an AR creator? I come from Switzerland and started with a media designer […]

AR talks | Allan Gregorio

After a long break, our interviews with AR creators are coming back! We are very happy that our next guest is Allan Gregorio, a true artist and a reflexive person. Learn how Instagram effects can help us express ourselves and vanquish our fears while being creatively mixed with other fields of art. Hi, Allan! Your […]

A Taste of Spark AR – AR Talks | Casie Lane Millhouse-Singh

AR creator, a core member of the Spark AR Community and head of an ad agency – our next guest has it all. This week we give to you an AR Talk with Casie Lane Millhouse-Singh! Hi Casie, let’s introduce you to our audience. Please, tell us something about yourself and your social media agency […]

AR talks | Luke Hurd

His IG bio says ‘Ad nerd, New Media Artist, Instagram Filter Creator”. His AR effects show his great imagination and skill. Finally, his résumé proves his experience in using augmented reality in digital marketing. We’re happy to present to you our next amazing guest: Luke Hurd! Hi Luke! Before we start asking questions, could you […]

AR talks | Caroline Rocha

Usually, AR talks is all about developers. This time we are happy to welcome somebody who does a much different, but equally important work: Caroline Rocha. Her Instagram profile @frenchsinger is the place where she changes Camera Effects into real art. Much appreciated by Spark AR creators and Camera Effects’ users, her collection and reviews […]

AR talks | Patrick Spector McGowan

We are very excited to present to you our interview with Patrick Spector McGowan, Augmented Reality Creator and a co-founder of two innovative brands! Hi Patrick! Could you please tell us a few words about yourself? As a co-founder of two brands focusing on innovation, B3D Interactive and Ponix, would it be accurate to describe […]

AR talks | Allan Berger

Our today’s guest is an artist with background in design, software engineering and motion graphics to name a few, but most importantly a person with lots of love for Augmented Reality. Please welcome Allan Berger! There is a great potential in Spark AR Studio – no doubt about it. You took a completely different approach […]