IG’s Hidden Gems

We are kicking this list off with a mega blast of vivid AR content coming straight from Adrian Baqueiro, whom you may know as TechnologicalHippie. Taking into consideration the amount of work and the quality of his works, one might say that Hippie’s follower’s count should be at least double by now. It is astonishing how sometimes other people perceive reality around us, and to what extent they can shape it to their liking. Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that Tuluminati, Arteistic, Mayangod, Badrodis… they all are separate parts of a bigger picture that Adrian must have had in mind while creating them.

Alexander Ward

Coming up next is Alexander Ward from WardyWorks. Just like in the case of TechnologicalHippie, Alex’s convictions of artistic consciousness let us assume he has once gazed upon something as complex and full of colors that an ordinary human brain could not be capable of understanding. Crystallize, Luminous, and Awakening are in fact messages translating what Alex has seen.


Now, let us take a break from this transcendental rollercoaster through time and space by featuring something more down-to-earth. Natashycza has made us point our eyes in her direction by developing Moon. Ever since she kept her standards high by developing five more quality Instagram Filters. If you haven’t set up your IG account yesterday, you will surely recognize Aquarium or Button Eyes. Therefore, 6000 followers are definitely too little.

Ross Wakefield

The following profile was the breaking point for us in the decision-making process of whether we should write this article. Ross Wakefield. 6600 followers. Shame on you, the people of Instagram! Everyone must have seen the Red Devil, Rebellion and Molten by now! The only way to redeem yourself from social, eternal punishment at this point would be to go and follow rosswakefield86, instantaneously.


The AR filters of the next creator on our list look like a shredded pile of compact discs that prior were turned inside out. Slava3ngl exploits everything ranging from low-key memes to reality bugs that happen every now and then and visualizes them on the faces of his followers. Who, by the way, does not come in satisfactory numbers. Slava is currently 3000 off surpassing the threshold of ten thousand followers and needs your help in doing so – he will reward you soon with satisfying AR content.

Yegor Kumachov

The last on our list is Yegor Kumachov, a creator that we have been observing now for some time. Yegor got our hopes high by releasing Liquid Face, very well executed and planned effect with which we have had tons of fun during testing. His filters will alter your eyebrows and add a 90’s vibe to them, as well as turn you into a digital glitch, who got lost in the AR space and accidentally showed up on Instagram.

Despite the fact, that we have decided to feature only the works of the above six creators, we highly recommend you to go and check out at least some of the accounts linked below. Those are the profiles of creators that just as we, are now on a quest of reaching the magical amount of 10000 followers. It won’t cost you much, merely a few clicks, but will help us reach for the stars.

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