Weekly Selection #71: AR For Good

💚🍀 Dear Creators, this time you really showed us the power you hold and how big your hearts are! Through your Effects submitted for our AR for Good Weekly Selection, you raised a lot of important issues that for sure every each one of us somehow relates to. This matters the most – the solidarity […]

Weekly Selection #70

We all know how much everyone loves special occasions and anniversaries 🤩💫 And dear fellow ARtists, today is such a day! This Friday’s Edition of Weekly Selection hits a round number of 70! 7️⃣0️⃣ weeks filled with lots of amazing Effects and your hard work. We wanted to celebrate this 70th edition in a unique […]

Weekly Selection #69

Nothing is better than a Friday with a fresh set of fabulous filters, right? 😁😁You will find all the top-notch Effects from this week in our usual $pecial Edition of Weekly Selection! 👾💜Thanks to Spark AR $1000 is waiting for each of the 10 best Effects 💸💸As always every work is incredible and the Creators’ […]

Weekly Selection #68

Let’s make this Friday an amazing and creative day! 🥳 We always wait all week to show you our new $pecial Edition of Weekly Selection 🙈 Big thanks to SparkAR for the opportunity to grant $1000 to each of the top 10 filters! 💰🤩 We are super grateful for all the Creators and their works […]

Weekly Selection #67: Novelties Edition

Hey Creators! 😊 Today we’re coming to you with an extra edition of our Weekly $election and this time we’re presenting dozens of ⚙️ AR NOVELTIES ⚙️ Meaning innovative, smart and sophisticated AR Effects and of course 10 of them awarded with $1,000 💰 A nice surprise that our Awardees can use to get even […]

Weekly Selection #66: Hidden Gems Edition 💎💖

🚨 May we have your attention, please! 🚨 Today is not a usual Friday 👀 This time instead of our regular $pecial Edition of Weekly Selection we have something really unique to present to you! For this $pecial Edition we’ve chosen our top filters only from Creators under 5k followers 😇! As always cheers to […]

Weekly Selection #65

Attention creators!😎✨We love Fridays because we can present to you our new $pecial Edition of Weekly Selection! As usual huge thanks to SparkAR for the monetization opportunities – that’s how we can reward top 10 filters with $1000 each 💸✌🏻🧡 Check out the coolest picks from this week! 🥳 💡 Our Lenslist database includes thousands […]

Weekly Selection #64

Awesome news alert! 🤩 Your Friday just got a lot better! Because it’s time for our $pecial Edition of Weekly Selection 🥳✌🏻Shoutout goes to SparkAR for the opportunity to award each of the TOP 10 filters with $1,000! 👀🏆💵 Creators work really hard so let’s show them some love 🧡 No more talking, start scrolling! […]

Weekly Selection #63

It’s Friday today and you know what that means? 😎 Our $pecial Edition of Weekly Selection is here! Thanks to Spark AR we can award our TOP 10 picks with cash prizes of $1,000 each! 💰 Sit comfortably and enjoy these amazing AR filters – another really exciting and inspiring delivery from our creative Community! […]

Weekly Selection #62

Another round of our $pecial Edition of Weekly Selection is here! 🤩 We partnered with Spark AR to bring monetization opportunities straight to the Community – no submissions, no red tape – just your usual Friday delight with some cash to back the honors up! 💖💰 💡 Our Lenslist database includes thousands of Instagram filters […]