Call for Content: Changing the Lenscape | Explore the Gallery of Submitted Lenses

The long-awaited gallery of Snapchat Lenses submitted for our first Call for Content is ready. Try them out to experience how the Lenscape has changed thanks to all of the talented, inventive Creators who answered our Call! โœจ๐Ÿ–ผ

What was the challenge

2020 saw the premiere of many new Lens Studio capabilities, like SnapML, LiDAR or Body Tracking, which extended what Snapchat camera can do AR-wise very significantly. So, to support these exciting changes, together with Snap weโ€™ve called all AR Creators to take a step forward in their artistic journey – from trying out Lens Studio for the first time to coming up with a Lens theyโ€™ve never made before. Also, as a way to kick off 2021, we wanted to recognize Creators, who both test their skills and are active in the AR Community ๐Ÿ’ช

How did the Creators respond

Weโ€™re happy to announce that our encouragement to use new features such as Full Body Tracking, SnapML or World Mesh LiDAR was met with a huge, positive response from the Creators Community! Today, we want to thank all of the participants for accepting this challenge and sharing with us the results of their artistic experiments ๐Ÿค๐Ÿ‘ We are honoured to be at the receiving end of such an amount of high-quality, pioneering Lenses! ๐Ÿ’–

And here are the exact numbers:







with LiDAR


with SnapML


with Body Tracking

To give you a sample of what awaits you in the gallery, weโ€™ve prepared a selection of submitted Lenses for you to explore and try out yourself. Weโ€™ve highlighted the ones utilizing these 3 features, so you can better grasp which of these capabilities could help you express yourself best. Then, itโ€™s your turn: choose your favourite Lenses from the complete Changing the Lenscape gallery and share them with us!

LiDAR Lenses

This technology allows us to measure distances in 3D space by scanning it with a laser in all directions at the same time. When it comes to Snapchat, it revolutionized World Lenses by enabling Creators to make experiences that recognize walls, ceilings and objects and augment them flawlessly. Remember, though, that LiDAR is now available only for iPhone 12 Pro users. Read more๐Ÿ‘‰

The Matrix
by Denis Rossiev

Neon LiDAR
by Shimenta

by Jericho Oneill

Fur space
by Pavlo Tkachenko

by Isabelle Udo

LiDAR is Lava
by Player2 studio

by Jonah Cohn

Block Scan
by Sam Jones

World Wraper
by Kavin Kumar

by Erkadr

SnapML Lenses

SnapML brings all of the possibilities of Machine Learning directly into Snapchat Lenses, expanding their capabilities in an almost infinite number of ways. Read more๐Ÿ‘‰

Rubiks Cubism
by anonamister123

by MoreFiltersPls

by Maxim Kuzlin

Blue Something
by Panta X ray

Pebble ML
by Barbara Barliani

by Cinehackers

Matisse King
by Isabelle Udo

Dance n Wear Shoes
by Tactical.

Pure Heart
by Anastassiya Marchenko

Free your Mind
by myReality Design

by wariio ๐Ÿ™

by Natasha Gubernov

Living Color
by tyleeseeuh

by Hรฅrun

by Tiny Giant

blue swirlies
by Beth Wickerson

Learn French
by Atit Kharel

Body Tracking Lenses

One of the most awaited functionality by social media AR communities has found its way to Lens Studio, requiring us all to take a few steps away from our mobile cameras to observe how our awesome dancing moves are being augmented or how weโ€™re being accompanied by magical creatures. Read more๐Ÿ‘‰

Bubble Dance R
by Chakky Kato

Dance Party Baby
by CyreneQ

Pizza Buddy
by Anne Horel

Golden Twins
by Piotar Boa

by Philipp Basler

Touch Audio Shapes
by Wayne Lambo

Police Officer
by Shuripusta

Fire and Flame
by Denis Rossiev

by Popul-AR

by Anrick

Future Dreamscape
by Helen Breznik

Dance Dance Dance
by Michelle

Dance FX
by Abbas Sajad

by Piotar Boa

Nebula Dance
by Bare Tree Media

by Shuripusta

Dancing Avocado
by Karun Shrestha

by jp pirie

Other groundbreaking Lenses


by Kym Fiala

AR Colouring in
by myReality Design

A la russe
by Visualize Mee

Don Allen Stevenson III
by Don Allen III

by Clara Bacou

Third Eye Alien
by Anne Horel

Silver Beast
by CY Chung

by Helena Bahdzel

Idiot Sandwich
by Roman Pillai

Hot Breakfast
by aungnyeinchan

by Rustam Mirzakhmedov

The Vortex
by Denis Rossiev

Spook Smash
by Alex Bradt

Sunset Face Vibes
by Wayne Lambo

Cover 01
by Egyda _DigitalThing


Go to our gallery to explore all 339 submitted Lenses:


Once again, we want to show our gratitude to all of the participants for their submissions. Await our message soon, from this one nobody goes offline empty-handed!

We are also grateful for this opportunity to work with an awesome Snapchat Team and recognize new, talented Lens Creators together. Here is a special thank you from Kimberlee:

“It is a pleasure to see so many AR Creators who are passionate about changing the lenscape! With the addition of Machine Learning, Body Tracking, and LiDAR, the possibilities are truly endless. We invite you to continue to explore Lens Studio and to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Keep up the amazing work, and keep an eye out for new opportunities to showcase your work coming soon!
– Kimberlee Archer, Head of AR/ Camera Marketing at Snap

Let this upcoming year be as fruitful for AR Creators as the last one, despite all the circumstances, and with such a good start to it, we have only one message to you all: keep up the amazing work you do, keep changing the Lenscape and new opportunities are coming soon! ๐Ÿ‘ป

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