Black Friday AR Filters – 5 Ways to Use AR During Sales

Are you interested in boosting your sales and creating a long-lasting relationship with your customers? See how marketers are using AR during sales with Black Friday AR Filters. ⤵️

Before we step into the magical Winter Holiday season, there’s one more special day for marketers all over the world. Highly anticipated Black Friday is almost here, and it’s the perfect opportunity to boost sales before the end of the year. Customers will be looking closely to find the best opportunities, so how can brands lure them to their offers? Our suggestion is simple: AR Filters.

While it might seem like it’s not the most obvious solution, it’s surely one that brings a lot of advantages to the campaign. It can work as an exchange: marketers give customers an engaging, fun experience, which later translates to the increased number of impressions for the brand. Not to mention that AR filters have the highest chance of interesting Gen Z, that has already become the targeted audience and established their place as the fans of engaging, gamified digital experiences.

5 Smart Ways To Use AR During Sales 👇

Gamified AR Experiences

As we already know the potential that lies in the gamified AR filters, we are not surprised to see an increase of them during sales season, when brands are looking for new ways to lure in new customers. It’s a good way for users to really focus on the offer by interacting with the AR experience in a fun way, that doesn’t feel like a forced ad that customers are normally used to. And if there’s a unique discount code at the end – even better!

There are different ways to make it happen: the newest Amazon campaign is focusing on controlling the game by a head-tracking feature and catching the items into the package, while Ounass, a fashion retailer, is transforming users surrounding to make it a playable idea, allowing you to discover Black Friday’s offers.

by amazonfashioneu

Black Week Machine
by cccshoesbags

Interactive AR Experiences

What’s a better way to increase customers’ engagement than to promise them a reward? 😉 The idea started even back in 2018 with GOAT launching a truly innovative campaign. They encouraged the users to discover 125 places all over the world and use localization-activated AR effects to win prizes such as up to. $10,000 in GOAT Credit, purchase rare shoes at a discount price, or even free shoes.

Years later, brands continue to blur the lines between the physical and digital worlds. CCC created a totally unique Black Friday campaign, allowing customers to get a special discount code the AR experience activated by target tracking through the brands’ out-of-home advertising. But that’s not all! Some brands, like Kapten & Son, or Pretty Little Thing are deciding to implement the AR try-on feature allowing their customers to try on the products before the purchase.

Black Week AR Badura
by cccshoesbags

Kapten & Son
by Kapten & Son

Pink Friday Try-On
by prettylittlething

Immersive AR Worlds

One of our favourite trends is using the plane-tracking feature to create a completely transformed world around the user. The magical realm of gifts and wonders? Outer space, where planets are floating around you instead of the Sun? It’s all possible with AR, already proven by brands like My Protein.

Black Friday
by myprotein

The company, clearly inspired by all of the possibilities of Augmented Reality, designed a digital dimension, allowing users to feel like a real star, and unveil the Black Friday offers through engaging mini-game. This all-in-one AR experience is the perfect example of taking the campaign to the next level – it’s not focusing simply on informing the potential customer about the offer. Such communication is creating a relationship with them, providing a platform for entertainment.

AR Frames

People often say that simplicity is key. And while we often think about AR frames as the most standard AR filters, we assure you – those are far from simple, and still work as examples of most creative advertisement. Especially if you connect it with other features, and create the effect that stands out with its creativity. Banana Black decided to go for neon 2D frame, still connecting it to the interactive animation showcasing the discount offers, while some brands – like INTERTOP or The Dafiti Group are putting the user inside a frame, making them a part of the whole graphic experience.

black friday

Banana Black Deal

AR Randomizers

Randomizers, after getting the well-deserved recognition through TikTok, are now some of the most commonly used AR features among brands. And what’s the better way to interest an indecisive customer than to just tell them their next purchase? Of course, they are more of a fun feature than an actual suggestion, but they have one important thing about them: they introduce the customer to the offer and available products – which can be even more important! Brand like Shopee or Bohoo Man found out first hand about the potential of AR during sales.

Black Friday
by boohoomanofficial

Is There Potential In Black Friday AR Filters?

According to the latest statistics – definitely! And we have the numbers to prove it: even back in 2020, over 100M users shopped with the help of Augmented Reality, and now the numbers are only growing. The AR market’s worth will reach $50 billion by 2024 and right now it’s said to provide brands with 40% higher conversion rates. But most importantly: 61% of consumers prefer retailers offering AR experiences. And that’s the potential we – as marketers – just can’t ignore.

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