10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | July 2020

With this article, we start yet another series of articles, intended to promote Instagram AR creators that you should know (check out our monthly collections of Top 10 Branded and Inspirational Instagram AR Filters). Every month we will present to you artists that have something in common, eg. style of their filters or their background.

This time, we took inspiration from our article from almost a year ago IG’s Hidden Gems, showing you once again our favourite filter creators that don’t have over 10k followers on Instagram yet.
Let’s help them change it! 🔥

Isabelle Udo | @vi.de.or.bit

Isabelle graduated as an experimental film director, so every filter of hers is thought as a story. She has a passion for mimicking nature with technology, and thus plants are one of the main themes of her filters, but there’s much more to her work than them! We’ve actually had a chance to talk to Isabelle last month, so you can learn more from our interview (AR talks | Isabelle Udo).

Eddy Adams | @eddyin3d

Eddy Adams is an experienced 3D motion designer and AR creator. Among his filters, there are many ordered by brands, and his inspirational effects are the proof of his 3D skillset and creativity: in the interview we conducted with him last week he told us that the most important thing about AR filters is not their perfection, but their ability to surprise users. Most of all, he’s an ultimate team player, giving back to Spark AR community just as much as anyone else. Read AR talks | Eddy Adams to learn a lot from his invaluable tips!

Denis Rossiev | @enuriru

Denis is already well-known in the community from his clean, high-quality filters. His effects reacting to sound, AR games and such one-offs as Photo booth or Spinning Nose all have one familiar feature: ingenuity. Start following him now, and if you’re also AR creator, check out his tutorials.

Ross Wakefield | @rosterizer

Ross has been there from the beginning and just as his brother Mark Wakefield he has some amazing filters in his Instagram portfolio. Check out his inventive effects like Walking in the air or pARty beARd, play his extraordinary game Face Invaders and start following his profile!

WunderVenus | @wundervenus

WunderVenus is a brand that represents an amazing artist who works both with real materials and technology. Besides admiring her beautiful, dark, artful filters, you can buy her jewellery which ‘blends Renaissance sense of beauty & experimentation with the contemporary zeitgeist’.

Charly Bourgain | @bourgadotin

Charly’s filters all have a uniform style, which he himself describes as the realization of ‘the basic principle of chiaroscuro which is the use of strong contrasts between light and dark’. Read more about his approach to AR filters in the interview we had a pleasure to do with him AR talks | Charly Bourgain.

Ksenia | @wondermilk.me

‘Make up filter artist’. That’s what Ksenia’s Instagram bio says about her. And you know what? That’s exactly what she is. She brought creating beauty AR filters to perfection, so if you’re into trying new looks, you should definitely check her effects out.

Domenico Amalfitano | @malf.visuals

If you’re looking for new inspirational ways to make artful, extraordinary Instagram photos, follow Domenico. Photography and lens distortions – there are what his craft is all about. Just now we’re preparing another AR talks with Domenico as our guest, so keep track of our blog posts!

Gijs Wahl | @gijswahl

Gijs’ website read: ‘An exploration of possible interactions between the physical and the spiritual through AR’. He specializes in filters blending different aspects of reality and imagination together by making them flow through each other. Check out his amazing website.

Aminurahim Ahmad Hamim | @amnrhm

Distorted, futuristic masks, talking cubic holograms and fiery realms – all that and much more have been created by Uminurahim, a talented Spark AR ‘manipulator’ from Malaysia. His visions are both horrifying and fascinating, so dive right in and have loads of fun!

That’s it for this time. Thanks to all creators mentioned in this article for their AR filters 💜

Dear readers, thanks for being with us. Don’t forget that there are hundreds of AR creators waiting to be uncovered by you on Lenslist.