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AR Talk | Karol Sudolski

An artist by “accident”, driven by chance and randomness straight into the world of art – let’s welcome Karol Sudolski, a Milan-based visual artist and our today’s honorable AR Talk guest. ✨🫧💿His thought-provoking works are centered around feelings, humans and what’s not necessarily perfect about them. Today Karol shares with us his story – how […]

Lenslist x Lightship Templates Challenge – Inspiration

The world has so much to offer that we could never be bored. Adventures to live through, stories to tell, feelings to experience, challenges to complete… 🌱🚀🌏 Augmented Reality proves the world does not end on a physical layer and we can always do more. It opens a door to a whole new level of […]

Weekly Selection #96

We like to keep things busy here in our Community. 😎When it comes to AR and the Creators – every day and every event is exciting! ⚡️And with two open challenges – the futuristic #TomorrowToday challenge with Spark AR and real-world metaverse building with the Templates Challenge – the AR Community is on fire! 🔥To […]

Best Branded Instagram Filters – May

Who’s ready to see what brands were up to in May? 🌺⭐️ You can probably already guess. 😎 They created lots of stunning Effects for you to dive into new products, feel the vibe of new collections, tell a story and let you create your own. Look inside our Best Branded Instagram Filters May edition […]

#TomorrowToday Challenge Inspiration Time

What the future will bring is probably one of the most intriguing questions one can possibly think of. ✨ Whether we’ll live in futuristic cities or technology will completely change our habits – there are as many visions as people. For our freshly launched Global Challenge – Tomorrow Today – together with Spark AR/Meta, the […]

Snapchat Lens Selection | May

We’re always so amazed by how many stunning and creative Lenses are made every month! 🔥 In May, Snapchat was on fire, too – 36 Lenses that can take your outfits, makeup, hand gestures and transitions onto a whole new level. ⚡️ Don’t wait a minute longer and hop into flowing, colorful digital outfits, do […]

Weekly Selection #95

We love intense weeks – but this one really said “Let’s create and work to the MAX”! 🔥 So many events, news, announcements… A lot of work with our #TomorrowToday Challenge and Lightship Summit happening – but we’re not stopping! 😎 We would never miss an epic Effects showcase, that’s why it’s time for Weekly […]

Niantic Lightship Guide: Getting Started with Templates

The journey with Niantic continues! After the first stop – Getting Started with Niantic Lightship – it’s time to take your Lightship AR experiences further. To make it easier and quicker for you, as well as help you use your creative potential to the max, today we’re introducing Lightship ARDK Templates. Templates are pre-developed projects […]

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