Weekly Selection #74

With our last $pecial Edition of Weekly Selection in 2021, we come to you with words of gratitude and reflection ⭐️ Nothing made us happier this year than seeing you grow and engage to make this world a more innovative and creative place for all of us. The determination and hard work you showed makes us super proud and motivated – because in this Community we are all each other’s support and motivation 💪 For 2022, we wish you to make these bonds even stronger and keep creating!

Let us present to you our last Weekly Selection this year ⭐️ For the last time we are awarding top 10 works with $1000 each. Many thanks go to Spark AR and its team, who gave us the opportunity to reward many talented and outstanding Effects for 14 weeks straight 🚀

Without dragging on – countless congrats to EVERYONE and thank you for inspiring us all this time 💪💛

Soon the next adventure is going to begin, and we’ll make sure to give you lots of opportunities to shine! 👀✨

With a Community like ours – we simply know that 2022 is gonna be even better! 😎

Cheers, and have a wonderful New YeAR ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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SPEED Hammer
by masketing.design

Patch Mantra
by cyb_arbara

Elf and Firefly
by elya.boz

by jt.lliu

Fashion Banshee
by eduardopky

Related tags:


by solar.w

Sacred Aura
by malf.visuals

Cosmic Traveller
by afaq_aziz_khan

imma ant
by modelsbymike3d

by rosterizer

by arbyellie

Related tags:

plane trackingBethebeard

by cityphography

by singmovie

christmas deer
by natali.zmi

by riandersonc

In Orbit
by ellie.voxel

Related tags:

animalsxmas portal

The Slim
by yslbeauty

by chanel.beauty

Diamond Makeup
by biancagarutti

Related tags:

basketballmakeuptarget tracking

Into The Metaverse🕷
by krazyykrunal

by tantricsurfer2018

Astral Flame
by meta_christ

The Moth
by delirium1

by masketing.design

by humor

Related tags:

hand trackingfiregame

Mario Bros balloon.
by danieleventuraa

Babe Rainbow
by gijswahl

Show me your sign
by jorik.rosa

House Tour
by wafidose_off

by alenastorchay

Related tags:

render pass Snowfireworks

ice screen
by daria.tsvet

Anime Mood 💕
by ohfallet

Green Goblin
by eliasqamilovich

Einstein – Etnia
by justinwlaurent

Cockroach Overload
by extraakash

Related tags:

winter carliquid

AE Holiday Forever
by americaneagle

Give wonder
by drjart_uk

AR winter Wonderland
by explore_deepak

Happy Holiday Giving
by hendersonlandhk

Snow Maiden
by tsarenkova_anastasiya

Sesame Street
by games2b

Matrix Resurrections
by thematrixmovie