3000 Lenses Are Here

It’s been six months since we’ve reached the number of 300 lenses collected on Lenslist, and now we would like to proudly announce that from this moment we’ve managed to multiply it by 10! Our database consists now of over 3000 Facebook Camera Effects and Snapchat Lenses. What is more, almost 600 of them which […]

New website section, the Reading Room is here!

As notorious early adopters we always think it is super hard to find reliable and trustworthy source of information about the new technology or tools currently emerging on the scene. The current state of Camera Effects and Lenses is simply no different from any other in that matter. Therefore, we have decided to not only […]

Over 300 Snapchat Lenses have landed!

We’re delighted to announce that after a thourough research, a few sleepless night of digging up the best samples and case studies we have managed to update our Lenslist with over 300 Lenses made for Snapchat. Snapchat was the first one to grant open access to anybody willing to create their own version of the […]


We are a tight group of users, creatives and coders that are dedicated to the next big thing in the Internet – we are the early adopters of AR Camera Effects. In today’s fast-paced, ever changing and often overloaded world, it may be hard to find what’s hot in new medias. Lenslist has been brought […]