AR talks | Robbie Conceptuel

This time we had a pleasure to ask Robbie Conceptuel some questions. He is a Swiss creator that specializes in what we might call ‘AR transmutations’ 🧙‍♂️

Hello Robbie, could you please tell us something about yourself and how did you become an AR creator?

I come from Switzerland and started with a media designer background. My interests for AR/VR first started in 2014 when I tried for the first time a VR headset. I really enjoyed it. Later in 2017, I went to the meetup focused on AR/VR/MR in Switzerland where I tried an AR headset and understood how important it is to create in AR. Since then I started learning about 3D and computing.

In the beginning of 2019 I discovered Spark AR Studio and I really loved building with the software. After months of creating, I started sharing how to create effects on Youtube. I share simple tutorials to create better filters/lenses for Lens Studio and Spark AR Studio. From English to French, they are available in both languages.

‘Learn better technical skills to make the experience stand out.’

We also created the Spark AR French Community (Spark AR Francophone) with Caroline Rocha to help french speaking people from all over the world. In 2020 I became an Official Lens Creator in Snapchat.

Let’s see what’s next!

Gamba & Bocca della Verità by conceptuel

You specialize in effects turning people into objects, e.g. fruits or our favourite: a shrimp. How do people respond to them and why do you think they are so popular? Is there a secret receipt for a successful effect?

One of the main reasons I love creating filters is to see people appropriating it. Objects are a great medium to create characters. Every use of the effect is a meme.

When Orange was released, I saw a huge amount of incredible stories created by users. From humour to more personal scenarios; the range of creativity is unlimited. The response was very positive. What makes them successful is the fun in it.

What is your experience with working with brands? Do you have any tips on how to get recognition as an AR freelancer?

Working with brands is really exciting. I really love doing it because we can create interactive experiences regarding their branding. We can build bridges between the brand and the customers which makes the effects unique. My tip is to learn better technical skills to make the experience stand out.

Which one of your effects is your favourite and which one of the new Spark AR features do you like most?

My favourite filters are the souvenir filters I made, every time I live a memorable event, I try to transcend it into an AR experience.

For example, ‘Gelato’ is very clear, it’s based on my last trip to Rome. I went with a friend on the Trevi Fountain and we both ate ice cream. It was such a very fun holiday in Rome so when I came back home, I wanted to share this fun into a filter. Since then, I’ve made other souvenir filters like: Lemon, HOTDOG, Gamba, Bocca della Verità, and so on…

Gelato & HotDog by conceptuel

Reactive Audio really brings a new layer in the experience of AR filters. I really love it as it generates a custom experience depending on the context which makes the experience more immersive than ever!

What do you think is the future of social media AR?

In the future, AR would play a major role on the evolution of 3d platforms. With the appearance of smart glasses on a larger public scale, AR will be part of everyday lives. It will definitely change our perspective on it.

Robbie, thank you for your contribution and all the fun we have with your hilarious AR effects! Keep up the good work 💪