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It’s time! 🦇 Let’s end the month of October with a recap of the Top AR Halloween campaigns. What are the scARy trends in Augmented Reality? 👻

There’s so much to love about fall: crunchy, yellow leaves on the ground, cold, foggy evenings and soft candle lights… 🍂🕯️ but nothing compares to our favourite holiday of ghosts and terrors – the spookiest day of the year has finally arrived! 🎃

But Halloween isn’t just an excuse to dress up and go trick-or-treating. With the hype around costumes and horrors, this day became one of the most important holidays in many brands’ marketing calendars. And among the broad collection of advertising tools, we can notice an increased interest in Augmented Reality.

Why AR? For one, it allows the users to become literally anything, which seems like a perfect solution for the holiday based on the question What should I dress up as?. Aside from creating a new, out-of-this-world identity, users can also travel through haunted universes, and let the effect decide about the next horror movie marathon.

There are many ways of encouraging potential customers to interact with the brand through AR effects. Whether it is a face mask, plane tracking, or randomizers, it all depends on the target audience and brand’s goals or the effect’s functionality. But we can promise you, based on what we’ve seen – it’s worth the effort! The interactions are generating ROI, increasing the brand’s visibility, which can quickly turn into an increase in sales as wll. After all, the study shows that customers are 65% more likely to place an order after interacting with a product in AR!

See the top AR Halloween campaigns below 👇


As expected, most beauty brands such as Nyx, Sephora, Avon or Colourpop cosmetics, are aiming mostly towards the craziest Halloween make-up looks with cobwebs as an accessory. Users can choose from a wide range of makeovers, whether it’s just a colourful glam or a creepy transformation with real-looking scars and bruises. This allows to play with spooky looks that otherwise would require a great deal of skill, time, and dedication in real-life.

Naturally, that’s where face masks are gaining popularity, mixed with the most-transforming AR features. Adding 3D objects flying around, changing eye color with iris tracking, or allowing skin segmentation to turn you into a Green Witch – the possibilities are endless!

by nyxcosmetics

KISS Halloween 2023
by kissproducts

spooky season 🎃
by colourpopcosmetics

Haunted dollhouse
by nyxcosmetics_uk

by bootsuk

Madame Butterfly
by wetnwildbeauty


October is unquestionably the month of horror movies. But with so many of them available, which one should you, as a viewer, go for? Why not let fate (or in this case AR) decide? That’s why many brands – especially in the entertainment industry – are eagerly using the randomizer feature. Even some of the most popular streaming platforms like Disney+ or Netflix are creating interactive AR experiences that select the perfect theme for the evening. Users are playing with the effect, at the same time generating impressions for the brand.

by disneyplus

But some brands, with Eros Now and Fandango among them, are taking a bit different approach. Through plane tracking and portals, or terrifying animations, they are literally transporting users to the spooky ambience of horror movies.

Haunted Mansion
by Disney Pictures

The Exorcist
by fandango

Restaurants & FMCG

In the top AR Halloween campaigns, brands such as KFC, Skittles, Pizza Hut, Fanta and many more set the trends by providing complex AR experiences and creating the most creative digital costumes. Users can enjoy being completely transformed and transported to another world through face masks, iris tracking, segmentation and more, while at the same time implementing recognizable features of the brand, like a logo or a product itself.

Halloween Skittles
by skittlesindia

by kfcbyofficial

Fanta Halloween
by fanta_ar


Before we go any further, let’s have a quick look at Primark Kids. The brand didn’t limit itself to the digital world and connected Augmented Reality with real-life clothing. The Halloween collection gained additional attention, thanks to the interactive feature, creating a spooky-themed world around the user thanks to target tracking.

Mini Ghost Halloween

Aside from the interactive clothing, fashion brands are using mostly 2D frames, but similar to other industries, they are not afraid of mixing it with other features. Some of the examples are Shein, or Sinsay that mixed frames with face masks and animated, halloween-themed elements.

by sheinofficial

by forever21bo

Untamed Temptress
by sheinofficial

by sheinofficial

Dream Fairytale
by sheinofficial

The magic of AR Halloween campaigns

With the world-expanding possibilities of AR, users can delve into the most magical worlds, or turn into terrifying creatures with little to no effort, which makes it a powerful marketing tool, especially during the spooky season. Halloween and AR go perfectly well together: both are blurring the lines between reality and fantasy, allowing everyone to break away from their everyday life.

Make sure to try all of them and prepare for Halloween full of terrifying transformations. 👻

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