Lenslist x Lightship Templates Challenge – Inspiration

The world has so much to offer that we could never be bored. Adventures to live through, stories to tell, feelings to experience, challenges to complete… 🌱🚀🌏 Augmented Reality proves the world does not end on a physical layer and we can always do more. It opens a door to a whole new level of exploring and lets us create our own Real-World Metaverse.

With our recent launch of Lenslist x Lightship Templates Challenge, together with Niantic we open another door for you – a real chance to build your real-world AR experience. To explore movement, energy, and travel using a perfect tailor-made tool for creation: Lightship ARDK Templates. Now you can finally put them to the test. ⚡️

If you need any help with the Templates or kicking off Lightship from the very basics, check out these essential guides:

The Basics


Before you discover the full potential of Lightship yourself, let us show you some inspiring examples of how Lightship’s top features can make full use of the environment and help you build real-world AR experiences.

Straight from our Real-World Metaverse section, below you’ll find some interactive games utilizing Lightship’s real-time mapping, multiplayer, and semantics. Swipe right and get inspired!

Real-time mapping



The more inspiration, the better, that’s why you should lay your hands on the guides and inspirational Effects ASAP! 😎💥 Not to mention, we can’t wait to see how YOU explore the AR world. 👀 So, grab the templates and join our challenge! 🚀🚀🚀

More about the Templates Challenge can be found on our blog.