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Weekly Selection #109

The beginning of September means only two things: summer holidays are officially over and school has already started. And even though most of us are already past this educational stage, this time we did our homework… and prepared for you a brand new Weekly Selection of amazing AR filters!✨ We were very impressed by the […]

Best Branded Instagram Filters – August

Who’s ready for August’s hottest mARketing Effects? 🔥 We know you are! 😎 Put on your sunglasses, sit comfortably in the nearest park and catch the last rays of the summer sun while discovering our selection of Best Branded Instagram Filters! This month, as usual, brands outdid themselves and came up with original ways of […]

Lenslist x Kenichiro Takamatsu

Have you ever boarded an AR train? 💥🚞 Today, you’ll get a chance! ✨ Our dear guest and yet another extraordinary digital artist, Kenichiro Takamatsu, will take you on a magical journey to the land of dreams, art and emotions. 💫 Known by the AR Community as Kenxxxooo, Kenichiro is far from an ordinary artist […]

Weekly Selection #108

The summer holidays are almost over. 😢 But we have something great for you to celebrate the last weekend of August! That’s why we’ve handpicked 50 outstanding filters from our top Creators! 🤩 108th Weekly Selection is officially here! This time we were amazed by all the space tracking Effects! Objects floating in the middle […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | August 2022

Being an artist is not simple, and creating in the AR world does not make the task any easier. And yet, every day our talented Creatives 💜 try to surpass themselves with ideas on how to create something outstanding, innovative and stunning, so that we can explore their works. That is why today we would […]

Staying Right on Track: Web 3.0 and the Automotive Industry

Customers and their needs changed. They are different from 20 years ago and the same goes for technology. As nowadays technology is gradually transforming almost every part of our lives, from how we pay and communicate to how we commute – the automotive industry, being a powerful player – is in for a truly big […]

Two Years of Weekly Selection

Today is a big, sentimental day for us and the Lenslist Community as it’s been 2 years since we released our Weekly Selection series! ⭐️ And we have to admit that… Fridays have now taken on a whole different meaning. During that time, Weekly Selections have become a lot more than just a showcase of […]

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