Snapchat Lens Selection | April

Lenses from brands or Creators? What do you prefer? In this edition of Snap Selection, there is a whole vARiety of both, so you can decide for yourself! 🛍 Besides the latest AR experiences, this compilation has everything you need to design a whole look – so don’t be late to the party and discover […]

The Future of Digital Fashion

Digital fashion… It’s definitely something enchanting that requires a lot of work, art as in physical fashion, and in addition to all – technology. 🦾 But what is its potential? Can it partly become an ecological solution in the world of fast fashion, trends, and massive physical production of clothing? 👾🌱 What is the relationship […]

Weekly Selection #143

You’re already here, which means you’re ready to check out this week’s best effects in the 143rd Selection! 🌺 We assure you of finding plenty of abstract, light, water, floating, shimmering, spinning, and finally sparkling effects in it! 🤩 Embark on a journey through this colorful universe, and stroll inside a purple labyrinth! 🟪 Try […]

Weekly Selection #142

We invite you to see even more eccentricity in our 142nd Weekly Selection, spARkling with diverse ideas and colors, and giving you a whole new experience! 🎭 You can not only add a super sleek robot kitty to your reality today but also become a cyber cat yourself, while dreamers will be thrilled to enter […]

AR Talk | Jeetesh Singh

The fact that teamwork is the key to success is nothing new. 🤝 The idea of connecting our individual strengths to achieve the best possible results was present in our lives since our earliest moments, and for a good reason! 💜 Being a part of a community, especially in the creative field, you can see […]

TikTok Selection | April

From what we saw this month, it seems that the weather getting warmer worked as a great source of inspiration for everyone! 🌞 Choosing just a few of that many amazing designs was an incredibly hard task, but we hope that you’ll love them as much as we do. 💜 Here we are with another […]

Weekly Selection #141

Introducing our 141st Weekly Selection full of mesmerizing brand-new effects, intense colors, and futuristic worlds! 👽 Vibrant fluorescent paints, doubling, fusing, and blurring, are just some of the vibes that will make you believe in the limitless possibilities and the magic of AR. 💎 Discover new avatars in the metaverse, pick up a special piece […]

5 XR Creators You Should Follow | March 2023

Welcome to the next edition of our 5 XR Creators You Should Follow, where we are pleased to introduce you to some of the most gifted and inspiring XR designers! ✨ Today’s guests have dedicated much of their lives to mastering digital creation, and they’re here to shARe their knowledge, insights, and experiences with you! […]

Weekly Selection #140

We are approaching the summer season slowly, but surely, and to experience this transition even more we invite you to our 140th Weekly Selection of intensely radiant sensations! 🌞🌺 Don’t be afraid to enter the digital world and fully embrace all its creative aspects! Try the French Sweet Souvenirs mask or the cutest Easter Rabbit […]

Best Branded XR Experiences | March

March has passed incredibly quickly, and it’s time to sum up everything that has happened in the marketing world in the first month of Spring. 💐While the rays of sunshine are giving everyone an inspirational boost, it’s also an important mark in many brands’ calendars. All of the fall/winter collections are being replaced, and it’s […]