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Weekly Selection #103

Fridays feel like heaven! 🤩 We have a fresh Weekly Selection, stunning Effects to play with, new worlds to discover – what more could we wish for? 💜 We guarantee that today’s edition #103 will make your summer days longer and more vibrant! Hop inside to see our picks, play with light, trippy deformations, sparkly […]

Niantic Lightship Templates: Learn with Future House Studios

Our Lenslist x Lightship Templates Challenge may be over, but the creation and learning process is definitely not! 😎 Niantic Lightship platform holds many tools for building the real-world metaverse and immersive AR experiences, including world-mapping, semantic segmentation, and shared AR feature sets. For guidance and making the creative process as easy and smooth as […]

Weekly Selection #102

Do you know what’s the best remedy after an intense week? 😌 AR treatment! 🔥 To enlighten your Friday and give you a moment to relax, we give you the best companion ever – new Effects! ✨ With the Weekly Selection #102, you’ll get to become cute (or creepy 👹) creatures, play with floating objects, […]

Snapchat Lens Selection | June

Time for the best creative June recap! 🌸 Thanks to all the amazing Lenses created, last month’s events and trends were turned into stunning, celebratory ARtworks. Today in our Snapchat Lens Selection you’ll see all of June’s Snapchat essentials. 🦋 Jump straight into it and try on high fashion gowns, iconic accessories, futuristic face masks, […]

Lenslist x Lightship Templates Challenge: Tips & Tricks from Trigger

We have another addition to our Niantic content for you – who’s excited? 🖐 For today’s Inspiration Article we invited Trigger – a mixed reality agency, believing in the power of technology to tell stories and bring immersive worlds, characters, and brands to life in the metaverse. Their team is a distinct group of developers, […]

Weekly Selection #101

We still can’t get over our Virtual Space Gallery celebrating the 100th Weekly Selection ! 🪐🧡 100 weeks of your creativity, talent, ideas and support. This shows how AR and the Community grows every day and never slows down. 🔥 Let’s open the 101st edition with this week’s fresh ARtworks! Have fun with body distortions, […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | June 2022

Time for our favorite energy-filling routine! ⚡️ There is nothing that gives us so much energy and inspiration as getting to know more creative minds of AR! 🤩 Let us introduce to you another 10 amazing people with 10 incredible journeys – every each one is inspiring in their own way and you’ll see why! […]

Weekly Selection #100

This Friday is far from ordinary… It’s a day we were waiting for with excitement and thrill! 🔥 Today we reach the 100th Weekly Selection – a pretty big, round, celebratory number, right? 💯 Today we celebrate with you 100 weeks of AR, amazing pieces of art, talent, effort, passion and creativity. 🧡 Thanks to […]

Lenslist x Lightship Templates Challenge by MPAR

Time for yet another Niantic Inspiration Article (never too many of these!) – whether you’ve already started working on your project or not – we come to you with some help straight from the Lightship masters themselves. 😎 Our Lenslist x Lightship Templates Challenge is open, and more than ready to welcome your AR Experiences! […]

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