Lenslist x Snapchat AR Fashion Month Challenge: WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT

Do you know the feeling of looking at an outfit, a fashion piece or the latest collection from your favorite designer and thinking ‘WOW’… ? ✨ Already contemplating how to put together the most stylish set, planning when to wear it and matching the right accessories… 👜 This is exactly what was turning over in our heads during the past month and especially today – as we finally reveal the results of the most fashionable AR challenge ever! 💛

With Fashion Month happening now and stealing the spotlight in four Fashion Capitals all over the world, we wanted you, AR Creators and visionaries, to help everyone prepare for these big events. That’s why in August, together with Snapchat we launched the AR Fashion Month Challenge and it turned out to be even more spectacular than we’d thought. ⭐️

We asked you to create Snapchat Lenses within the themes of Fashion and Beauty to surprise us with a catwalk-ready virtual outfit and a stunning digital make-up look. ⭐️ During the challenge, we’ve also given you some inspiration boards so you could really get into the aesthetic of four most fashionable cities: extravagant London, chic Paris, shimmering Milan and lively New York. 💥

As for prizes, we’ve awarded the top 110 Lenses with rewards ranging from $15,000 to $500 as below, and the total prize pool is a record-breaking $150,000! 💎

🏆 Grand Prize: 1X $15,000

🥈 2nd Place: 1X $12,000

🥉 3rd Place: 1X $10,000

🏅 4th Place: 3X $7,500

🏅 5th Place: 3X $5,000

🏅 6th Place: 5X $2,500

🏅 7th Place: 10X $1,500

🏅 8th Place: 20X $750

🏅 9th Place: 66X $500

Before we reveal the Winners, we’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to all participants – for your time, effort and mind-blowing engagement! 💜 You’ve all exceeded our expectations by, first of all, submitting… almost 800 designs! 🤩 It is a truly ground-breaking number! With so many stunning projects, we’ve worked blood, sweat and tears trying to pick the Winners. 💛 You’ve managed to turn Lens Studio into your own fashion workroom, Augmented Reality into a powerful fashion toolset and yourselves into creative minds and fashion designers! 🌸

Now, everybody… It’s time to experience our AR Fashion Month Challenge catwalk! ✨ CONGRATULATIONS to all 110 Winning Lenses! 💰👏🏻

🏆 Grand Prize: 1X $15,000

gold and stones
by Sofia Roussin

🥈 2nd Place: 1X $12,000

🥉 3rd Place: 1X $10,000

by Eugene Lemeshko

🏅 4th Place: 3X $7,500

Intergalactic Gown
by Ger Killeen

dolce vita trench
by Cooltrede Studio

Origami Hoodie
by beatpop

🏅 5th Place: 3X $5,000

Golden Angel
by Nick Kazakov

Aqua Dress
by Ayşe Özdemir

🏅 6th Place: 5X $2,500

Be Brave Dress
by Dima Susidko

Love inside
by Anastassiya Marchenko

Digital Aura
by Jeferson Araujo

Meta Gala Gen 1
by Allan Berger

🏅 7th Place: 10X $1,500

queen dress
by gorkem

Aurora Dress

Elsa meets Dali
by Lsa Fz

chrome raver
by Cooltrede Studio

Digital Bunny Vest
by Inna Horobchuk

Evil Fashion
by Tariq B

by Egidijus Uckuronis

by Egidijus Uckuronis

by Vivek Thakur 🌴

by Matheus Gramacho

Hop into our victorious and fashionable Gallery to see all the Winners and their designs! 🎆

Lenslist x Snapchat AR Fashion Month Winners

And now, the place with ALL the submissions… FULL SNAP X LENSLIST AR FASHION MONTH CHALLENGE GALLERY! 🖼👜👠👔

Lenslist x Snapchat AR Fashion Month Winners All Submissions

We invite you to watch our amazing AR show ✨ Let the sequins sparkle and the atmosphere of fashionable success float in the air! Immerse yourself in a glamorous and mesmerizing virtual gallery – front row seats guaranteed!

Now we’re sure that you are ready for Fashion Month! ⭐ And also pretty sure that the Devil wears… digital clothing! 😏 Remember that to us, every one of you is a Winner! In the world of AR and Fashion, every design and project is unique. ✨ We care the most about your growth and doing your best! 🎉

As always, don’t forget to provide us with feedback about the challenge – in that way we can also do our very best to support you. 💜