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Weekly Selection #119

We have exactly what you need for this cold and gloomy November weekend! ☁️ Can you guess what? 😏 Another edition of our heart-warming Weekly Selection! ✨ We have carefully picked the most exciting and engaging filters of the week to cheer you up! ☀️ Get ready for an energizing dose of colorful and aesthetically-pleasing […]

Take Part in a Research Study During our Hackathon!

Along with our hackathon, there is also an optional research study about your experience learning Spark! We are looking for participants to share their learning from the hackathon, feedback about the learning materials, and in general how you approach learning new Spark capabilities. What’s in this research study? The research study involves answering a few […]

Best Branded Instagram Filters – October

October is already behind us, so it’s time to show off the most exciting Effects that brands have come up with to promote their services, products, and events. 🎉 Just imagine how wide and endless the AR world is! Visit our selection of Best Branded Instagram filters to find out. 😛🙌🏻 With this month’s featured […]

Weekly Selection #118

We are pleased to present to you our 118th Weekly Selection – the first one in November! 🍂 It’s official, we may finally start the season of long autumn weekend walks, falling leaves, and the first Christmas songs heard in your local supermarket – yes, we’re talking about you, Mariah… 😬 But for now, sit […]

Weekly Selection #117

Are you ready for the most spooky evening of the year? 👻 We are! And to make this Halloween weekend even more exciting we have prepared for you a frightening #117 Weekly Selection of the scariest, but also fun filters! ✨ Don’t worry, we know that there are some of you, who aren’t fans of […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | October 2022

October is slowly coming to an end… 🍂 And since it would be impossible to pass on to another month without giving a proper shout-out to the most promising artists and developers 📣… We have prepared for you another compilation of 10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow! ✨ We’re really excited to share with […]

Creators’ Case Study – Eugene Soh “Kitten Rescue”

Let’s be honest, being an artist and growing in the AR world can be sometimes very challenging. 💪 We believe that sharing this process with others can be extremely helpful and inspiring. ✨ That’s why we have prepared another episode of our Creators’ Case Study series! 💜 Meet Eugene Soh – a talented AR Creator […]

Weekly Selection #116

Can you believe there are less than 2 weeks left before Halloween? 🤯Do you have your costumes ready? 👻 If not, we got you covered. 😉 Get inspired by our weekly dose of the most interesting filters – some spooky outfit ideas for all the Halloween parties guaranteed! 💃🕺This 116th Weekly Selection has been taken […]

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