Weekly Selection #75

Good to hear from you in 2022, we missed you all 💜 But what we really can’t wait for in the new year – are Weekly Selections and the hottest Effects from the best Community ever! ⭐️

The first Friday of 2022 – how about we make it a Friday to remember?

From what we can already tell, this year will be definitely an innovative and awesome new chapter 🚀

As we mentioned before, for now, we’ll no longer award top 10 picks with prize$, but for us and hopefully, for the Community too, Weekly Selections are what keeps us going 💪✨ We’ll still hold on to our beloved weekly routine of picking amazing Effects each Friday 💛
So, let’s dive in 💜👇

Digital Bat
by digitalanimals.club

Into the Depth
by omega.c

I’m Feeling 2022
by taylorswift

by eliasqamilovich

Candle Meditation
by ritualscosmetics

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world ar glasslidar

Shiny clothes
by sasha_soul_art

by tsarenkova_anastasiya

MetaTravel space 🕳
by vitorguilherme___

Euphoria Glow
by maquillar.studio

by hanyulofficial

Related tags:

plane trackingliquidGlitch

moods 2022
by bershka

by edsonbailey

by omecenas

alien tongue
by itstanxr

rainbow trip.
by thainacsg

Extruded Blocks
by kirillbrsnkv

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Digital Stream
by omega.c

by ariana.vahero

Caravan Game
by lydiacourteille

”Free Spirit”
by tav.the.human.being

simpsons world
by minajeva_ar

Iron Viking
by irakli.digital

Related tags:

substances portalhistory

Holo Glam
by frenchsinger

Iridescent Snake
by ruyabaraz

New year vibes
by biancagarutti

2022 Balloons
by zozo_studio

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makeup celebrationconffetti

Super Vegeta
by mikeblackhat

by yupmaddy

Love Mood
by kmesutt

Wings Rays
by indiedevdad

ice beauty
by _eliza.art

by yeti_meme_dealer

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mood lightswings