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AR Talk | Dario Marturano

🌙✨ Turn off the lights, play some electronic music, and travel to a world of colorful visuals and mind-blowing sounds! This vibe will be perfect for reading our next AR Talk – featuring Dario Marturano – an awesome, multidisciplinary artist from Italy 👾🔥 His art and projects are all about music, lights, and technology – […]

Snapchat Lens Selection | December

We hope your last days of this year will be filled with AR and of course – our top picks for the last Lens Selection before going into 2022! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Show us how you feel about 2021 coming to an end – or let us see your final looks and ideas for New Year’s Eve […]

Weekly Selection #73

How about some cool Effects to brighten UP and energize your Thursday before diving completely into the Winter Break mood? 😉❄️🤍 One before our last $pecial Edition of Weekly Selection is here – a gift both from you and for you ✨ Huuuge thanks to Spark AR – so we can award top 10 picks […]

A closer look at Kavin Kumar SKULL ME Lens

Skeletons are not fun and trendy only on Halloween – we love spooky stuff all year long! 😱☠️ That’s why today, on our ‘operating table’ we’ll be taking a closer look at the SKULL ME Lens made by the one and only – Kavin Kumar 👏🏻 He will tell you about the whole process and […]

Weekly Selection #72

Are you ready for even more amazing Effects from this week? 💪🤩 After yesterday’s AR for Good Weekly Selection, we’re bringing to you another set of the best Effects from this week in our usual Friday routine – $pecial Edition of Weekly Selection 🚀❤️ Of course, awards of $1000 will go to each of the […]

Weekly Selection #71: AR For Good

💚🍀 Dear Creators, this time you really showed us the power you hold and how big your hearts are! Through your Effects submitted for our AR for Good Weekly Selection, you raised a lot of important issues that for sure every each one of us somehow relates to. This matters the most – the solidarity […]

Facebook Connect Recap: New Spark AR Features Are Here & The Role of an AR Creator in the Future of Meta

With the recent heated debates circulating around the topic of metaverse – a new way of interacting in digital spaces, which includes decentralized networks, digital currencies, personal avatars, collecting 3D assets or even real-estate, basically a more visual code-word for Web3.0 – Facebook Connect was definitely one of the most anticipated events for everyone who […]

Weekly Selection #70

We all know how much everyone loves special occasions and anniversaries 🤩💫 And dear fellow ARtists, today is such a day! This Friday’s Edition of Weekly Selection hits a round number of 70! 7️⃣0️⃣ weeks filled with lots of amazing Effects and your hard work. We wanted to celebrate this 70th edition in a unique […]

Winners Announcement #2 C4C: Our Future Planet

Hi, our dear Creators! 💜 We are finally ready to announce the winners of our second prized Lenslist x Spark AR Call for Content 👀💸 Are you ready for a mind-blowing collection of submissions from the Community? Let’s see Our Future Planet through the Creators’ eyes 🔮🌍 Selecting the Winners and choosing the best Effects […]

Snapchat Lens Selection | November

How was your November, guys? 😇🧡 In the Snapchat world it was definitely very active and creative! Many new Lenses were made by Creators all over the map 🙈 We’ve included 30 best picks in our monthly Snapchat Lens Selection – come and look back on November with a smile on your face 😁🤎 Now, […]

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