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AR talks | Billy Kelly

This time we had a chance not to talk to an AR creator, but someone who specializes in applying AR filters into marketing strategies. Billy Kelly is Chief Marketing Officer at House of V, a digital agency from the US creating AR, VR and other immersive experiences. Hi, Billy! First, please tell us something about […]

Weekly Selection #1

Today we begin our Weekly Selection of recently published Instagram AR filters. Congratulations to all the creators featured here for their amazing work! 👏 Click on the titles to try filters yourself! Cartoon Princess by @paigepiskin Neon Lightning by @bourgadotin bird of paradise by Shuriken by Monogram Wave by @gq_korea koi pond by […]

8 Snapchat Lens Creators You Should Know | August 2020

Last week, we presented to you Instagram creators worth following. Now, it’s time for Snapchat lens creators! We’ve asked 8 great AR artists about their favourite filters made by themselves. Meet the authors of some really special lenses, follow them or simply get in touch! Phil Walton Phil is an experienced animator, writer and AR/VR […]

AR talks | Sarah Mayer

We are excited to present to you Sarah Mayer, a Snapchat and Instagram AR creator working for Popul-AR creative agency. Being a graduated fashion designer caring about reducing waste, she treats filters as ‘a new kind of fashion’. Hi, Sarah! First, please tell us something about yourself. How did this happen that a student of […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | August 2020

In August, we’ve asked 10 creators that we believe you should follow about their favourite filters. Read what they had to say about this one filter of theirs that stands out from the other. And start following them for amazing content! Jan Trejo | @janmahavan The author of famous Glitter on White filter didn’t stop […]

AR talks | Ksenya Lozytska

Ksenya ( is known as a specialist in creating makeup filters. She shared her view with us on how to become a recognized AR creator, why beauty brands must use AR and how the community inspired and encouraged her to continue developing effects. Hi, Ksenya! First, please tell us your story. How did you become […]

How Augmented Reality is Changing Content Marketing Experience

A couple of years ago, when Snapchat introduced its first filters, the platform boomed with new followers. Everyone wanted a photo with a cool doggy-showing-its-tongue face or with a beautiful sparkling background. Today, augmented reality, thanks to which we have these innovations, is quickly becoming a part of marketing. According to Tech Jury, 67% of […]

AR talks | Ege Islekel

Today we guest Ege Islekel, an architect and AR creator with lots of artful filters which take our minds to beautiful places. Check out his amazing artwork and read into what he had to say about Augmented Reality! Hi, Ege! For starters, we ask about your story which looks very interesting: how did it happen […]

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