AR NOW #8 – Latest Metaverse News

The digital industry is full of innovative, creative people and we see it every day with all of the daily Metaverse news. Through mind-blowing campaigns or futuristic inventions they are constantly blurring the line between physical and digital world, completely transforming the way we see reality.

And with so many different developments it’s easy to get lost in the process. As always, that’s where we come in, choosing the most important updates from the digital world. Whether you work in the industry, or just want to educate yourself on the latest tech updates – we’re here with all of the knowledge.

So what are the most recent Metaverse news? 🤔

Meta Connect 2023

👉 Of course, we have to start with the biggest metaverse news of the last few weeks: Meta Connect 2023. A lot happened at the showcase, and we will try to sum it up for you. The company announced the highly anticipated Meta Quest 3 headset, which, according to the company itself, is said to be the best available MR device on the market. Similarly to Apple’s vision pro, the headset will allow the digital content to exist in the same environment as the user, not necessarily transporting them to the digital world.

The device, which is to premiere on October 10th, will also connect to the Xbox game pass, allowing players to enjoy the game right in front of them. Meta Quest 3 has a 110-degree field of view, and thanks to the Full-color passthrough tech it has 10 times more pixels as its predecessor. And while the headset was the star of the show, there were a few other things worth mentioning.

Metaverse news: meta connect 2023

Source: Meta

Aside from the headset, Meta announced AI software that soon will be integrated into Facebook and Instagram. Emu, as the software is called, is said to be able to generate and edit images, and create user’s own stickers as reactions to their friend’s posts and messages. Other than that, AI will work as a unique collection of ChatBots, with each specializing in their own category. Users will be able to play with the AI-generated likenesses of many celebrities, like Paris Hilton or Snoop Dog, talk to them and ask for advice on various topics.

Metaverse news: meta connect 2023

Source: Meta

Meta brings back the Ray Ban Smart Glasses, this time with more features available and over 150 syles to choose from. Users can easily interact with built in AI, ask questions and see the answers appearing directly on the glasses in front of their eyes. Through the camera installed on the device, users will be able to get a quick translation of the signs in the area, ask questions about fixing broken objects, or broadcast the view in front of them.

Effect House: AR target tracking and scavenger hunt

👉 TikTok AR creators are now able to take their designs to the next level with the target tracking feature. To celebrate the launch, Effect House prepared the one of a kind scavenger hunt in three biggest cities all over the world for all of the creators. Dedicated AR stickers can be found in Sao Paulo, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and Tokyo. The first person who will be able to find and scan all of the stickers wins!

Niantic x Lunchables Rewarded AR Ads

👉 Niantic, already known for the creative and innovative solutions, first introduced the rewarded AR ads in June, during Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Now, Lunchables became the first brand to use the feature and launch a campaign for the Pokemon GO players. The idea of the AR rewarded advertisements is to allow users to collect in-game items and get a special set of rewards, motivating them to interact with the brand. Through the feature, users will be able to collect Lunchables’ food ingredients and create six Augmented Reality objects: a scooter, seesaw, the Eiffel Tower, helicopter, boat and a picnic table. After completing the object, players will receive unique items as a reward.

Humane x Coperni AI Pin

👉 Let’ switch to the marketing wolrd in our Metaverse News collection. We officially entered the fashion season, and metaverse joined Paris, New York and Milan as one of its capitals. Now, after seeing most luxurious designers stepping into the digital world, we just have to talk about what happened during the Paris show. Alongside new clothing trends, we witnessed the debut of a ground breaking wearable device. The ground-breraking AI pin was designed by Humane, a tech start-up founded by ex-Apple’s executives, and officially presented in a collaboration with Coperni.

After months of teasing, their innovative device was first worn on the catwalk by the supermodel Naomi Campbell, before officially going into market on November 9th. The idea of the device is to free users from having to carry a smartphone all the time, through a camera and a screen projector build inside the pin. With the wearable, we will be able to answer our calls, interact with AI and more simply through our hands. Just like having a screnless, personal assistant with us at all times.

Coca Cola x Tesco AR marketing campaign

👉 In the world where brands are constantly trying to outdo one another in their marketing campaigns, Coca Cola raised the bar yet again. The ’#TakeATaste Now’ campaign, made in collaboration with Tesco, is the first large-scale AR interactive giveaway. By simply scanning the QR code from the OOH screen, users can see a digital bottle of Coca Cola zero in their hands and later exchange it for coupon for the real-life version of the beverage in the nearest Tesco. Aside from the coupon, users can also collect game point in the CocaCola App and later take part in some of the biggest giveaways. The campaign is available across the UK In some of the largest OOH Screens, like Piccadilly Lights, until 15th of Ocotber.

Metaverse news: Coca cola AR

Source: Coca-Cola Great Britain


Looking at all of the innovations from the digital industry, we can’t shake the feeling that the future is now. It seems that sky is the limit when it comes to technology, and we’re not the ones to complain!

And what do you think? 🤔 Are there any news that brought your attention? Share your thoughts with us and make sure to check our blog for more updates from the digital world!