Showcase Your Culture Hackathon – Winners Announcement

Are you ready for an eye-opening journey through different cultures and communities? 💛 The whole world holds so many yet unexplored places and people hold various passions, experiences, and memories… 🌍 All of them are worth sharing and today, we’re telling those stories – of our AR Community and their origins, family, friends, groups, hobbies, safe places and everything that they cherish. 🦋✨

It’s THE day! We’re finally announcing the Winners and their extraordinary mind-blowing submissions. 💥 This time, in yet another challenging event for our talented Community, our Lenslist x Meta Spark Hackathon: Showcase Your Culture, we were looking for outstanding, interactive, and/or utility World AR Effects, exploring and embodying various special meanings and parts of your cultures. ⭐ But what you showed us was a lot more – it was a true journey through your souls. ✨

Let us tell you truthfully that even though we know that culture can be defined in many ways – from traditional well-known symbols to personal attributes – this hackathon proved that culture is not bounded by anything. Your submissions blew our minds and expectations! 🚀 Not only you’ve created original, complex works but allowed us to get to know you more – from the inside out – as well as people and places you hold dear. 🙌🏻 THANK YOU for taking the time to create something magical.

Before we jump into what everyone is waiting for, just a quick recap of what was awaiting the Winners – the prizes are as follows:

🥇1 X GRAND PRIZE: $10,000

🥈2 X 2ND PLACE: $5000

🥉5 X 3RD PLACE: $2000

🏅10 X 4TH PLACE: $1000


Overall we will award our Creators Community with $50,000! 🎉 Apart from the cash prizes, we’ll also feature all winning effects in a Virtual Gallery! How awesome is that?

Showcase Your Culture Gallery

📣📣📣 And now, the moment everyone was waiting for…
Ladies and gentlemen… The WINNERS of Lenslist x Meta Spark: Showcase Your Culture Hackathon! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

🥇1 X GRAND PRIZE: $10,000

Land Of Mountains
by seelosdvd

🥈2 X 2ND PLACE: $5000

Lantern Festival TW2
by xiaoxuan0204

by mikeweb3d

🥉5 X 3RD PLACE: $2000

TW Ghost Festival
by jimi.h0219

Matsue Castle
by kazumi.sato

Royal Road
by urbanpeppermint

by aln3.0

🏅10 X 4TH PLACE: $1000

Tom of Finland
by peachyblust

Leonardo da Vinci 🖼
by cristian_trupia

Dutch Canal Cruise
by thebinarycurse

by brandommoore

Etch AR Sketch
by player2_studio

Tuho Nori

Bigger Than Us…
by chantelle.filters

LT Music Box
by vital1ja

World Statues
by adrianomagno

oriental relax
by 0neironautica


Frequencies (audio)
by tantricsurfer2018

Water Lily Pond 1899
by maximkuzlin

by temknv

by pedrofavaretto_

Welsh Cake Recipe
by livicggurl

Fishing Italy
by giuliofaggiani3d_ar

by karina_ultra_k

Kiyiz Ui (yurt)
by metadina_

Game Viking
by iuliia_ias

Great Barrier Reef
by lukepilky

Mamak AR Maju
by random.neeha

Turkish Blend

Ogbanje AR Game
by kelx_savage

Flowers Hang

Christmas Tree
by rokkoeffe

Stairway to Spirits
by lau_christie

Showcase Your Culture All Submissions

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone for such engagement and such a beautiful and inspiring showcase of your culture. We learned so much from your submissions – and we hope you did too. 🫶 Every challenge keeps getting even more inspiring and educational – that’s what we love about them! We can’t express enough how proud we are to be a part of this AR Community and seeing you grow day by day!

As always – don’t forget to provide us with feedback – so we can keep organizing more and more activations for you to share your skills and visions, as well as supporting you all the way through them! ⭐️