AR NOW #10 – Latest Metaverse News

It’s time for a new AR recap: learn about everything that’s happening in the industry. The latest metaverse news is waiting for you to discover all of the knowledge. 👀

The weather might be getting colder, but the temperature in the marketing realm is rising. 🔥 Brand new inventions, most creative campaigns and charity initiatives are taking over the market, bringing to life new AR experiences and life-changing developments of technology.

And today – as expected – the main character of the metaverse news is approaching the Holiday season.

What are the latest metaverse news?

Humane’s AI Pin

While the innovative AI pin was already mentioned by us, it’s time for some more updates. We already talked about the original announcement during Coperni’s fashion show, but now the device has been officially launched. One thing is certain: the AI pin is completely different from the smartphones we are used to. The wearable won’t have access to any apps, as most of its functionalities are AI-driven. The user will control it by speaking and not typing, but as a safety precaution, it will be activated by a physical tap, and not a voice command. Aside from the cost of the device itself (now at $699), there will be also a monthly subscription required, providing a phone number and data coverage through T-Mobile’s network. It’s powered by a Snapdragon processor, providing you voice control, a 13 mpx camera, and a small built-in projector.

American Express’ Door to Shop Small AR Experience

American Express payment system continues to support small businesses, this time through engaging AR experiences. The Door to Shop Small AR feature will allow eligible Card Members to earn a one-time $5 statement credit for making a purchase of $50 or more with the retailers in the Shop Small Map or online directory. On each retailer’s door, there will be a dedicated QR code, allowing customers to browse through carefully selected products from brands like Cadence, Courant, Paper Shoot Camera, or Terminal B. The AR experience was announced as a part of AmEx’s 14th annual Small Business Saturday and will be available from November 20th to 25th.

Metaverse news - American Express

Source: American Express

Verizon x Toys for Tots: Wish on a StAR Experience

As we’re officially entering the season of heart-warming Holiday campaigns, Verizon is setting the example of creating a successful marketing campaign and making some changes in the world at the same time. The magical web-based AR experience – Wish on a StAR – allows users to scan the sky above them and support the underprivileged children in their area. After interacting with the experience, the website redirects to the Toys for Tots donation site. The initiative’s goal is to make children’s Christmas dreams come true, which is connected to the premiere of Disney’s new animation – Wish. The new AR feature, available in English and Spanish, will be active until December 1st.

Metaverse news - Wish on a StAR

Source: Verizon

Zero10 x Uggs

For years now Uggs has been the synonym for the cosiest footwear available, and with the new, cold-proof UGGextreme collection, it’s no wonder that the brand is looking for fresh, innovative ways of promoting it. That’s where augmented reality comes in. Thanks to the Zero10’s AR mirrors, customers can step into the arctic-themed digital world, full of interactive effects and visual features, while shopping for the perfect Winter boots. The wondrous pop-up installation is available for all customers in the New York flagship store, until January 19th.

Source: Zero10

Macy’s x Zero10

It’s a busy time for Zero10, as the brand is reaching further than the standard try-on mirrors. The magic of the Holiday season and Disney movies created the perfect opportunity for a truly unique campaign. After all, most little girls once dreamed of becoming a Disney princess – and thanks to augmented reality, now everyone can do it! Macy’s brought Zero10’s AR Mirrors to the Herald Square flagship and allowed all customers to turn themselves into their favourite characters, as a way to lure customers into the store for the brand-new Disney collection. The experience will be available through January for everyone wishing to take part in this one-of-a-kind AR try-on.

Source: Zero10