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Weekly Selection #18

Welcome to the 18th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters! More and more Christmas AR filters have been shown during the last week. Overall, we’ve curated 44 of Instagram effects, created either for a brand or just for the sake of art by creators from our great AR community. Remember to rest this weekend and […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | December 2020

10 amazing Instagram AR filters’ creators, artists skilled in Spark AR studio and so many other things. We’ve collected some information on them, curated their AR filters for you to have a glimpse of their artistry, and asked them some questions considering their AR filters. Try out their effects or contact them with a brief! […]

Lens Fest 2020 Full Recap 👻

Last week, between 8-10 of December, we were totally immersed in the most exciting social AR event there is – Lens Fest. Together with our friends from Snap and Creators from all over the world, we could celebrate what we, as a community, have managed to do over these last 3 years and also look […]

Cyberpunk AR Filters Selection

With the premiere of long-awaited video game Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt RED, we’ve prepared a selection of 49 cyberpunk Instagram AR filters and Snapchat Lenses for you to watch, try out and share with your friends. ‘Cyberpunk’ is a subgenre of sci-fi which focuses on a ‘combination of low-life and high tech’ in a […]

Weekly Selection #17

Welcome to the 17th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters! Although during the last week at the center of our attention was Snapchat with its Lens Fest and Lens Studio announcements, we couldn’t miss all of the great work AR creators did on Instagram lately. Lay down, relax and enjoy 43 Instagram filters selected by […]

Lens Fest Day 1 Wrap-Up

Yesterday, Snap kicked off its first-ever public, global AR Festival, Lens Fest, in celebration of AR creator and developer community. We share with you a rundown of announcements from the first day. Day 1 announcements Lenses made by the Lens Creator community have been viewed by Snapchatters more than 1 trillion times. Snap will invest […]

AR talks | Joshua Keeney

Joshua Keeney is an artist and Official Lens Creator with lost of inspiring and spiritual artworks made. We’ve talked with him about art’s ability to help defining one’s identity and Lens Studio exciting new features. Hi Joshua! It’s a great pleasure to guest you in AR talks. First, please tell us something about yourself. How […]

Weekly Selection #16

Welcome to the 16th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters! It’s yet another week when we bring to you even 40 Instagram filters of our choosing! Watch them below and try out your favourite ones during the weekend! Don’t forget to tag @lens.list in your Insta Stories 😊 vogue by VOL XII by bittermesh […]

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