New website section, the Reading Room is here!

As notorious early adopters we always think it is super hard to find reliable and trustworthy source of information about the new technology or tools currently emerging on the scene. The current state of Camera Effects and Lenses is simply no different from any other in that matter.

Therefore, we have decided to not only share the constantly growing number of fantastic and inspiring use cases but also provide some food for thought with everybody willing to visit the

From today on, by entering the ’Read’ section available in the top menu of the site, you will have access to:

1. AR NEWS – stories and AR news from around the globe including marketing hints, pro-tips, best practices and everything worth reading but not necessarily directly connected to Facebook and Snapchat

2. PRESS RELEASES – best and worth mentioning brand stories behind Camera Effect and Lenses activations

3. CASE STUDIES – detailed worldwide use cases

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