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Encouraging Americans to #Vote with AR Filters

Augmented Reality in social media has been used many times now to reach the youth with important messages concerning social issues and politics. The 2020 presidential elections in the US weren’t an exception. Quite the opposite – Instagram users could try dozens of AR filters encouraging people to #vote, and Snapchat made AR Lenses a […]

AR talks | Olga Isupova aka

Olga Isupova, widely known as, is an incredibly popular Instagram AR artist who was named by @facebookcurated the forefront of digital reneissance. She told us about her artistic style, collaborating on AR filters and her view on the future of virtual fashion. Hi Olga! First of all, please tell us something about yourself. What […]

Weekly Selection #11 – Halloween Special Part II

Welcome to the 11th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters! Halloween is there! 🎉🎃 In addition to last week’s 16, we’ve collected another 33 Halloween Instagram filters! You’ll also find 10 new, regular effects below. Congratulations to all the creators! Halloween Part II Go to Part I Zomby Gaga High by mayttearaneda Blinder by amnrhm […]

Weekly Selection #10 – Halloween Special Part I

Welcome to the 10th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters! Halloween, a true AR filters holiday, is getting closer! 🎉🎃 And so, we divided this week’s selection into two parts: there are 16 custom AR filters and 16 halloween-y ones – enjoy and tell us what’s your favourite one! THIS IS COSMIC by bimbaylola Nixe […]

8 Snapchat Lens Creators You Should Know | October 2020

8 exceptional Snapchat Lens Creators of our choosing. Get to know their work, try their Lenses and start following them! We also thank three of them for giving us a quote where they describe the style of their lenses. Ben Knutson Starting in IT, Ben discovered Lens Studio and started learning 3D graphics, motion design, […]

Weekly Selection #9

Welcome to the 9th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters! For the ninth time now we offer you the most incredible Instagram AR filters from the passing week! Watch the videos and open links on mobile to try any of the 24 collected filters yourself using Instagram camera app. Spicy Chilli by ines.alpha Pumpkin Space […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | October 2020

Another month, another 10 creators that we believe you should follow. Check out what inspires them, what do they like about Spark AR and which of their effects are their favourite ones. And, of course, start following them! Tato Fernandez | @tato.jpg Tato is an AR creator and artistic director for TV, theater and live […]

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