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10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | April 2022

💛 ShARing is cARing! 💛 That’s why today let’s share some inspiring AR wisdom and hear out amazing stories straight from the Creators! We love scouting around for creative minds across the world and the AR platforms. 🚀🌎 The variety of styles, different experiences, artistic backgrounds is precisely what brings the Community together in our […]

Weekly Selection #89

Easter holiday is coming up, so let’s put all our eggs in one basket – or in other words – all the coolest Effects in today’s Weekly Selection #89! 🐣💛 Creators added another portion of new life and new creativity into this week’s Effects – they definitely feel the power of spring ideas. ☀️🌺 Can […]

AR Talk | Maxim Kuzlin

It’s always a pleasure to talk with the Creators after some time – we can enjoy a nice, sentimental journey back to the past and see how much has changed – for the better of course! 😉💛 And today we’re taking Maxim Kuzlin, another talented digital Creator, on exactly such a remARkable trip through his […]

Lenslist on AiR | Gijsbert Wahl

Our dear Creators, the long-awaited second episode of Lenslist On AiR has just arrived and we are buzzing with excitement for today’s interview! You’ll see why… 👀 Rather than an interview, it’s more like a truly artistic and profound journey through the meanings of art, importance of the Community and everything in between – a […]

Weekly Selection #88

We know the best way to make your day! 😎 It’s a simple deal – we gather the best Effects from this week and you recharge your creative batteries before the weekend. 🔋💪 Creators really left us speechless (as usual 😉) and when you’re surrounded by such amazing imagination, time goes so fast… that today […]

Acute Art: How art culture settled down in the virtual world

An app that gives you artistic freedom. A platform that features worldwide artists. A virtual exhibition on your phone. A digital portal that takes you to an art gallery – where you decide what piece of work you’d like to place in your room, or… anywhere. Meet Acute Art – a creative space bringing together […]

Weekly Selection #87

The more Weekly Selections, the more excited and amazed we are – by your endless creativity! 🤩 This week’s Effects are unreal – LiDAR projects, bubbles all over the room, flowers blooming through the screen or futuristic designs – truly out of his world. ⭐️ Join us for the 87th Weekly Selection and let our […]

Snapchat Lens Selection | March

Lens Studio Creators definitely spoiled the AR Community this March! 🤩 So many stunning works, from floral colorful explosions and pixel art to spring digital fashion – all 36 Snapcodes found below in our Snapchat Lens Selection. 💛 Show us your favorites and turn the end of March into a grand Lens show! ⭐️ 💡 […]

Best Branded Instagram Filters – March

Spring is in the A(i)R and brands can definitely feel it! 🌷 In our March edition of Best Branded Instagram Filters, we’ve prepared a creative basket full of 30 Effects that ruled the IG Stories last month. 😎⭐️ Amazing fashion collaborations, trippy, liquid designs and interactive Effects will make you feel like you’re in a […]

How AR Redefines the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is one of a kind. Not only because of the size but also because of how close, personal and intimate it is to the consumer. To some, it serves as a confidant or best friend, for others an alter ego or a way to express oneself. These personal factors, the visual aesthetic […]

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