Branded AR Showcase: Nissan Instagram Filter Automotive Case Study

With Nissan involved, it’s easy to expect a project that’s all but ordinary. ✨ And this time is no different! In today’s Branded Showcase, we’re focusing on their enchanting collaboration with Wilkins Avenue AR, a well-known metaverse experience company, which designed the AR Formula E Team’s helmet with great care about the blooming details. 🌺 […]

Best Snapchat Lenses | Snap AR Selection August

Today, you should definitely take a Snap! 😴😍 Although, our Lens Selection is more invigorating than soothing; it’s like stepping into a realm of boundless imagination, like the most fantastical of dreams! 🦋 Seize the chance to immerse yourself in this land of wonders, where Disney’s magic and transformation into whimsical creatures like Moon Furry […]

AR Case Study — How Xenia Created “Lenslist Make-up”

Inspiration doesn’t always arrive spontaneously. Sometimes, it needs to be cultivated, and this doesn’t require much – just a keen intellect and the ability to observe details closely. 👁️ These particulars, in turn, will undoubtedly contribute to assembling the creative puzzle in its own distinctive way, allowing us to label art as truly incomparable! 🪁 […]

The Future of Ecology

Now, probably more than ever, ecology is on everyone’s tongue. Zero-waste products are all over the market, and while it might seem like just another trend, it’s so much more than that. This time the concern is real. We are all worried about the state of our planet, and with so many resources to learn […]

Meta Selection | August

An enjoyable way to wrap up the final days of summer is by diving into the realm of Meta Selection! Embrace the fullness of the summertime, with its vivid colors and diverse experiences! 🍃🌸 Enchant yourself with the magic through branded effects or effects designed just to transport you to another dimension. 🪐🦋 Feel and […]

AR Talk | Ines Hilz

There’s a lot of work that comes with being an AR Creator and luckily, the community is full of talented people willing to share their knowledge with the rest of us. 📖 And that’s just one of the reasons why AR Talks hold such a special place in our hearts. 🥰 Today we are honored […]

TikTok Selection | August

August slipped away like a bottle of wine… 🎶 And you know what it means! Another month, another mix of beautiful, inspiring designs for you to end your week with! 🥰 Especially that no matter how sad it sounds, it’s the last summer TikTok selection! 🏖️ So before we officially step into the equally beloved […]

Best Branded XR Experiences | July

It seems as if the further we go into last month’s best branded digital initiatives, the more we find ourselves completely in awe. 🤩 July was full of innovative and inspiring experiences that pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with XR technology, and once again proved that companies find XR to be a perfect partner. […]