Snap Creators Collaborate with Google ARCore to Publish 5 Lenses for #EarthWeek

For this year’s #EarthWeek, Snapchat collaborated with Google’s ARCore and a few talented Creators to bring awareness to environmental issues with the power of Augmented Reality and Depth API.

Snapchat opened many creative doors for Lens Creators by introducing SnapML, Body Tracking and LiDAR last year. For the #EarthWeek they’ve prepared something for those who don’t have LiDAR in their devices yet: 5 world Lenses that use Google AR Core’s Depth API to place the nature-inspired objects relatively to the recognized surroundings.

#EarthWeek Lenses have been prepared by 5 artists: Daniel Pimentel, Shimenta, Aidan Wolf, Veronica Flint and Lije Morgan. They touch such themes as reforestation, wildlife, and ocean conservation by bringing awareness to this issues as well as by visualizing specific actions that can be taken to rescue our planet.

Penguin Rescue by Danny Pimentel ‘recognizes the harmful effects of petroleum on seabirds and takes you through the steps of cleaning an oil-slicked penguin over your sink’. Tap to place the penguin in your room and follow the instructions to rescue it! 🐧

Hear more about the Lens from Danny:

Saving Chelon by Aidan Wolf (@kevaid) is an educational AR game about plastic use in your own life. It tells a tale of Chelon, a turtle actively avoiding plastic waste 🐢

Hear more about Chelon from Aidan:

Plastic Pickup by Lije Morgan is yet another Lens that transports you to an underwater world to educate you on the effect plastic waste has on the oceans. In this AR game, you can collect garbage to clean the water and extend a life span of the ocean. If you accidentally catch any of the fish, you lose, but you can learn about how garbage affects the animal you just caught. 🗑

Hear more from Lije:

Indoor Forest by Shimenta lets you grow the forest in your room and learn about the different aspects of the importance of the trees for Earth 🌲

Hear more from Shimenta:

The Seed by Veronica Flint ‘spreads the message of reforestation by letting you experience the journey of a seedling in your own space’. Grow a virtual, majestic tree and feel like you’re hiding beneath it’s effuse branches 🌳

Summing up

Snap Lenses and Instagram filters have already been used many times to spread ecological awareness. Augmented Reality offers an unparalleled level of engagement, personalization and interactivity with the world around us, so it is perfect to influence people and encourage them to treat our Earth and its habitants better.

If you or your company treasure our planet, think about engaging and ecologically educating your fans with an AR experience: contact one of the Creators 👩‍🎨

by Shimenta

Penguin Rescue
by Daniel Pimentel

Saving Chelon
by Aidan Wolf

Plastic Pickup
by Lije Morgan

The Seed
by Veronica Flint

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